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Secret project: /hardcore world. Discussion!

Discussion in 'Worlds / Gamemodes' started by Floris, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Psst, you, yeah you! Come over here..

    We eh.. have a secret project, it's called 1MBHC, and eh, we might want to know what you think. I need an opinion. I need ideas, I need suggestions. I need do's and donts :D

    If you think difficulty hard, and mode: hardcore, and a world for everybody to be in, .. what do you think of?

    Custom mobs?
    Super difficult mobs?
    Are mobs rare, or do they swarm you?
    Is food available?
    Can you breed animals?
    Is the land vast and baren, bare? bea.. you know what i mean.
    or super dense and hard to move through.

    What will be a challenge for you- true hardcore survival, and what are the conditions?

    Are there even diamonds? How rare are they?
    Is there weather, or only rain, maybe 24 hours of the day a thunderstorm?
    What do you wish it would be?

    What could be the reward for survival for an x amount of months, or years, in the world?
    Do you get a reset or an extra life? Do we earn an extra life? Buy it?

    Oh boy, so many options, SO MANY QUESTIONS, but eh sssh, dont tell anybody: just post to this thread and let me know ;) wink wink ..

    Maybe we will take it under consideration and invite you at some point in the future to this difficult world. I mean, if you're interested, or eligible, or good enough. ????
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  2. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Via Discord;
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  3. Tidal

    Tidal Princess Epic Donator Team

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    yes, but very limited, or with that painfully slow growth we had in the hardcore event
    yes, but very limited.
    Maybe like extreme seed generation, where the world is just insane to be in. It should be hard to get around.
    Mini challenges: build a sustainable farm with crops and animals. Obtain iron gear. Obtain diamond gear. Have a large base. Get a mob head from a charged creeper. Nether portal.
    Yes, but rare.
    Extreme weather conditions, or rather have it thunderstorm and rain more often, but not constantly.
    Reset, yes maybe a few. Extra life should either be earned or 'bought' with some form of currency. Could use raw materials such as diamonds even.
    Include the weight system we had in hardcore event.
    Make trees scarce. Dead bushes common, tall grasses uncommon.
    If there's a village scenario, have all the villagers are zombie villagers.
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