• Connect today Guest, Join our never resetting minecraft 1.20.2 survival server, where we explore, mine, build, and survive together. We are a family-friendly community, and open to all over the age of 13. Bring friends and make new ones!
    Features include: mcMMO RPG, Rewards for Achievements, a /market, Multiple worlds, sit on a chair, events, Economy, and more. We can't wait to have you join us!

Server Details: 1moreblock.com:25565

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This community is for a public Minecraft game server called 1MB (1MoreBlock). It's a family-friendly, vanilla Survival server and players can invite friends to join. It's currently on version 1.20.2 and players are expected to speak English in the main chat. Cheating and griefing are not allowed and there are different worlds available. More information can be found on the website's threads. Hopefully, the below FAQ helps you get started.

I love Minecraft! Can I play too?
Yes, we are a public server, you're free to connect. (Registration on the forum is not required)

Okay, how do I connect?
Just load your Minecraft client, and point it to the IP: 1moreblock.com

Which port?
We use the default port, if you feel the need to add it: 1moreblock.com:25565

Which version of Minecraft?
We are currently on version 1.20.2

Can I connect with 1.12, or 1.13? Or even 1.18?
You cannot use older versions, no, because 1MB version 3.5.x focus is on Minecraft 1.20.2 right now. Hopefully soon again! You cannot connect with Bedrock Edition (right now).

Can I ask my friends to join the game and play with me?
Certainly. Feel free to invite them through Instagram, Twitter (X), Facebook (Meta), Email, TikTok, SnapChat, etc.

What kind of server is this? Creative, Survival? Mini-games, PvP?
We are an old-fashioned vanilla Survival server, for ages 13 and over, we're set to be family-friendly.

Family-friendly? What does that mean?
People of age 13 and up are free to come play, with their friends, family, etc. We do not accept swearing, cursing, bickering, fighting, hate speech, etc. Be nice please, assume there are young adults online as well.

EULA / Pay2Win?
Yes, we've been EULA vetted by Mojang, you can find our listing on their official website here: https://findmcserver.com/server/1moreblock
No, we are not pay2play or pay2win, we don't even have a shop to sell ranks or cosmetics. Our focus is to have a solid hobby shared with the public who also cares about being part of a community and Minecraft gameplay. Everything else we kind of leave to those with lower morals and don't care about player safety.

Language? Can I talk to my friends in my own language?
Because we have people from all around the globe playing, we want everybody to speak English in the global chat. If you must, you can speak to your friends in your own language using /msg. Note that to keep the server safe and clean we will randomly review personal messages as well.

Is there Towny, Wilderness, a Mining world, etc?
We have a general world where you can craft and play freely. Your chests and doors are protected in the main survival worlds. There is no Towny or claims, but if you are an active player making fun stuff, you can request an admin to region protect it. The worlds will not be deleted. To get to the general world, type: /general, or /wild, and to get to the nether and end type: /end, or /nether.

Different worlds?
Can you elaborate? Sure, but check out this thread for the details: https://omgboards.com/threads/multiple-worlds.260940/
Every world is a command, you can visit the /end and /nether if you play Survival, and the survival wilderness is in the /wild, you can use /rtp in those worlds. There are also gametypes like /oneblock and /skyblock.

How do I get back to my home?
When you find a place to live, type: /sethome home. Then if you ever need to teleport back to your home, type: /home home. You can have multiple homes, if you have a second place in a forest, you can type: /sethome forest. And then to get there: /home forest.

What are the server rules?
Simple: Behave, respect others, don't cheat, don't grief, and be mindful and helpful to other players and their builds. https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-rules.260946/

What if I am griefed, what can I do?
Come to a staff member and explain what happened, and we will look into it. We usually can help you restore the damage.

What do you do to cheaters and griefers anyway?
They get banned. Please note that we very, very rarely unban those who break the rules.

What about mob or item griefing/damage?
Yes, players can receive damage (and die if they're not careful) from TNT or angry mob damage. Creepers do blow up and hurt you (we are a survival server after all). However, TNT and Creepers do not break blocks and fire does not spread, as we do not allow griefing.

OMG, there is so much information, I will never remember all of this!
That is okay, just remember: You can come to play, please don't cheat or grief, and have fun playing in /general and invite your friends.

How to get started?
Just connect, and /rtp, have fun playing. Also, you can check out this thread for additional information: https://omgboards.com/threads/how-to-get-started.260944/

Have fun on the server!
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