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Skyblock Witchery


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Jan 1, 2001
UPDATE 2024: We've removed this game type addon January 2024, it's no longer possible to use this feature.

Get your sticks and ingredients ready, fill your cauldron up, and learn some witchery.

You can be a witch to craft certain recipes in the cauldron, it will give you the things for those special recipes.

Basically, you need a magic stick, there are a few types right now, more might follow in the future.

Place a cauldron, and check the recipe you wish to get, once you have your magic stick.

You can type for example: /oneblock witchery, and a GUI will open, left click to view the things you can get, hover over one, it will show the recipe.

For example, the last item is what goes in your offhand. The rest you have to drop into the cauldron. When done right, it will show green particles.

Once you've done that, right click with the magic stick on the cauldron and you will see purple particles.

If you are missing something, it will tell you so in the chat.
If you have done it right, you will get that item.

You can throw in more ingredients into the cauldron than needed.

Fill once, means a bottle of water, one level of filled.
Full means, a bucket of water, filled it fully.

Can't figure it out, remember to put the main item in your offhand, the magic stick in the other, and throw enough ingredients into the cauldron, it can be water, it can be lava, keep an eye on that.

Questions? Ask staff!
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