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Skyblock Witchery


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Get your sticks and bones ready, fill your cauldron up, and learn some witchery.

This thread is for the in-game command /witchery, teaching you how to use some magic to spawn in animals (good and bad) onto your skyblock (and /cave, /skygrid, and /acid as well btw). And no, this doesn't work in the other worlds.

Recipes might change over time, we're still setting this up. Talk to @Tidal if you need help, or post your questions in this thread.

To get started, craft and place a cauldron. Fill it with water, so have an infinite water source nearby!

Then, get a stick, enough exp levels, and if you would right click on the cauldron, magic will happen. It's dangerous! So make sure you have enough health.

Next it's probably best to put a book in your offhand and right click the cauldron with that stick.

Certain mob types require certain materials, for example, a bunny rabbit requires rotten flesh and bones, and a carrot in your offhand. But do it right, have enough of it all. And poof, lightning strikes and you convert and spawn in a furry fluffy bunny.

Talk to other Skyblock players to find out what mobs are available, and share their discovered recipes in this thread!

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