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Slay away with PVP

Discussion in 'Players Lobby' started by Floris, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    *sits down and sharpens sword*

    *stands up and leans on shield*

    So, you're ready to do some PVP-ing? That's player vs player fighting. Yeah? Okay. Let's explain a bit about how it works on our server.

    Each server is different, and this is our clunky setup right now.

    But first, a bit of history :)

    Ages ago, during the dark ages of the server we've had knights travel the universes to find angry mobs and players, but only the mobs would die by their sword. Players, they were safe. There was no PVP, it was a whitelisted survival server where we were all friends, .. there was no reason to kill eachother.

    We didn't bump into eachother, and push eachother off of cliffs. But over time, that all changed.

    It's now possible in 1.13.2 in 2018/2019 to bump into other players, to push them around. Some might not mind, others might. So be aware of that.

    But it's now also possible to play some PVP with eachother. Just use a fist, or a full armour set that's totally OP, with or without potions, that's up to you. And I guess, your victim.

    There are even bounties to collect, as the server randomly puts them on active players.

    PVP however, is off by default, and there are regions on the server, including worlds, where PVP simply doesn't work.

    If you're mcMMO /party friends with eachother, you might have to temporarily leave the party to fight. There's no friendly-fire option, sorry. Hopefully in the future?

    Okay, ideal conditions..

    Find a random spot in the __global__ region of the /general world. Maybe type /rtp, and let your victim teleport to you (with /tpa)

    Type /here, to double check you're in the /general world, in the __global__ region, and type: /party to see if you're either in a party, and if so, if your victim is (they shouldn't be).

    Type: /pvp on, this will allow others to then slay you to a horrible death. Unless of course, they forgot to type: /pvp on as well. Or you beat them to it.

    You should probably discuss up front what to do with the heads and money that drops, and the items. Technically, if no agreement has been made, but you have a PVP fight, and you pick up items, they're your loot to keep. Part of the survival game. If it's a "friendly" fight, perhaps discuss up front what you do with the items that drop. Just don't fight about it, like, ragequitting, getting upset, shouting and accusing players etc. It's meant to be fun. Abuse isn't welcome, but going crazy over losing a life or an item isn't worth it either. At the end of the day the staff wins every fight, just remember that.

    After the fight is over, you can always type: /pvp off again.

    Players that use cheats get perm banned, players that type : /pvp off right before dying will get caught and a staff member probably /kill you and gives your items to the other player. Because we like to play fair.

    Okay, summery:

    Don't be in the same party, make sure you're in /general, and type: /pvp on (both parties), and make sure you're in the __global__
    That should do the trick.

    Have fun!
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
  2. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Players who have PVP turned ON will show a red circle of particles around them.
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