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Smaug the Dragon

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Jan 1, 2001
Dear 1MB fighters, this message is for you!

Us, as a community, have been mining enough blocks, raided enough cities, faught enough Shulkers and Enderman, to forge a new End Dimension into existence.

We've put our Ender Crystals together, our Dragon Eggs smelted with our OP tools, and raided all the Strongholds in the Overworld. As a result, the old end world sunk into the void and after igniting the left over particles: A new End Dimension can be reached.

Not only does it bring untouched islands with structures that you can raid for fantastic loot, It's build on the latest 1.13.2 engine (world generation) and the Shulkers are ready to defend their overrun ships and cities. It comes with a Dragon family that's rather tough to defeat.

If you are in control of your bow skills, if you have sharpened your sword well enough, if your axe skills are undefeatable, you - or you and your team - are perhaps the only one that could defeat this family in the Summer of 2019.

Starting with Smaug, destroyer of island-portals, who protects the end-crystals, and has twice the health due to his centuries old age. He has been to the far lands and back, and has so far survived everybody. With multiple lives to respawn until finally defeated.

Underneath its wings it holds a lootbox with some beast loot, this could be yours.

Defeat Smaug, go to the /end, fight until one of you dies. And the dragon slayer will be crowned as such, and receive the well earned loot.

There can only be one dragon slayer at a time. Will it be you?

If you work as a team, maybe be nice and spread the loot you earn.

This new /end dimension is tougher, the spawn area cannot be build on, it can't be destroyed, the blocks all have the density of bedrock. Only the edges of the island allow you to place new blocks. Which you will need, as it is only one of two ways to get to the outer islands. Smaug protects the end-portals, you cannot create and/or enter them. Either build a bridge miles long, or if you're lucky enough and you're the dragon slayer, you might have dragon wings (elytra) to help you travel.

Prepare well, protect your gear and items, slay Smaug the best you can, explore the new /end dimension and have an awesome adventure.

There are signs, structures, hints and tips, read it all, learn from each other.

This is the thread to leave feedback, suggestions, complaints, but we especially encourage you to show evidence that you are the dragon slayer: Post those videos, livestreams, and screenshots.

Best of luck fighters, may chance, luck, and fortune be on your side.

View: https://youtu.be/oh-pKndzDCU

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