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    Features include: mcMMO RPG, Rewards for Achievements, a /market, Multiple worlds, sit on a chair, events, Economy, and more. We can't wait to have you join us!



I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
A world we will never delete, only evolve!

A super small worlds where players go who die, or join the server for the first time.

There are no monsters in this world, unless there's a special event maybe.

It has a small 250 x 250 world border.

It's fun to explore, and maybe it even holds a few little secrets!

Exploring is done in a mix between survival and adventure mode.

The spawn world is the first world on the server, and sometimes it's used for events and it gets updated with every new version of Minecraft, and with every season.

For example, with Christmas you will find a snowy spawn, while in the summer it's luscious green with loads of flowers.

To get to spawn, type: /spawn, this should work in every world.

Typing, /rtp inside /spawn will randomly teleport you to the /general world.

The inventories do share between the /spawn /general, /wild, /nether, /end, and /mine worlds.

tip: we aggressively perm ban people that play unfair, get resources through fair play.
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