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Special Navigation Features

Discussion in 'Features' started by Floris, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    What's up awesome people,

    Today I want to introduce you all to some cool little perks that some groups can use to help navigate through their base and builds a little quicker.

    These are not meant to be used during events and mini games, they're not supposed to be used to cheat obviously. They're a thank you for donating, or being an active builder, and all that good stuff.

    Some groups will be able to point their crosshair and jump to that location. Other groups might even be able to stand in front of a wall and go right through it. And there's even more. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share them. If you think you should have access to a command and it doesn't work please let us know and we will take a little looksy.

    Okay, here we go.

    BUILDERS group

    Players in the Builders group will be able to use /j to Jump to the location where their crosshair is pointing to. There's a max limit, you won't make it to the far lands. But after all your hard work gathering resources, this should help make massive buildings in survival a little easier.

    Additionally you could use a compass, clicking it will jump you (so you don't have to type the command)

    If you ever get stuck, type: /unstuck (if you can't use /back)

    DONATORS group

    Players in the Donators group inherit from the Builders group. They enjoy the Jump perk, but can do something else as well. They can stand in front of a wall and type: /thru

    The /thru command will try to find empty space on the other side of the wall and teleport you through the wall to that spot.

    Additionally you could use a compass, right-clicking it while staring at a wall will push you right through it.

    EPIC group

    Players in the Epic group inherit from Donators, which inherit from Builders, so they will be able to /j jump teleport, and use /thru the wall teleporting. Additionally the Epic group can also be a bit more specific and type /ascend, to go one level up from where they are, and /descend, to go one level lower from where they are standing.

    The compass will work for /j and /thru, not for /ascend and /descend.

    Extra Perk for the Epic group is the ability to (never misuse/abuse) the following unique features: /fixlava and /fixwater. If you ever find yourself or someone else with a bit of broken lava or water, and would like to help yourself or someone else to get that fixed, slide into that cold water or hot lava and type /fixlava 5 or /fixwater 5

    Okay, that's it :) I hope that helps some people, and yes, as a builder, donator or epic group member (or any group higher that inherits) you're free to give some courtesy help to other players who might not have that access.

    Again, this isn't meant to 'cheat' during events and games and such. But sure, it's a nice benefit to have during building, surviving, adventuring.

    A fair warning: We are not going to give back exp/inventories if a blind-teleport puts you in an unexpected spot and you die from falling, drowning, suffocation, burning in lava/fire, etc. Go prepared, there's enough protection, enchantments, potions, features in the game to keep you safe during survivalling.

    More features are listed on our page here: https://omgboards.com/groups/ If it's not there (yet), slap a staff member with a stick and ask them to include it.
  2. the456gamer

    the456gamer Well-Known Member Donator Team

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    :( I don't like sticks
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