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Special Project for the Server: Nether Cave


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
Psst, wanna get some fame, creative mode, and help the server out?
Awesome :)

We're looking for someone who wants to get creative in the /builders world in their plot, and build a Nether-like bunch of chunks that's actually a nether cave !

Woah, I know right!

We'd have to be able to walk into the cave, see netherrack and stuff from the nether all around us. And big enough for say a handful of players to be in, at the same time.

But! Be creative, I mean, not just in creative mode, but .. actually being creative. You can imagine things dripping from the ceiling, some aquatic features, maybe a water feature somewhere that wouldn't be possible in the regular nether? How would you envision a super awesome cave if you could build one?

Your build will be on behalf of the server, but you get the full credit (or you and your friends!) and you get creative mode to build it.

Why? Well, .. maybe we just want cool things :)

Looking forward to some people signing up for this project and I am mega curious to see what you all come up with.