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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
-- Real money as a personal gift to show support information thread --

Hey there,

My name is Floris, and I am from the Netherlands.
And for those who want to know, here's my PayPal page.

I have been running the Minecraft server since 2011 as a hobby. No advertisements, no pay2win or pay2play, or any of that stuff. It's a hobby. And we're Mojang EULA vetted. And yes, running a server does cost me money. However, I generally do not ask our players for any financial support. That said, a bit of money of any reasonable size is welcomed as it helps keep things going. But so is spreaing the word, sending me coffee, or voting for the site. Or.. just play! Anyway.... I have players interested in supporting the server through PayPal. So here is some information on how to do that.

Your support is a personal gift that goes towards the community. My community is the OMG forums, Discord live chat, and Minecraft Survival Server. Or keeping me alive with coffee and pizza slices.

As with anything, having a hobby costs money. But that is fine. I really enjoy my hobby! I want you to enjoy it as well. Have fun playing! There are various ways you can contribute to our server. By being online and playing with friends. You can invite friends or maybe ask around if others wish to join and play too (no spamming please). You can also show your support for us by voting for the server (see the other thread in this sub-forum or type /vote in the game). And, super optionally, you can consider a contribution through PayPal if you want to do that. We currently have the option to do this.

We wish to keep the server running for the foreseeable future, and if you as an adult want to become a patron, or as a young adult (13+) with permission from a parent or guardian, you can do so through PayPal. Your support means a lot to us, and it is highly appreciated.

Thank you for considering a personal gift towards my PayPal account.

Contributions of any (reasonable) size are welcome, and you may choose to remain anonymous of course.

When I receive $35 or higher, I will upgrade your group to 1MB Patron on the forums, Discord, and in-game. You will be in-game like the Builders group, but cosmetically blue, and you will be part of an exclusive club of Patrons to show to others you're a supporter of our community.

When I receive any amount lower, I will automatically assume you wish to support this hobby, but anonymously. This won't come with a group update at this point.

Make sure you let me know you've sent something by including your in-game name (playername) in the PayPal note or contact me directly in the game or on Discord.

Again, thank you for even considering it. And no, you really do not have to. But since you asked.. I've guided you to this information here. I hope it answers your questions.

What do I get when I become a Patron?

You get the satisfaction of supporting the community. It's a thank you from you to me. <3

Additionally, if you send below $35, your personal gift is considered Anonymous.

And if you send above $35, your personal gift will be mentioned with your name (unless you ask us otherwise);

- There are a couple of cosmetic perks, and a group associated with being a Patron.
- You will get mentioned on Discord with a thank you.
- You will get mentioned in the daily Changelog with a thank you.

Can I PayPal you multiple times?

Sure, that's okay. If you wish to (for example) send something once a month or once a year, you're free to do so. You will also get bumped from Patron to MVP group to show others you're a boosted Patron.

Can I buy a Patron as a gift for another player?

Yes, 'on behalf of' are just as welcome. Don't forget to tell me their exact in-game name, and also if you want them to know you've gifted them (or not).

HELP, I sent something but I am not getting the group 1MB Patron update!

We review completed PayPal transfers before making changes, if it takes too long, please give Floris a poke. Don't panic, we will sort it out.

Personal gifts towards the OMG/MRF/1MB/Discord are used to cover the cost of running things. From domain renewals, to investing in a developer, resources, covering hosting costs and other services, and buying back time that's personally invested through the satisfaction of eating a pizza slice. How a donation is used is at our discretion.

A personal gift through PayPal of any size helps to keep things moving forward.

PayPal gifts are not refundable and do not guarantee access to any service. (For example, if you become a Patron today, but you get banned for xray tomorrow)

Chargebacks are not supported either, we will fight them with evidence (.. that we've provided what was donated for), and will instantly perm ban without appeal.
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