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The 1MB feature: /horse

Discussion in 'Features' started by Floris, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Hey animal lovers,

    In 1.13.2 we had a fun horse feature, but, we had quite some issues with it and unfortunately things are only worse in 1.15.2.

    We originally decided against adding back a horse feature, but we've got quite some questions if it would return, so here it is; though in a new way.

    If you had a claimed horse in 1.13.2 then please request to get them back in this thread on the forum. Then I can look into it. Asking in-game or on Discord will get ignored (sorry, it makes it easier to keep track of everything). I will also get back to this at a later date, this thread is to introduce the new /horse feature.

    The new horse feature!

    In-game you can type: /horse, or /horse help, and you will get introduced to this new feature, including a list of commands, and it invites you to check out /warp horse.

    Other commands are /horse claim, for example.

    How to claim? Basically, tame a horse the old fashioned vanilla way. Once it is tamed you should get a message saying it's ready to be claimed.

    Type: /horse claim <name> like so: /horse claim lightning
    And if you have enough money it will claim it for you.

    You can equip it, stable it, call it, teleport to it, etc. Again, please read /horse help

    If your horse died, type: /horse heal

    You can also sell your horse or buy another horse.

    The amount of horses you can claim is equal to how many homes you can set for your group.
    So that's currently 6 for default group (yellow) and 12 for the builder group (green) and 14 for the donator group (blue).

    Lost your horse? Check out /warp horse, where it might be in the stable, otherwise call for it.

    Note please that there's a cost involved with managing horses, it's not a cheap hobby.
    Claiming a horse might cost you $2500
    Buying or selling a horse might cost you $1000, on top of what you ask for it (or pay for it).
    Healing a horse is around $250 to $500.

    You can claim a horse in the worlds that share the inventory with the /general world.

    It's possible to teleport your horse with you and/or between those worlds.

    Questions? Issues? Post them here in this thread.

    NOTE: This is currently in public beta, things might change.
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