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The /builders world.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
Has a world border of 7500 by 7500 around spawn.
To get to spawn: /builders

It has signs explaining a bit of what the world is about. Which is:

Yellow default players can visit it and explore it in adventure mode.

Green builder grouped players can visit it, explore it in adventure mode. But they have a few perks.

Perks for green builders and above groups are:

- Ability to claim up to 4 plots, and then request more when needed.
-- ( /plot claim ) -- (costs money)

- Ability to merge connected plots.
-- ( /plot merge ) -- (stand in one plot, point cursor at the connected one and then type it)

- Ability to switch to creative mode in their plots.
-- ( /letmebuild ) -- (note that we have very strict rules about this, abuse of any sort results in a perm ban without appeal)