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The Nether Heatwave

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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Brave 1MB explorers, this message is for you!

Us, as a community, have been swimming through enough lava pools, raided enough fortresses, faught enough Blaze and Ghasts, to forge a new Nether Dimension into existence.

We've put our Ghast Tears together, our Wither Heads smelted with our OP tools, and raided all the Structures in the old Nether. As a result, the old nether world smelted into the infinite lava floor and after igniting everything: A new Nether Dimension can be reached.

Not only does it bring untouched islands with structures that you can raid for fantastic loot, It's build on the latest 1.13.2 engine (world generation) and the Blazes are ready to defend their overrun fortress and loot chests. It comes with a Muted family that's rather tough to defeat.

If you are in control of your bow skills, if you have sharpened your sword well enough, if your axe skills are undefeatable, you - or you and your team - are perhaps the only one that could defeat this family in the Summer of 2019.

Unlike the new End with a very tough Smaug Dragon, you will find yourself run into these horrible creatures. Some require strategy, others pure brute force.

The Nether is a ages old realm in the underworld of minecraft so you would think that over time it would be overgrown by fauna there, it now generates vines of cobwebs as well as mushrooms to give it that overgrown aesthetic. You can tell it's a whole new dimension. The more you travel, the more people join, the more you will notice slight changes here and there.

Let me introduce you to these monsters you will encounter every once in a while.

When the time of wither and their servants were still in their prime, wither scholars explored the vast network of magic that resided in the nether. The only problem is that the infinite amount of knowledge transformed them into a abomination that took on the powers of the wither and attacks any humans on sight.
Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 12.46.23.png

Old Shadow
A ancient manifestation of the fears of man that hungers for more power. It wanders the dark world of the nether in search of players and devours them inside of itself.

A being made of lava that is so hot it scorches the ground it steps on.
Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 12.47.56.png

A ghast trapped within a skeleton. Due to the skeletons power, the ghast can only launch weak fireballs at the player but they still pack a punch without fire resistance.
Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 12.48.42.png

A flying eye that sees all and burns all. If a player is spotted, it will burn the player alive unless he is sneaking. Due to their low intelligence, sneaking causes the inferno to loose sight of a player.
Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 12.49.22.png

A living error. Further research into the Sherogath gives evidence that the nether is a simulation of the overworld rather than a real dimension.
Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 12.49.45.png

Alpha Pigman
Pigman that was given enhanced physical qualities during the great wither war to fight against the ghasts. Now wanders around without purpose with it's brethren.
Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 12.50.29.png

Defeat these monsters, go to the /nether, fight until one of you dies. or win and kill to receive the well earned loot.

The nether now has lightning. The lightning doesn't strike the player always, but it's strikes randomly every now and then to add extra ambiance.

Ambient sounds have been increased for the nether in order to make the place as spooky as possible. When lower down in the nether, you will hear metal clanking in the distance, monster roars, and more. While you are higher up, wind sounds will be played.

Footsteps also have new sounds. Netherrack makes a squishy sound and soulsand makes tiny screams and moans when walked on.

There are new potions, new enchantments, and new items. Best of luck collecting them all!

Netherrack has a chance to spawn fire when mined.

Soulsand doesn't like to be run on. If you are caught running on soulsand, the souls inside the soulsand slow you down drastically so that you can barely run.

If you work as a team, maybe be nice and spread the loot you earn. Plus, your adventure will be a lot easier.

This new /nether dimension is tougher, because it's the Summer Heatwave edition. Blocks catch fire, mobs are more aggro and the overall nether is a lot hotter.

Don't forget your fire protection potions and armor.

Prepare well, protect your gear and items, slay all the best you can, explore the new /nether dimension and have an awesome adventure.

There are no signs or info besides this thread, so learn from each other.

This is the thread to leave feedback, suggestions, complaints, but we especially encourage you to show evidence that you are slaying these new mobs: Post those videos, livestreams, and screenshots.

Best of luck fighters, may chance, luck, and fortune be on your side.
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