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The Summer Mansion / Mining World

Discussion in 'Events and Games' started by Floris, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Brave 1MB miners, this message is for you!

    Us, as a community, have been grinding through layers of walls, raided mineshafts, faught enough Creepers and Skeletons, to forge a new Mining Dimension into existence.

    We've put our Loot boxes together, our forged our emeralds with our OP tools, and raided all the Structures in the old Mining world. As a result, the old /mine world was empty, nothing left to take with our super breakers and giga drillers. But: A new Mining Dimension can be reached yet again, with chunks refilled, on a new seed. And a Summer Mansion right at /spawn.

    Not only does it bring an untouched overworld with villages that you can raid for fantastic loot, and villagers to trade with; It's build on the latest 1.13.2 engine (world generation) and the mobs are ready to defend their overrun structures and loot chests. It comes with a Crazy family that's rather tough to defeat if you're not paying attention.

    If you are in control of your bow skills, if you have sharpened your sword well enough, if your axe skills are undefeatable, you - or you and your team - are perhaps the only one that could defeat this family in the Summer of 2019.

    Unlike the new End with a very tough Smaug Dragon, or the new Nether with ghast-skeletons, you will find yourself run into these crazy creatures. Some require strategy, others pure brute force.

    The Mine world is a ages old realm in the overworld of Minecraft so you expect overgrown by fauna there,underground, changing caves into an overgrown aesthetic. You can tell it's a whole new dimension (sorta). The more you travel, the more people join, the more you will notice slight changes here and there. And yes, mobs too.

    Let me introduce you to these monsters you will encounter every once in a while in these Caves that are inhabited for a long time and now grow vines, stalagmites, and generate pebbles to make caves look more cavey and run down.

    Alpha spiders
    Kings of the spider nation. They can poison you on attack, web you, and even summon minions to help attack. They are very dangerous in small spaces due to the fact that they can web you stuck if you are not careful.
    Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 23.43.23.png

    Smoke Demon
    Smoke Demons are the souls of many miners who have died in gas leaks. Due to their unrest, they hunt you down in the form of a shapeless cloud of poisonous gas. However, bright lights can kill them.
    Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 23.43.29.png

    Magma Monster
    A monster so hot it scorches the land it walks on. Also sets you on fire if you are hit by it so watch out.
    Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 23.43.37.png

    A monster that jumpscares you if you are not careful. If you look away from it while it is attacking or following you, it will teleport in front of you and jumpscare you. Dangerous with other mobs around, but easy to kill alone.
    Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 23.43.42.png

    TNT Creeper
    A project gone wrong by scientist. During a attempt to increase the explosion power of creepers, some creepers learned to build TNT out of their surroundings and increase their explosion power themselves. When the creeper explodes, one to two TNT will appear and also explode causing triple the explosion power.
    Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 23.43.49.png

    Dead Miner
    Miner who couldn't find his way out of the caves below. Eventually by some unknown way, he was resurrected as a zombie and now stalks the caves looking for other miners to join him. While he walks around, he will place torches if it gets too dark. He also drops items from time to time when he is hit.
    Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 23.43.56.png

    Crying Bat
    A rare mob in the form of a bat that appears and cries randomly, then disappears after some time.

    Defeat these monsters, go to the /mine, fight until one of you dies. or win and kill to receive the well earned loot.

    When caving, the lava in caves brings the temperature to at least 200,000 C (trust me i'm a scientist). Because of this, when low underground your character will complain and you'll fatigue every now and then.

    To avoid this from happening, bring either a water bucket, potion, ice, snow, or etc.

    Tiny little structures that spawn throughout caves to make exploring more interesting. Chests that can spawn in these structures contain items that you need to survive

    If you work as a team, maybe be nice and spread the loot you earn. Plus, your adventure will be a lot easier.

    This new /mine dimension is tougher, because it's the Summer Heatwave edition. Just keep that in mind.

    Don't forget your blast protection and other survival potions, maybe brick a bucket of water?

    Prepare well, protect your gear and items, slay all the best you can, explore the new /mine dimension and have an awesome bunch of fun mining for minerals like emeralds, iron and diamonds.

    Finally, a word about the Summer Mansion. This is a woodland mansion that's available right at spawn. It's a first-come, first-go event, meaning the lucky person that gets online and finds it, and finds the book to gift to mrfloris, is the Summer Mansion Owner, they get to claim it.

    There are no signs or info besides this thread, so learn from each other.

    This is the thread to leave feedback, suggestions, complaints, but we especially encourage you to show evidence that you are slaying these new mobs: Post those videos, livestreams, and screenshots.

    Best of luck fighters, may chance, luck, and fortune be on your side.
  2. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    It was a tight race with free soul, paprikaatje, ilujf and vloop, and by just a few blocks behind ilu lost. the book was found by vloop and he claimed the mansion.
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