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Vote Tokens

Discussion in 'Vote Servers' started by Floris, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Hey awesome players,

    This discussion thread is to explain everything about vote-tokens.

    A vote token

    A unique custom item you can obtain only through voting for the server through one of our five vote-sites. Or optionally, if another player trades/sells them through.

    You have to be in the game to receive them, make sure you have space in your inventory.

    There are five different vote-tokens you can collect.

    A vote site

    (in-game) Through /vote or /votelink, you can get links to sites where you can support the server through a vote. You do not have to sign up on these web sites. You have to enter your in-game-name, and fill in the captcha, and you automatically will get the item in your inventory.

    There are five vote sites right now, resulting in five different vote-tokens that you can collect.

    Trading vote-tokens.

    Each vote-token is of a unique type. For example, there's a diamond-vote and a quartz-vote. They are linked to an admin shop where you can sell them to, in exchange for in-game /money. And they are linked to a custom OP item that only mrfloris can give you.

    Money: You can trade a bunch of them for a bunch of money. The money will automatically end up in your account. You can check with /money how much you have. This money you can use to trade with other players, or use for admin/player shops or spend on the global /market.

    OP Items: These are locked items, that you can only trade with mrfloris, in-game. A stack of vote-tokens of the same type is linked to one particular OP item. Starting at tier 1, there are currently 3 tiers.

    The team members do not disclose what these items are. You have to ask other members to find out. Tier 2 items can not be unlocked by simply 'having' all tier 1 items. mrfloris keeps track of the trades of vote-tokens and that's how you unlock tier 2.

    Tiered Items:

    The first time you exchange 64 vote-tokens of a particular type, you can request to trade these against an OP item that's linked to it. A quick review of your vote history (to guarantee there's no abuse) and you will receive the item in exchange for the 64 tokens. This item is then linked to you. You're free to lose it, trade it, sell it, but it's meant to be 'your' item.

    Tier 1 items can only be obtained through exchanging 64 tokens of a type for the first time. There are 5 vote-tokens, so there are 5 OP-items in tier 1. It is impossible to get OP -items from the team members through any other means but voting. Please do not ask/beg, you will be ignored.

    Tier 2 items can only be obtained through exchanging 64 tokens of a type for the second time. And only if you are able to show all tier 1 items. Only a complete collection will unlock tier 2. This tier is quite difficult to unlock, but it's not impossible.

    It is possible that only certain items from tier 2 can be obtained by merging it with an item or option from tier 1. We will present this option to the person who requests the exchange and not explain it in this thread.

    Tier 3 information is kept private at this point, nobody has unlocked tier 3 yet.

    Quick Summary:

    Vote 64 times on at least one particular site. So you have say "64 gold vote-tokens". It's allowed to vote say 50 times and have obtained the remaining 14 votes through buying vote-tokens from other players through say the /market. (This is just an example).

    Your first trade of 64 vote-tokens for an OP-item unlocks all items from tier 1. You can trade until you have all tier 1 items. Which will unlock tier 2. (Information about how to unlock tier 3 will be disclosed in the future).

    ONE example:
    64 gold-vote-tokens equals an OP-bow with both mending and infinity on it, among other things..

    Players with not enough votes haven't properly supported the server and won't be eligible for a trade. OP-items are meant for players who have been active, have voted a significant amount of times, and have no serious infractions on their account.
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