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1MB Chat format survey


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
Hey everybody,

We've received a request from a player to reconsider the visual mark-up of the chat format.

To be honest, we have no plans to change this, and I can't guarantee with 500 supporting votes for example that it will happen. But we're always open to consider user-feedback.

ST4TiK wanted to ask you all if you could please fill out this survey to share your opinion.


Right now we have a darker color without brackets around the world etc, to display the world. The ranks/groups are presented by a color on the playername, and the playername has < . >around them.

His suggestion is to add brackets around the world, and remove the < > around the player. Flipping things around a bit.

I honestly think it's just a personal preference, I see no particular downside to how we have it now, there's hardly any space-gain, and visually I like it more myself that the world is easy to read without brackets around it, and how a <player> looks like this, which also visually is more appealing to me personal.

I also don't see a downside to changing, besides it being an unnecessary change as we can't please everybody. Some players don't want < > others don't want [ ] and some want it all in 1 color and within ( ) .. so yeh.

But that's just my opinion. What's yours?


Here's the survey, I will let it run for a while, and take any feedback under consideration for the next time we run an update on our chat feature.