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How do I upgrade to group "Member" from Player?

Discussion in 'Group and Rank Unlocks' started by Floris, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    When you first join the server, you are in the default group, and it's called First. You are very very limited into what you can do on the server. Once you enter /general and start playing the game you automatically upgrade to Player group.

    Players in the group Player can do a bit more than First group players. For example, you can now use the global /market, you have more than a single /sethome, and you can buy from shops at /warp shops. You can also make a shop at your base yourself. Things like that.

    The next upgrade from Player is Member (free upgrade, cannot be bought).

    A player can become a Member on the 1MB server by being an active player. Have a base, have played fair, have no infractions on the account on any networked server, have friendly conversations with others, etc. If you've levelled up in mcMMO, Jobs, and other feature on the server, you're almost automatically eligible for an upgrade to Member. Having quite a few days of playtime helps.

    To upgrade to Member you can request it on this forum by making a new thread, replying to this thread, or to ask on our Discord, or even ask a staff member in-game.

    It is possible that it happens that a team member notices you're active and manually upgrades you without you asking a team member first.

    When you do request us for an upgrade, we will do a quick little review and it's very likely you will get the free upgrade from Player group to your new Member group.

    Not interested in being a Member and want it all? Consider a donation, or check if there's a slot available in the Epic group.

    Screenshot 2020-10-17 at 16.50.43.png
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