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Minecraft Changelog 2022

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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 1st, 2022:

Happy New Year everybody, stay healthy! (And also game a lot)

- 1MB 3.0.1 is now live. The focus is 100% on 1.18.1. Yes, we are now on 1MB season 3 (you heard me right..)

- Paper updated to the latest build, and 1MB Patches applied.

- Latest manual backup of 1.17.1 that I made just before the 1.18.x upgrade has been moved offsite.

- The option to roll-back to 1.17.1 has been completely removed. We're moving forward with 1MB season 3 and Minecraft 1.18.1.

- A new -live- backup now has the focus, it's of course automated, but I still make manual backups for convenience.

- The plugins we use for the /builders world have been updated.

- The plugins related to managing permissions have been upgraded to better support Java 17 and Minecraft 1.18.1

- An issue with spawners being just pigs again has been addressed.

- Known issue: Middle-click in certain plugin GUIs won't work. This will be resolved this month.

- The Holiday Season is now officially over. The collectors boxes that I was made aware of have been paid out, the players who showed me their holiday-skin received their bonus skin-box. And the people who played enough in December had a chance to pick up their chests in /santa. The /santa world is now closed. Players that were still in this world are forcefully moved to /spawn.

- The Holiday Season Boosters have been reset to their defaults.

- The Holiday Custom Crystal Christmas Tree will no longer return the items you have used to create it, the event is over.

- As a thank you for playing in 2021 and enjoying the Holiday Season, we've unlocked the /perk for Arrow: Front Lord Arrows

- We've been pretty on it when it comes to the log4j issue. I want to emphasize again that this is not an issue specific to our server, but a global issue that affects tens of thousands of companies. We have quickly installed a custom patch to help avoid client-exploits, and patched server-side to catch people trying.

- Anti-grief roll-back data has been purged again, we keep up to six months. Check within a reasonable time if there's any issues with your builds and report them so we can help review the issue.

- The plugin that reports which ores you find has received a quick review for 1.18.1, and things still seem to be in order.

- Further performance tweaks from previous MC versions are reworked from the ground up and inside 1MB version 3 now. yay.

- Organized folders of plugins that we have uninstalled and moved them into a temporary archive so we can find them again if needed.

- The plugins related to 1.18.1 java-bedrock crossplay have been updated.

- The six vote sites have been tested after a quick review and update. The banners should properly show 1.18.1 now as well. Thank you all for voting in 2021. Keep it up!

- We've started purging mcMMO data in 2021. We will now automatically do this. Every 60 months or older data from inactive and/or players with no levels will be purged automatically when the server starts. If you want to keep your data: be an active players, this guarantees you that your data shouldn't get purged.

- The mcMMO plugin has been updated, and another build is on its way.

- Thanks to @smeths we've got a working build of ShopChest for 1.18.1, the player-shops (/shops create..) at /warp shops, etc. should all work again.

- Placeholder API and a few other libraries and API end-points have been bumped to their latest build to better support Java 17 and/or MC 1.18.1

- Small updates to the 1MB Tips that you will see in the chat every so often.

- The server-list MOTD has been updated to better reflect what our server versions are.

- World Editing tools have been updated and are being tested.

- The logs for /money and /sell have been purged to a certain point in time. We have the last x months. Yes, we do review them first. Naughty players abusing the system are easy to catch this way and will be thrown in lava pits.

- Plan-B Inventories backup databases have been purged, archived, refreshes, etc.

- The -live- server /logs/ directory has been cleaned up, we know which logs we won't be needing anymore.

- Project: "unknown" will be set to status "locked" soon, as we use January to further prepare a bit more of a solid plan to move forward with.

- All the -dev- servers have been flushed/purged. Whatever we tested on them which resulted in "hey this works", has been moved to the -test- servers.

- All the -test- servers have been flushed/purged. Whatever we needed to test and resulted in "yeah, this works indeed", we have moved to the -live- server(s).

- New -dev- and -test- servers are and will be created when needed. Our focus will be plugin configurations, conflicts, and preparation for 1.18.2 (if ever) and 1.19.x (if ever).

- The plugins we use related to server performance, including analytics, profiling, and other alike tools ~ they've been upgraded finally to support Java 17 and/or MC 1.18.1

- I found more references to our old invite link, I've changed the discord invite links to .gg/floris ~ if you spot any: poke me!

- Halloween Event: I still owed some people certain reward items. These have been paid out now.

- Certain content on the omgboards.com forums about the 1MB server (history, what's next, version numbers, etc) have been updated as I run into them. Hopefully I sorted it all out.

- Flushed/archived the old Discord #team channel (of 2021) and made us a fresh new #teams channel (for 2022).

- Gave some role/group updates, including adding @Citebafla to the team as a Community Helper. (Welcome!)

- Discord members who have no role, never spoke, and have been inactive for 30+ days ~ they've been purged by Discord, removed from our server. (You are free to rejoin if you want, we do this to clean things up and avoid idle bots to strike later).

- CMI and JOBS and other Zrips plugins have been updated, including CMILIB

- Github pages updated to better reflect our current server/community situation.

- Protocol support related plugins updated, from Geyser to ViaVersion, we should support (the best we can) 1.8.8 to 1.18.1, we of course strongly recommend to use a vanilla launcher with a vanilla client, and version 1.18.1

- Cleaned up the #meet-and-greet and #changelog channels. Next are #announcements and #events

- The Discord channel #server-chat now shows the correct Minecraft server engine we're on.

- The /general world has been pre-generated for the below Y: 0 chunks from spawn outwards to 7500 by 7500.

- MAP has been added to /worth and /sell

- We noticed an issue in /acid, this has now been resolved (1,5 weeks ago)

- The temporary resource worlds have been properly reset - it's now January, we are ready to start working on making /wild etc public and perm - More news will follow as we get there.

- The temp worlds have been pre-generated from spawn outwards to 5000 by 5000.

- The temporary Discord #upgrade-to-1.18.1 channel has been purged. I hope that was useful while it was there.

- Bumped the JVM we use to build 17.0.1+12-39 for OS version 10.15.7

- New Apple M1 hardware acquired, tested, and stress tested. It's being used on another project at the moment which indirectly tests stability. When we start using this live we will let you know. I suspect around the time 1.19 comes out.

- I've posted a few videos on youtube about various topics, feel free to subscribe: youtube.com/mrfloris

- The Bottles EXP plugin has been updated.

- That Holiday Season was the start of the Winter Update for 2021, which is now still going on but in 2022. Welcome haha

- Modem, router, bridges, and other hardware had their firmware updated.

- Devices on the network, operating systems and bios/efi have been updated.

- Heads in the game related plugins have been updated.

- Winter Season Discord Update:
Note: {
Below, and probably some more since then throughout December.
- channels renamed
- channels moved around
- category "#read only" added
- "#main" changed to "#community"
- gave it a more 'fresh' look
- removed 'rules' from "#welcome"
- added new "#rules" channel, and pasted 'rules' in there
- removed auto-role from "#Welcome"
- add new auto-role embed in "#roles"
- updated the community settings
- updated the server settings
- updated the screening process
- updated the working in the welcome msgs
- added new "#public support" channel
- renamed tickets to "#ticket support"
- purged 30+ days idle/inactive -noroles- members: 2
- moved VC up higher again
- purged chit chat from "#roles" channel and organized pinned msgs
- "#birthdays" channel added

- We've since various changelogs in December 2021 have made quite a few changes behind closed doors, including going from 1.18 to 1.18.1 ~ those updates and upgrades have been completed now. We can start focussing on adding the new perm worlds.

- All the Zrips plugins that we use have been updated to 1.18.1

- All voting related plugins have been updated to 1.18.1. (and tested)

- BentoBox upgrade to 1.18.1
Note: {
- Bentobox gametypes updated from 1.16.x to 1.18.x (their version, unrelated to mc's version) with better java 16 and 17 support, and more focussed on 1.17.1 api
- /acid related plugins updated
- /oneblock related plugins updated
- Biomes support for game types plugin updated
- Border support for gametypes plugin updated
- Cauldron "witchery" support improved and updated for bentobox 1.18.x
- /cave related plugins updated
- <gametype> challenges, plugin updated.
- Extra mobs for gametypes plugin updated
- Greenhouse plugin for gametypes updated
- <gametype> level, plugin optimized and updated, should calculate faster and with less stress on the main thread
- Likes re-added, probably by accident, might remove later.
- Limits updated
- <gametype> generator, plugin updated.
- /skygrid related plugins updated
- Twerking for trees plugin updated to bbox 1.18.x
- <gametype> warp related plugins updated.

- NPC related plugins have received a bump to better support 1.18.1

- External drives had some archives that we no longer need or can use. I've purged those.

- Almost any plugin that had a reasonable reason to be upgraded for better Java 17 and/or MC 1.18.1 support has received an update.

- Issues reported by players have been reviewed, some we were unable to fix (yet).

- Completed public and private support tickets have been closed and/or deleted.

- Oh, and probably so much more that I simply forgot to write down.

OKAY: CHANGELOG UPDATE 2022: This is a big one, and I am not sure yet how I will continue to do these. I feel that bigger changes are worth mentioning. But I also don't want to bore people with weeks of data that doesn't really make sense to most players. We might stop being really transparent and cherry-pick some of the information we share. And I think I might share it when I have the time. If a few quick fixes and a restart resolve something. I probably won't mention it anymore, unless I am already doing a changelog and I can include it.

Make the best of 2022, come help us build in creative mode every once in a while (keep an eye on the discord as we will invite you..) and in the meantime have fun playing survival, and we're excited to introduce some new perm worlds for you to play with (soon).


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 3rd, 2022:

Maintenance update. I hope everybody's doing well.

- Bukkit / Spigot / Paper "fix 1 of 3" for SnakeYML issues implemented. Thanks Zrips!

- Chunk pre-generation in the /general world is now at 10,000 radius. Hopefully this helps a bit with the performance.

- Started working on version 3 of my 1MB Update Paper shell script. I've made progress, but it's not finished yet.

- Paper updated various times, including a serious enough issue with Username Validation which they rushed to get out, so as a precaution we've updated. This does mean Tebex and Floodgate testing has discontinued because that blocks those users out. I guess we wait for Mojang to release something that solves it properly? Whatever the issue is (rumors on public discords say it's some sort of exploit)

- Started reaching out to developers regarding the 1MB Spring Festival event.

- WorldborderAPI updated to 1.18.1, improving support for BentoBox gametypes (/oneblock, /skyblock, etc)

- CMI Sub-module updated by @the456gamer *thnx!

- CMI 3.0.1 stuff for 1.18.1 pushed to Github by me.

- Updated a few signs at /spawn to reflect the recent version changes.

- Doing more testing with FAWE.

- Purged outdated content in the Discord #announcements channel.
Note: What is left, please read it at least once.

- Event Threads created on the Forums. You can find a list of upcoming and ongoing events here.
Note: https://omgboards.com/forums/events/

- Added a new #schedule channel on Discord.
Note: Glance at upcoming events for 2022 !!

- Moved the #events channel on Discord to the top together with the #schedule channel.

- The Discord #announcements channel has been updated to be a type "announcement" channel. You can now follow the news as we publish it. So you can get it automatically on your Discord.
Note: This indeed does mean that we will stop using the at everyone tag where reasonable.
Note: And yes, also, this means that we will be a bit more thoughtful about what we're publishing as an announcement.

- Added a new at Notify role (see #roles on Discord to pick it!) if you want to get pinged/tagged for important news, upcoming events, etc.
Note: Again, we will try to limit pinging to those who should get it or want to get it. I still believe it's perfectly fine to ping someone with ongoing events, it's why we have a discord in the first place ~ community! Not to mute the servers lol.

- The Holiday Season Snowbot has been asked to leave. ^_^

- The Halloween Season Trick or Treat bot has been yeeted out xD

- An extra manual backup of the 1MB 2.9.5 / MC 1.17.1 has been moved to a new backup drive.

- An extra manual backup of the first 1MB 3.0.0 / MC 1.18.0/1 instance has been moved to the new drive.

- A new and extra manual backup of the latest 1MB 3.0.1 / MC 1.18.1 instance has been copied to the new drive.

- Purged backups of older archives that were double so we dont have data lying around all over the place.

- Worked on some support tickets and DM msgs I got from players.
Note: I hope I am not having anybody wait, feel free to bump the tickets otherewise.

- Worked on a few internal tickets and private msgs from team members.
Note: Prepping for Winter Update 2021 and Spring Update 2022. Yay.

- New year! New security measures are taken to try and protect our data. Every bit helps right?

And I've restarted the server a few times, and I am glad I did, because today we had an unexpected system crash. For unknown reasons O_O. But we're back online within minutes and thankfully there weren't any players online. There was no data loss (phew).

Keep playing everybody, I am looking forward to exploring all the new stuff you've made!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 4th, 2022:

We will have events this year! Let's see which ones we can realise. Don't miss out!

- Now that the Discord #announcements channel is updated, let's focus on the schedules and events.

- The #schedule and #events channels are now live for 2022 at the top of Discord, below the read-only section.

- Added April Fools and Easter to the #schedule (and a thread for easter btw)

- Updated the in-game /event command to better reflect the first upcoming event.

- Added a new /events command in-game that loads the /event command, and has some additional text.

- Updated the /motd to no longer say /santa, but /events.

- Unbanned a few people, and we will unban more soon! Second chance coming for you?

- Worked with a developer on some cool Spring Festival stuff, we will have a dance-event!

- A new special item for Spring season is being made and tested, you can earn it during the Spring Festival.

- Just to clarify, the first upcoming event is the January PVP Battle (on my birthday) We're just prepping for future stuff early.

- Made some updates to the /run world and plugins that we use there, we have not tested this, so we will see how this goes.

- We've made preparations on the new perm world for the nether. So exciting. We want to keep it as vanilla as we can, but with the new world generation from 1.17 and 1.18. And hopefully we will give you more than you're used to from the nether. Enough room to build amazing bases.

- the 1.18 update has a packet issue with middle click, hopefully 1.18.2 or 1.19 will fix this, for now, sorry if middle-click in certain menus still does not work; we're trying to mitigate this with work arounds for now.

- The CMI (and CMI Library) jar files have been updated, more internal tweaks and fixes, yay.

- Async chunk handling has improved, hopefully this will fix some performance for certain laggy people soon.

- And world pre-generation has made it to 10,000 radius around spawn as mentioned for the /general world, and we're already working on 12,500, and 15,000. Which will help even more so. If you notice anything weird in your builds please do let us know. lol, who knows what weird side effects there might be that we are currently not aware of.

And that's it for todays hard work, do you appreciate what we do and want us to keep doing that? I am open to a pizza slice and some coffee, any donations from /amazon wishlist to /paypal donations are welcome. But side note.. we will soon open a EPIC group slot, and of course any donation over $39 will receive the blue role on discord and in-game. Anyway.. feel free to DM me for questions. And soon! I will have some info about that epic role, so maybe wait a day if you don't have that role yet ^_^


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 5th, 2022:

Heads-up: Extended downtime due to maintenance.

- Tomorrow we will be removing some temporary resource worlds.

- And replacing them with new Perm worlds.

- We will go offline to take the first step to realizing this, and based on how things go we will return with 1, or 3 new worlds.
Note: details will be posted on the forums.

- Today's maintenance included preparations for tomorrow.

- Unbanning 50 to 100 ip-addresses that we no longer believe should be perm-banned.

- Updated plugins that deal with our NPCs.

- Purged roll-back data that we use to fight grief. We no longer store beyond six months, so report your griefs within reasonable time.

- Protocol Support plugins updated.

- Cross platform play with bedrock plugins updated.

- World customization plugins (editing tools, async handling, etc) have been updated.

- CoreProtect had an update that improves database handling, fine by me! Also updated..

- Another tweak to the /run game, we're on 1.18.1's 'better version' now, we can start doing some with with that in February!

- Of course the Paper engine had another update.

- The /run kit has been updated to include items from 1.17 and 1.18, and older custom items have been checked to make sure they still work.

See you on Discord and the Forums tomorrow, and sorry if you can't connect to the server when it's in maintenance mode. Hopefully you dont' panic and have read the changelog or discord announcement. ^_^

We're excited to introduce a kind of special nether for you to build amazingly large bases in that we can show off in youtube videos, fantastic adventure bases in the end world, and even greater survival bases in freshly generated 1.18.1 /wild worlds (all very very soon! Thursday we're taking the next step to realise this, starting with the end world).


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 6th, 2022:

This is a big one, temp worlds: GONE, perm worlds: NEW!

- Don't worry, /general is still there, and the inventories share.

- The old temporary world: "nether" has been removed, it won't be back. But..

- The new permanent world: /nether has been added, and it won't get deleted.
Note: Players can type: /nether to get there.
Note: Spawn protection is a big area around in a radius around spawn, but you can use /rtp
Note: Players can type: /rtp, but it's the nether, so be safe.
Note: The world height has been updated from Y: 0 to Y: 256, twice as tall.
Note: The world is fully generated with the new 1.18.1 server engine.
Note: On top of that we're using some overworld cave and cliff generation to make it a bit cooler.
Note: It's perfectly fine to claim an area, contact me and you can get a big area region protected.
Note: It's perfectly fine to mine in the /nether for resources, just be considerate of your neighbours, and don't make it too ugly.
Note: It's still not allowed to build on top of the nether. We will delete what we find.
Note: The chunks have been pre-generated to a 12,500 radius around the nether spawn.
Note: There is a world-border set to a radius of 10,000 around the nether spawn.
Note: The /rtp will push players between 5k and 10k.

- The old temporary world: "end" has been removed, it won't be bac. But..

- The new permanent world: /end has been added, and it won't get deleted.
Note: Players can type: /end to get there.
Note: Spawn protection is currently the whole main island, but you can use /rtp
Note: Players can type: /rtp, but it's the end, so be safe.
Note: The world height it has is vanilla, we haven't changed it.
Note: The world is fully generated with the new 1.18.1 server engine.
Note: On top of that we're using some magic to get a few more islands and a bit bigger ones.
Note: It's perfectly fine to claim an area, contact me and you can get a big area region protected. This can be a whole island or a group of them.
Note: It's perfectly fine to mine in the /end for resources, just be considerate of your neighbours, and don't make it too ugly.
Note: Yes, you're allowed to make end-farms, but don't be upset with us if farms causing server lag get nerfed (as always)
Note: The chunks have been pre-generated to a 12,500 radius around the end spawn.
Note: There is a world-border set to a radius of 10,000 around the end spawn.
Note: The /rtp will push players between 5k and 10k.

- For now, the old temporary: /mine world is still there, remove your stuff, we will soon delete it. It won't return.

- The /general world is still here, it was perm, we won't delete it - you played before January 5th 2022 in the /general world, and your base has been region protected? You can consider yourself a Veteran player now.

- A new /wild world has been added, this is basically a replacement (or rather, an additional) world of the Wilderness.
Note: New players at /spawn are informed that they can build in the /wild.
Note: Being at /spawn and typing /rtp, will push players to the /wild.
Note: The wild spawn itself has some bugs, we're working on it, I didn't want to be offline any longer.
Note: Players can type: /wild to get there.
Note: Spawn protection is a big area around in a radius around spawn, but you can use /rtp
Note: Players can type: /rtp, but it's survival, so be safe.
Note: The world height it has is vanilla, we haven't changed it. In 1.18.1 that is -64 to +320
Note: The world is fully generated with the new 1.18.1 server engine.
Note: On top of that we're using some magic to get a few gems here and there that maybe only a few players will find. Such as the Mansion near spawn. Is it the only one? Who knows!
Note: It's perfectly fine to claim an area, contact me and you can get a big area region protected.
Note: It's perfectly fine to mine in the /wild for resources, just be considerate of your neighbours, and don't make it too ugly. We really want the /wild to be a pretty world.
Note: The chunks have NOT been pre-generated in anticipation of The Wild (1.19) update and the Deep Dark that comes with it.
Note: There is a world-border set to a radius of 500 around the end spawn. Yes, this is very tiny, find a spot, make something awesome. The border will expand over time.
Note: The /rtp will push players between 255 and 475.

- Players that were in the END or NETHER or WILD have been forcefully pushed to /spawn, hopefully that worked and hopefully you're safe, doing /back can cause issues. So .. if you did not expect to be at spawn please go to your base and assume your old homes in those worlds no longer work.

- Players in some groups have received one or more additional homes:
Note: {
Default group (First timers): 1 home (stayed at 1)
Player group: now has 3 (from previously 2).
Member group: 6 (from 5)
Boosted Member: stays at 8
Builder: 16 (from 15)
Boosted Builder (rogue): stays at 18
Donator: 22 (from 20)
Mvp: stays at 23
Epic: 28 (from 26)
Legendary: stays at 50
Team members: stays at 100

- Old Rollback data for /wild, /mine, /end, and /nether will be purged, since it's basically useless now. Other worlds will remain as is. (up to half a year)

- If I didn't screw this up, then /rtp will no longer put players inside protected regions. Making it easier for them to find untouched land.

- The /newplayer command has been updated.

- The internal version of 1MB was 3.0.1 for season 3, (era 3), it's not bumped to 3.0.2. This way we can rollback to the correct versions in case today turns out to be a huge mistake.

- Permissions internally and in-game have been updated to allow players to go to /wild again.

- The commands for /wild, /nether and /end have been updated.

- The Newbie kit that first-time players get has been updated with new items, new books. etc.

- Updated the command: /wild info

- Deleted an old SpawnPhoenix23/ world.

- Deleted an old Generalx world (not /general, dont panic)

- Removed the following (old) commands: /souls, /chunk, /claims.

- Known issue in /wild: There are floating npc and portals in the wrong location. Hopefully I have time in the next 36 hours to resolve this.

- Known issue in /end: Sitting in the dragon portal puts you on an outer island (it's fine..)

- Added /rtp to the /end world

- Known issue in the /nether: Due to the custom height, the new bedrock roof means we can't use a setting to prevent players from going to the roof, I've made sure the changelog and /rules say that we dont allow building there and that we will remove their stuff if we see it. We will fix this.

- New spawn installed at /wild

- New spawn installed at /nether

- New spawn for the /end (isn't there, but) will probably be the old temp world end spawn, but will deal with that another day.

For any concerns, bugs, questions, please use the public or private ticket system on Discord.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 9th, 2022:

Maintenance update.

- Mojang bug identified with the chat, it's where the lag spike is coming from. FUN.. We're hoping for a 1.18.2 fix.

- Known issue with SnakeYML and plugin configuration files has been working on.
Note: We're trying to mitigate this issue, FUN again!
Note: Thank you Zrips and @the456gamer for helping to try and resolve this.

- Some plugins received an update.

- Pre-generation of the new /end and /nether world has continued.

- Cleaning up of the /mine world has completed.

- Further maintenance will be included in a more indepth changelog in a day or so.

Next event: 21st of January is my birthday, we might have a little pvp-ing that day.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 11th, 2022:

Maintenance update.

- We're looking for some people from the Builders group and up; check the #builders channel on Discord for details.

- Plugins were updated that had some serious bugs and performance issues resolved.

- Plugins updated that had SnakeYML fixes, and we've been trying to further mitigate this issue Spigot introduced.

- Other plugins were updated that had general maintenance done to them.

- The /general world has been further pre-generated up to 15,000 radius. We're working on 16k, 17k, ..

- The /wild world pre-generation has completed, there was very little that we're doing here.

- The /nether spawn has been further updated. And the pre-generation has been bumped past the world-border up to 15k, and we're working on 16k, 17k, ..

- The same for the /end

- Protocol support for outdated Minecraft clients has been improved a bit. I do strongly recommend since we're 1.18.1 server to use a vanilla 1.18.1 client.

- Mobcap has been nerfed a bit to prevent an overflow in small farms in chunks, causing little teleport lag spikes that we can prevent by just lowering the % a bit.

- Updated some of the Github pages.

- The chat lag spikes you might have experienced was on Mojang's end, this nasty bug has been resolved with.

- The rumors about username validation exploit was already addressed, but thank you for DM-ing me about it.

- Dupe issue with creative mode has been resolved. Feels useless.

- The /mine world has been removed. You can re-purpose those set homes if you have any.
Note: We no longer have temporary worlds, or resource worlds. So this won't return.

- Updated the /wild, /nether, /end, /general, and /mine commands.

- Removed the /spleef command.

- Apologies for some 'person' who has been trying to ruin your gameplay by spamming racist slurs with alt accounts. We have no control over the idiocy of others. Thank you for reporting and we appreciate that you don't lower yourself to their level.

- Further changes here and there to some text, configuration files and other mini tweaks have been made to try and make 1.18.1 behave a bit better. We will continue to do so throughout the year of course.

Thank you for playing and have fun in the new /wild, it will expand the border soon but you have early access at least. I am looking forward to bases in the end and nether that we can show off on our youtube channel.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 18th, 2022:

Sorry for not being around much, dealing with some health issues.

- Server engine updated.
Note: 1MB 3.0.2 updated and patched.
Note: Paper 1.18.1 updated and patched up.

- Some plugins updated to their latest version.
Note: Basic maintenance to improve their performance, nothing too big.

- The /wild spawn has been updated more.
Note: The portals below should work again.
Note: The NPC animals are back in their spot.
Note: The wandering traders can be right clicked again.

- Some signs I found explaining the 'temp' worlds have been updated.

- The backups were over 250gb, we've purged some things we could clean up now, making the backups 150+ gb again. Much more manageable.

- Added /wild to the whitelist for /jobs plugin.

- Removed /mine from the whitelist for /jobs plugin.

- Pre-generated some worlds with the new 1.18.1 engine.
Note: /owo, /uwu, /sushi, /sanctuary,

- Temporary generalx/, oldtest, hardcore/ oldend/ and /oldwild, and /oldnether worlds have also been purged.

- /menu worlds, the info book on bottom left and other "lore" updated to be current again.

- /menu worlds updated, moved /wild to the 2nd column (barrel), removed /mine from menu. Moved /end and /nether to third column. (The glass blocks are sub menu to /oneblock menu, /skyblock menu, etc.

- Fixed some broken characters on old signs, yay.

- Updated /wild info

- Updated the /wild, /end, and /nether spawn with new welcome display, including a mention that it's a perm world now.

- I've probably done more things, here and there, but I just don't remember.

My birthday is on the 21st, instead of working on the pvp event I was flat in bed, so .. we will see if I can put it together. Hopefully we will see you online on the 21st for some pvp-fighting and extra /run games?


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 21st, 2022:

Yikes, it's my birthday.

- In about 12 hours after making this post, we will have a little birthday event on the server.

- If you lose your items, you can pick them up
Note: Be mindful of others, they can pick up your items ~ so dont' wear something you don't want to risk losing.

- You can die, it is pvp after all
Note: We're having a little party for some fun, not for ragers, temper those emotions.

- The goal is to pvp mrfloris, slay the birthday boy.
Note: It will be fun, and you get some infinite cake for it.

- Drop party? Yeah probably. If enough people are online.

- Boosters? Sure! Why not. mcMMO boosters will be on today.

- Where? When enough people are in the game, I will /broadcast when it starts and let people tpa to me.

No normal maintenance today? No sorry, it's my birthday :D


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 23rd, 2022:

That was quite the birthday party we had, thank you all for hopping on the voice chat and join the pvp-battle in game. I had fun!

- Thank you TheLynx74 for your birthday donation.

- Thank you Nixxy73 for your birthday donation.

- Cleaned up the birthday commands and warp. Removed the portals and custom commands, etc.

- Updated 1MB 3.0.1 with the latest stuff, and patches.

- Updated Paper to the latest build after some testing, applied 1MB stuff and other patches.

- The async editing tools have been updated to play nice together.

- Updated more plugins that have fixes for the stupid SnakeYML issue from Spigot.

- Updated our Universe plugins like Multiverse, Worldguard, and such.

- Updated mcMMO to fix some long standing issues.

- Some of the Voting related plugins have been updated.

- Protocol supporting plugins like Geyser and ViaVersion have been updated to their latest dev builds.

- Added support for 1.18.2 snapshot.

- I've started work on the 2022 version of the /spawners command and GUI, shop, etc.

- The Jobs plugin had a few updates to fix exception errors, and other bugs, thank you Zrips for keeping it current.

- We've fixed more /wild spawn stuff, and @JaCkper and I have been working on terraforming the area around it. We will soon have to clean it up a bit and make it even cooler. Creative builders, report in!

- The old wild world for 1.16.5 has been deleted, we're moving forward with this merged version for 1.18.1 that we've generated in 1.18.1 ~ this cleans up quite a few gigabytes.

- made a zippy of _backup-world_herobrine_graveyard-1.18.1.zip and deleted original folder.
Note: and the same for _backup-graveyard-1.18.1.zip
Note: From 2gb to 200mb, yay.

- The /santa world has now been archived, zipped, and backed up. But removed from the Server. We shall return it this end of Summer so we can work on it again for the 2022 event. Let's focus on the other worlds first.

- After reviewing, I've purged /logs/ older than november 1st 2021.

- planb backup inventory archived file purged: backup-InventorySaver-sqllite-from November 4th 2021 to December 14th 2021.db
Note: this is now the oldest file; backup-InventorySaver-sqllite-from December 14th 2021 to December 30th 2021.db (made a .zip version of it)
Note: renamed sqllite.db to backup-InventorySaver-sqllite-from December 30th 2021 - January 20th 2022.db (and made a .zip version of it)
Note: This cleaned up another couple of gigs.

- Cleaned up some old worlds from the CMI configuration files.

- Learned about yet another server engine exploit or two, and no, it's not log4j; but mitigated the issue before it became public knowledge, so that helps. Rip other servers..

- Set view-distance defaults to 8 and simulation-distance to 10 (might be lowered to 8 soon)
Note: We still have some per-world exceptions.
Note: Paper's non-tick distance is slightly different and set accordingly.

- After review (to catch abusers), the CMI /money logs have been purged for dates older than july 1st, 2021

- Also after review first, the CMI /sell logs have been purged for dates older than july 1st. 2021.

- Purged old rollback data for certain worlds since we've removed, reset or updated them.
Note: /end and /nether, and the /wild world.
Note: /mine of course
Note: cleaned up /spawn and a few other worlds.
Note: This cleaned up about 4 million rows of data from the database, saving us some storage.

- Removed some old worlds from the rollback plugin and reconfigured things a bit to match the new situation.

- We've also purged all data older than 6 months from the server for all the worlds. This means if you find grief older than 6 months we cannot roll it back probably. And probably won't. So be an active player, keep an eye on your builds and those of others. Report what you find in a reasonable time and we can resolve it 9/10 times. Active players with a great builds, we can give you region protection; feel free to request it.

- Replaced all the redstone-chests at /spawn with regular chests, now that we can just place chests next to each other without needing an air gap. Sheesh, took me years to get to this todo item haha.

- We've started removing perm banned players we don't want to see coming back from our stats for things like playtime, money balance, jobs points and levels, mcmmo levels and things like that. Found a player in a rank list that's perm banned? Feel free to poke me and I will review it and clean it up.

- Some plugins like Head Database have been updated if they had any new builds that didn't require testing.

- Updated the /survival and /santa commands, as well as a few others. Being more strict about checks, permissions, and such.

- Organized bigger archives of the server, cleaned up more very very old zip files and archives, as well as making sure I've got a dual backup to various disks of the live server (talking about manual backups)

- Cleaned up the #events and #schedule channel on Discord

- Updated some threads on the forums:
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/pvp-party-on-21st-of-january-floris-birthday.263793/
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/how-to-get-started.260944/
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/server-details-1moreblock-com-25565.260939/

- We spotted the time being stuck in /wild, we fixed this now.

- Removed all the spawners from the /spawn world spawn area; we don't have angry mobs there, we don't want to keep asking the game to try and spawn them in.

- Updated the /spawn area a bit, removing some clutter and updated the big title people so (so it's a bit more colorful)

- Added /hub and /lobby commands to inform players who keep typing it that we don't have these, and that we will give them /spawn.

- Zrips has started work on the armor stand editor update, so expect fun new things that help us (and helps us help you)

- Updated the /events command so it's current again.
Note: Our pvp-battle event has ended, next is VALENTINES DAY

- And I probably did loads more, more chunk generation left and right, more config changes here and there, .. I just forget to write it down sometimes.

See you all online. Let's make cool builds in the /wild !!


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 27th, 2022:

Want to support our community? Check the end of this changelog to learn how to donate.

- The Armorstand editor got an update, please go test it!

- Headsup: We are looking to open one or two slots for the EPIC group this year. More about that soon. Keep your eyes open!

- Headsup: We have made a start preparing for our Valentine's Day event for February 14th, so mark it in your agenda.

- Builders! I am calling for you to come help us further build the /valentine world, so we can make it even more fun to adventure in on the 14th.

- 1MB 3.0.2 final has been uploaded - 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 changes were merged finally.

- Patched Paper, and an anti-antip2w thingy.

- Updated Paper to the latest version

- Updated FAWE for the millionth time to the latest version.

- Updated Plotsquared and other /builders related tools.

- Player heads database updated.

- CMI Library updated.

- CMI Updated, includes the new armorstand editor.

- Security patches installed on network devices and updated the OS the server runs on to fix security issues.

- NPC related plugins updated.

- The /trade feature has been disabled temporarily.

- Improvements for older clients to play using the newer world heights. (just use 1.18.1)

- Universe management plugins updated.

- Permission manager updated.

- More /general pre-generation has completed.

- Updated some threads on the forum to have more current 2022 information in them.

- Rare insight into our team channel to show you how much we do not include in our changelogs usually.
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 19.04.03.png

You can support our community in various ways, from voting for the server, inviting your friends, being online and helping others who have questions or just say hi to us and hangout. But you can also donate over PayPal ~ your personal gift will be valued of course. And if you donate over $39 you get a blue donator role on Discord that also syncs up with the Minecraft server. Oh and a headsup, we will soon unlock one or more slots for the EPIC role, so if you were planning on donating maybe keep an eye out for that! My paypal is https://paypal.me/mrfloris


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 30th, 2022:

Sharing a few known issues and updates.

- Headsup: February 14th is Valentine's Day on the server. Join us for a hug?

- Known issue: The /anvil command got incorrectly blocked on Paper engines, we can't use it for a bit until CMI updates again.

- Known issue: The /trade command is temporarily disabled to avoid potential abuse, it will return soon enough as well.

- The /wild world has been slightly expanded. There's a bit more room to play in. We're still waiting for 1.19 until we can boost the border up a lot more.

- The /general world has been properly upgraded to 1.18.1 now, at least everything between y: -64 to y: 5, this should help with performance a bit.

- The world guarding and editing plugins have been updated.

- Some other basic maintenance has been applied.

- A friendly reminder that the community rules we have for the forum, discord and the game also apply to voice chat. The argument "but floris isn't here" or "it is just us" is not valid.

Have fun gaming and thank you Ben, Freesoul, Smeths, Jack and others for helping with the valentines world.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 13th, 2022:

ALMOST VALENTINE'S DAY ! And our VDAY EVENT 2022 has already started!

- Maintenance is on-going but not shared until after the event.

- You can find out about our valentine's weekend event here:
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/valentines-day-weekend.263794/

- Quite a few plugins have been updated in the last week, today, and after the weekend. I will publish another changelog when I have the details.

- The /kits have been updated, two new VDAY KITS have been added.
Note: Available only Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

- The /valentine command has been updated, and midnight 13th to 14th we will open the world. Try again soon!

Have fun everybody :)


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 15th, 2022:

The Valentine's Day Event has ended. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

- Turned off the VDAY Event 2022.

- Updated the #schedule and #events channel on Discord

- Updated the /event, /events and /valentine commands.

- I've tried to forcefully move players who were in /valentine world to /spawn.

- Archived the /valentine world and removed it from the server.

- Cleaned up the VDAY event plugins, events, triggers, actions, etc.

- Read all the wishes from the wishing well and replied to everybody. Check your inventory if you haven't yet.

- Made another manual backup of the server and moved it to the external and offsite drives.
Note: Sheesh, we're almost at 200gb for the server! Maybe it's time to trash some stuff..

- Preparing for 1.18.2 and 1MB 3.0.3 and the big Spring Update for 2022

- Updated ViaVersion and Geyser for improved snapshot and crossplay connectivity.
Note: At some point we will remove some older versions and focus on 1.18 only.

- Updated the plugins we use for world editing.

- The Wandering Traders in the /wild world will now also offer micro blocks!

- Uploaded like a billion https://youtube.com/mrfloris videos, go see them :)

- Updated the server engine stuff, upstream from bukkit, craftbukkit, spigot and paper. blah blah

- Reviewed /money log files and put some users under review that have some weird transactions. Purged the files we no longer need up to a certain date.

- Cleaned up some backup files from some plugins that are outdated and we dont need anymore.

- Plan-b backup of inventories has been updated. The database has been reset, the current db has been archived, and older backups have been purged.

- Updated plugins related to hologram displaying.

- Fixed like 12 things with mcMMO.

- Updated plugins related to NPC management.

- Improvements to the permissions manager have been made and some permissions have been cleaned up.

- Issues with the /jobs plugin have been updated. We will soon have some control over the /jobs command.

- WorldBorder API has been updated, and soon the gamemodes will follow.

- Plugins related to the /builders world have been updated if needed.

- Spent weeks working on the valentine event, phew! All that work for a weekend, I hope you all enjoyed the server this weekend.

- Mob cap now properly supports chunk checking for placed heads. People who might use this to lag servers will notice their heads disappearing. sorry..

- Purged all the data older than 6 months from the rollback feature, if you have grief, report it within a reasonable time. We now only store up to 6 months of data.

- Purged log files older than dec 1st 2021 from /logs/

- Anti exploit plugins have been installed, it is set to /mail the server owner and auto ban the server. Appeal will not be possible.

- All the things from the -dev- servers that have proven to work have been moved to the -test- servers.

- All the -dev- servers have been purged.

- All the things from the -test- servers that have proven to work together with all our other stuff, has been moved to the -live- server.

- All the -test- servers have been purged.

- Placeholders have been reviewed, we were able to add a few new ones and remove a bunch of old ones we no longer use.

- Note: Discord supports more things in the about section, if your profile advertises your server, or people use emotes and discord features to 'fake' roles or people, we will ban for this, we have a no impersonation and no advertising rule on our server.

- The /wild chunks have been shortened, the spawn area is now value 10 instead of 15, giving the players 'more' chunks to build in.

- Cleaned up the meet-greet Discord channel up to February.

- Re-generated the /jobs/ files, supporting more new 1.17 and 1.18 things, and this will change how much certain things are worth (be a bit more or less)

- Updated the 1MB 3.0.2 builds to the latest versions.

- Potential issue with /trade has been fixed, if our logs show people have used this more than once, we will ban them. Reminder: no exploiting!

- The CMI and other zrips plugins have been updated if there's a newer version.

- Thank you Paprikaatje for your paypal.me/mrfloris donation.

- The world border for /wild has been expanded, making the world wider in all directions. We're still waiting for 1.19 so we can really bump it up.

- And a bunch of work on commands, features, etc behind closed doors. Tiny changes on a daily basis.

Wish the changelog would explain certain things better? Let me know!


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 20th, 2022:

1MB 3.0.3 update is here, to finish the Winter Updates with some needed maintenance.

- Before we hop on the Spring Update 2022 train, we're finishing some of the 1.18.1 upgrades we've been working on by fine tuning plugins, configuration files, or finally doing bigger updates. We're now in the stage where we want to add improved performance to 1.18, so we're ready for 1.19 this year as well.

- Paper merged their performance branch or whatever, which helps players in certain situations a lot. If you had a somewhat laggy experience at times you might not even notice it as things should run a bit smoother for you when you teleport, log in, change worlds, etc. Hopefully it helps.

- 1MB 3.0.3 is now on the latest build, which includes improvements that really help plugins make the most of the Apple File System. Instead of direct writes and compression we can leave it to the OS, which properly caches things and deals with it for us. Improving performance for this OS quite a bit as well. And while caching has a risk, we hardly ever have power cuts, or other situations that risk data loss. And when it happens we prefer to lose 30 seconds of memory, versus 5 minutes of potential data corruption spread over a wider variety of files.

- The 1MB Survival episodes on Youtube are doing great. Thank you all for watching, we're nearing the end of season 02 soon. But, we learned we're missing episode 11. Sorry, we're gonna have to skip that one.

- The gametypes like /acid, /cave, /skyblock, /skygrid, and /oneblock have had all their jar files updated, and the locale. The focus of this 1.20.x version has been on 1.18.1 and Java16. Hopefully this really helps our players. A big update.

- The /wild world has slowly been taking shape and we already spot miners, builders, and have had quite a few questions. We are excited about the deep dark (check my youtube to get an idea about the warden and upcoming ancient cities).

- Other maintenance has been done to variety of plugins that we usually update. I might mention that in an upcoming changelog.

Thank you all so much for playing, I do hope you all appreciate the server a lot and enjoy hanging out with friends.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 23rd, 2022:

Bit of a big and technical one, stuff from the last week or so.

- 1MB 3.0.3 has dropped more outdated and deprecated Java stuff, putting the focus on Java17-lts and upwards.

- Applied bukkit, craftbukkit, spigot and paper patches that want to do manually to 1MB 3.0.3 and 1MB 3.1.x

- Started prepping for 1.18.2's Monday release. So next week we will slowly upgrade to 1.18.2. And then our focus will be 1.19.x

- Updated Paper to the latest 2xx build of 1.18.1, which includes the performance branch update, as well as our custom upstream patches.

- Rebuild the 1MB Network code, as we hardly are a network anymore and I can trim the fat from the code. Allowing 1MB itself to run more stand-alone.

- Removed a few temporary plugins that well, because they were temporary can now be removed.

- The plugin that we use to help power and manage the /builders world had some updated. Fixing something about shulkers, block placement code, and other behind the scenes feature tweaks to make it run smoother I assume.

- BentoBox updated. This went from version 1.19 to 1.20, which puts focus on 1.18.1 and Java 16/17, and should be more ready for 1.18.2. Fixing many things for /acid, /cave, /skygrid, /skyblock, and /oneblock worlds. The full changelog can be found here.
Note: <https://github.com/BentoBoxWorld/BentoBox/releases/tag/1.20.0>

- The plugin dealing with custom heads in the game has been updated. Fixing things like Optimized item cycling performance on featured tags.

- Almost daily we update FAWE, which I hate to use, but it is what we use at the moment; here's their extensive changelog.
Note: <https://ci.athion.net/job/FastAsyncWorldEdit/changes>

- I've made a manual backup of the server of version 3.0.2, the latest build and data. And moved it to the other backup drive and offsite archive.

- And I've made a manual backup alongside our automatic backup fo the current -live- server on 3.0.3, and moved that to the other backup drive and offsite archive.

- Other outdated plugin dirs, databases, and other stuff has been archived, compressed, encrypted as well, and moved to the global archive. Trimming some of the repeating data. No need to make backups fo backups.

- A small reminder: Since we whitelist optifine and optifine supports a cheat-y light emission feature they introduced, we no longer ban for abusing that. We frown upon it. This indirectly means we also won't ban for 'mods' like gammabright or fullbright. We do not want you to use it, we won't perm ban for it. Of course, if we suspect (or the anti cheat) players cheating and it triggers a ban, that's a risk the player is taking.

- The hologram system from CMI has received a massive upgrade, we can move away from our sign setup at /spawn soon and make it a bit easier and more visual for new users to get started. It's way too much to write out here, it's about 2000+ characters changelog. For the player the changelog basically is: A lot of our holograms will have improved visuals, better 1.18.1 support, and can be clickable. Hover your mouse over a hologram if you find it, it might show you some options, instructions, info on how to use it.

- Fixes for horse speed are applied.

- The top player hologram at /spawn should also be more accurate and should be up to date faster.

- The CMI plugin had a few updated, as well as the CMI Library which helps CMI, Bottling Exp, /trade, and Jobs plugins.

- A few weeks of upstream Spigot/Paper changes and Paper updates, etc, can all be found here.
Note: <https://papermc.io/downloads>

- The Citizens NPC handling plugin has received loads of updates these last few weeks as well, which you can find in detail here.
Note: <https://ci.citizensnpcs.co/job/Citizens2/>

- A small reminder: Please note that we will ban for inappropriate usernames, we're a family friendly community. Hints even at swearing, sexual stuff, hate speech etc will get the username banned. Users who blatantly use hate speech usernames will get a perm ban. Grow up. Do better.

- Updated the /wild world flags. Now that the server is live we're re-enabled Creepers blowing up and causing player-damage again.

- The crossplay plugins to allow bedrock clients that have a Java MSA account to play on our server, have been updated.

- The latest 1.18.2 snapshots and pre-releases throughout the last few weeks were kept current. Allowing you to connect to our 1.18.1 server with 1.18.2, please report bugs to Mojang's bug tracker. Please do check in vanilla singleplayer first to confirm it's a real vanilla bug.

- Updated the Via* family of plugins, but after 1.18.2 we're going to either disallow older clients, or we're putting them in a flatworld, inviting them to switch to %latest%

- The other Holograms plugin (HD) is updated to the latest snapshot. I can't wait to move away from it, useless to have when we have a fantastic CMI Hologram feature.

- The supporting API for worldborders in Bentobox gametypes has been updated to 1.18.1's 2nd update.

- The permission managing and related plugins have been updated. Including LuckPerms. You can find the changelog here.
Note: <https://luckperms.net/download>

- Player command update: You can now use /trade in the /wild world. Enjoy.

- I've updated the JVM we're using to run the 1MB server on to OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 17.0.2+8-86.

- Security patches to network devices' firmware have been applied.

- The operating system to network devices have been applied.

- Software updates that came with security updates have been upgraded.

- The 1MB History post updated.
Note: <https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/>

- Organized the Github repos a little bit in the last month.

- Small reminder: While Discord allows you to use more emotes in the about section. FAKING roles, or impersonating a company or individual will get you banned from Discord. We can't tell if you're having a laugh or are trying to DM and scam people. As a preventive measure we ban. You can clean up and appeal and we will unban.

- /general pre-generated 40,000 by 40,000 blocks (so 20k) all the "below Y:5" stuff should be handled with now.

- Worldguard plugin updated. You can find the changelog in full here.
Note: <https://builds.enginehub.org/job/worldguard>

- The /wild wilderness has been expanded a bit. x /wb wild set 750 spawn x /minecraft:worldborder set 1500. The next border expansion will be with 1.18.2 a LITTLE, and then again with 1.19.x a LOT.

- Those who noticed the /trade command didn't work one weekend, that's resolved, feel free to use /trade again.

- The plugins that we use to manage worlds and inventories have all been updated. Hopefully mitigating some long standing bugs.

- Maintenance to the drives used on the network to store data, backups, nas, etc. have all been reviewed, tested, crc checked, etc.

- Minecart collision exploit mitigated.

- updated content of this thread
Note: <https://omgboards.com/threads/cant-connect-to-server-it-says-full-down-maintenance-version.260945/>

- Massive update to the armorstand editor.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTr8Y663Ktw

- Removed perm banned users from /run top5 hologram.

- Continued work on the updated /spawners feature. PFF so much to do. Sorry that it takes so long.

- And probably loads of little tweaks in config files for various plugins, updates to custom commands, and a bunch of features. But I always forget to write them down.

Notice an issue on the server? Just report it! We have a public support channel on Discord, but also a private ticket one. Feel free to use either.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 28th, 2022:

- World editing and protection plugins have received an update, so they would play nice together a bit better.

- The NPC-related plugins were upgraded, they had improvements for 1.18.x

- Crossplay proxy updated. You can connect with Bedrock, but it will be limited, and you will require a valid MSA Java account.

- The way a sponge works on the server has been updated, Expect it to behave differently.

- Updated a few old legacy codes to newer hex colors, following our style guide.

- The border in game types (/cave, /oneblock) shows properly now, you can toggle with: /<gametype> border type vanilla

- Anti grief rollback data older than six months has been purged. Check your builds and optionally request region protection. Report griefs in a timely matter so we can do something about it.

- Permissions-related plugins have been updated to improve the way they deal with databases.

- The backup inventory databases have been archived, purged, sorted, compressed, etc. We now only have the last couple of weeks of February (since nobody reported any issues). The next purge cycle will be in March at some point.

- ViaVersion didn't update to support 1.18.2-rc-1, sorry. The max is the pre-release, but 1.18.2 should be out later today so expect us to support connections from 1.18.2 soon, and then a proper engine upgrades later this week.

- Locale issues with BentoBox resolved, whoops. We're fully up to date (internally we're actually on 1MB 3.0.4, but I didn't bump the version number, we will when we move to 1.18.2.

- Updated the /spawn world with some new things, tweaked builds, and in preparation of the 1MB 3.1 update with 1.19.

- Reviewed player /msgs for spam and server-breaking stuff, all good! You've been stellar players.

- This weekend we had a few booster 3x and 2x events. They've expired now.

I saw some amazing builds on the server this week, fantastic work everybody!


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 10th, 2022:

Quick adjustment to the economy

- Some prices from things like copper have been adjusted to address a known issue that we noticed players abuse. A review of their values will be picked up again when we have a bit more time.

- We invite players that notice issues with the economy to open a private ticket so we can review things when something's potentially wrong.

- Further plugin updates have been done, especially when the same jar file can be used on both 1.18.2 and 1.18.1.

- Hopefully the developers involved in /market and /shops projects have a build for us for 1.18.2, we will return these features at that point. We might upgrade soon to 1.18.2 without them.

- Headsup: If you have a /shops created shop, we recommend for now as a precaution to remove your quota from the chests.

- Headsup: If you have one or more items on the /market, we recommend for now as a precaution to remove their listing.

- We have no further solution at this point for the /market and /shops features, we might upgrade soon without them.

- Discord <-> Minecraft cross chat related plugins have been updated.

- Further testing using our live data shows that we are basically ready to convert to 1.18.2 soon.

- The /perk and /perks plugins have been updated, we use their features in various events, rewards, shops, etc.

- Older clients than 1.9 will soon no longer be able to connect to our server. An announcement about this has been published on Discord.

- The head database and head display plugins have been updated.

- The "bass" fish can be fished up again.

- The credits in the /points menu can't be removed via an option. Thanks for reporting though. Hopefully a Pro version comes out in the future where we can pay to have it removed.

- All -dev- servers have been purged after moving 'everything that proven to work' to the -test- servers.

- All -test- servers have been purged, after moving 'everything that proven to work with live data' to the -live- server.

- New -dev- and -test- servers have been created again for the next phase of 1.18.2 upgrade testing.

- PyroFishingPro plugin updated to the latest version, and soon again when we move to 1.18.2

- 1MB changed internal version in the last few weeks to 3.0.4, the next is 3.1 for 1.18.2 (changes are too big for 3.0.5)

- Slight changes to /spawn made, and development of the 3.1 spawn has continued.

- Further improvements to spawn's performance will be implemented soon with the 3.1 update.

- I've removed almost all the 1MB Network code, the network is going away basically, but we will keep 1MB, this allowed me to remove quite a bit of overhead for network server to server communication.

- Paper build is the latest for 1.18.1, and patched with the latest 1MB patch stuff.

- Crossplay proxy plugins updated.

- Old/new version protocol support plugins updated. (1.7.10 to 1.18.2)

- World protection plugins received an update in anticipation of the 1.18.2 update.

- Permission manager had new updates, we've finally upgraded it as well.

- Maintenance update to CMILib and CMI have completed now.

- Shell scripts have been updated to support 1.18.1 and 1.18.2.

- Turned off OMG Boards forum to Discord Server posting.

- I had to rollback some FAWE builds so world editing would not go mental.

Have fun gaming on the server. We're inviting you to open private tickets on our Discord for anything from a spelling error report to player abuse report. Together we can have a fun community that improves over time.
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 11th, 2022:

Just kidding, it's actually still the 10th, but we already have one for the 10th.

- We've upgraded to Minecraft 1.18.2

- 24 hour grace period has started, go check your builds.
Note: If things go horribly wrong, we will revert back to the backup of 1.18.1
Note: If things go well, we will move forward and not go back to .1

- Known issues: /ah and /shops do not work, we haven't heard back from the developers, so we can't upgrade these.
Note: Hopefully when they release a 1.18.2 build that we upgrade.

- The /wild border has been expanded by 500 blocks, allowing new 1.18.2 generation to happen, as a buffer towards 1.19.x when we upgrade and further expand the border by a lot.

- Plugins have been updated to support 1.18.2
Note: We will restart a lot more than usual as new plugin releases come out.

- Important: Mojang account migration hard-cut-off date is today. They've started with 1% of unmigrated accounts being unable to login. So, MIGRATE.
Note: It's really time consuming for us to convert your old UUID data over to new UUID data, so please try to migrate, we've spend nearly two years informing you to be in control of your account. If I don't have the time, or can't migrate some of your data we simply won't do it. SO MIGRATE.
Note: For any migration questions of your account and or 1MB data, please use #public-support or #ticket-support on Discord.

- Updated 1MB to 3.1.0

Have fun everybody with 1.18.2 !


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 16th, 2022:

1.18.2 maintenance update.

- Updated a batch of plugins, making sure they're on their latest build.
Note: {
* Player_head related plugins.
* Hologram API related plugins.
* Crossplay and protocol related plugins updated.
* 1.18.2 chunk processing related plugins.
* back-end management plugins.
* World-editing related plugins.
* NPC related plugins.

- Finished processing chunks in /spawn, /wild and /general to make sure they're stored on Disk as 1.18.2.

- Replaced the /mcMMO command with our own output.
Note: /mcmmo help still works, dont worry.

- Updated the mcMMO thread with more information for players.
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/perks-for-playing-with-mcmmo.260970/

- Improved our tools and steps in order to help move player data over to their new account if they couldn't migrate to the new MSA.

- Updated the visual output of the /fish plugin to be more modern using #hex values over old &legacy codes.

- Private staff messages from the in-game chat end up in the private #staff channel on discord now.

- Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper patches applied again to the latest Paper build.

- The /shops plugin works again! Thank you @smeths

- Vote sites updated:
Note: {
- PMC https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/1moreblock-com-4196299/vote/
- MMP https://minecraft-mp.com/server/205421/vote/
- MCS https://minecraftservers.org/vote/514741
- TOP https://topg.org/minecraft-servers/server-594230
- MSS https://mineservers.com/server/ulhTpm5F/vote
- MCSL https://minecraft-server-list.com/server/381193/vote/

Known issue: Middle-click and Q don't seem to properly work in /homes for some users; no idea why, but we will try to improve this.

- MOTD updated

- Jobs plugin had a hotfix, we've applied that now.

- Known issue: Super breaker speed missing from deepslate, haste2 works, but we hardly notice it. Reported to mcMMO developer.

- Further CMI / CMILIB / Jobs updates.

- Ores found in /wild will also be announced.

- Voting was off for 6 hours after the upgrade, woops.. my bad, since reported it's been turned on again.

- Rollback plugin can store more efficient. We will try to store for more than 6 months, but periodically clean up.

- All plugins updated to 1.18.2, not worth mentioning them all in detail. Summery: Required updates to work properly on 1.18.2.

- Sparkly particles are back in /rtp

- Last time I will bother to tell people who haven't migrated yet: You need to migrate, or you can't play.

- Purged some private-archived channels from Discord.

Phew, quite a bit done to upgrade to 1.18.2, and then do some maintenance and further updates. And today the last bit was done. I now officially consider the Winter Update season over for 2021, next we officially start the Spring Update for 2022.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 17th, 2022:

- Follow up on yesterday's maintenance update.

- Winter Update 2021 has officially ended, just mentioning it, ..

- Spring Update 2022 has officially started, focus will be on creative building, events, and quality of life updates. While prepping for 1.19.x

- Great news; the /ah is back! The author released an update that works well enough that we can use it live.

- I've set a NEW value for raw copper and let the system recalculate the values. It is lower than before, but the calculated values should be more correct and match coal, and gold range. Additionally, I've done a quick test in-game and it seems the overpowered values are no longer there. If you do notice something is off that's unfair to the economy then please report it (and dont abuse it)

- The server was offline for quite some times yesterday, this was unrelated to us; Mojang services had an outage. We were actually still running.

That's all for today.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
April 7th, 2022:


- I know we haven't had a frequent batch of changelogs lately, but I wanted to let you all know that internally we have been working on server maintenance (and more) since the last changelog mention. We aren't sitting still. I just haven't had time offline to spend time on sharing the changes. They will come when I have an hour. They're all logged in the private #team channel.

- Some info about my offline life. I finally have the date for the renovation of some rooms in my apartment. Which will be quite the undertaking that will last nearly a month. And I have to properly prepare for it. Additionally, I am still struggling mentally with dealing with the recent loss of my mother, while having to deal with my brother who has been spending the last three years making my life quite difficult after the loss of my father in 2019. Physically I am struggling with some health issues (unrelated to Covid-19 thankfully) which demand me to better schedule what I do with my time.

- Despite it all, I have tried my best to keep the server current, and we're on 1.18.2, and things are going fine. I just have less time than I wish to nitpick on everything from my todo list. Including sharing the changelog details semi-frequently.

It seems that despite all best intentions to have fun events, etc. That the Universe always finds a way to fill your daily hours with stress, depression, and things you cannot ignore. I really honestly wish it was different. Thank you for understanding.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
April 14th, 2022:

Catching up on the changelogs. This is me taking an hour to go through the history of the private channels to share with the public what we've been updating and changing behind closed doors.

- Mentioning someone's IGN on the in-game chat while they're away from keyboard (afk) will now let you know how long they've been afk (and if there's a reason, why).

- /fish update will soon be here, if you had any fish that won't stack, you will then be able to try and fix that.

- Manual backups have been synced, archived, etc. We're up to date again. Just like the automatic backups of course.

- Headsup! The renovations will soon start here, it is 100% unknown to me if the network will have power, and if it is off, for how long. If the server is offline for an extended time, keep an eye on our Discord channels.

- Spring Update #3 is here, maintenance update is now live, we're on 1MB 3.1.2, the history thread in this sub-forum has been updated as well.

- Paper updated to the latest version to try and address some exploits that seem to be going around in the Minecraft communities.

- All plugins that deal with NPCs have been updated to their latest version. Mainly for the sake of staying current.

- All permissions that deal with Permissions on the server have been updated to their latest version. This to address various incompatibilities between various plugins (they're all playing nice together again).

- All the World / Chunk editing plugins have been bumped to their latest development builds. This to address some serious bugs and have improved world rebuilding/generation features.

- A lot of the Toggle commands have been removed and moved to an options command. We're still getting used to this and configuring everything. There will soon be a toggle menu that you can use to help you set some personal preferences.

- Banned some players that we caught cheating with fly / xray / using hack client, etc. Farewell, your bans cannot be appealed.

- Furthered protocol support on our 1.18.2 server for the 1.19 snapshots. Feel free to test it, but we (as always) recommend using the same version of the client as we run as a server.

- Worked on a moderation document for one of the plugins that we use.
Note: https://github.com/mrfdev/CMI/blob/master/Resources/FAQ/cmi-user-moderation.md

- I've updated all the ecloud extensions that we use for placeholders.

- We had to do some network-testing and had to temporarily remove protocol plugins last week, but that was half a day. They all returned, and in their latest dev builds as well.
Note: {
Via Version/Backwards/Rewind
Via Status

- Some plugins that we use for the /builders world have been updated. Such as PlotSquared and Worldguard.

- Worldguard as mentioned, as well as other server / world / chunk / and item protection plugins have been bumped to their latest version.

- For team members: in-game /staffmsg will now show up in the private Discord staff channels.

- We've received some reports from keepalive timeout session issues and we've looked into this. It's not the server software, the machine, the local network. Tests show that our ISP has no packet loss until it tries to process packets from outside of Europe. This is out of our hands. But it's a guess if that's the cause, we've contacted the involved parties for a review of their nodes.

- PyroFishingPro plugin updated last week to 4.6.8, changelog can be found here; but probably requires an account to view
Note: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/...ng-plugin-new-gui-customisation.60729/updates

- BentoBox gametype plugin and all its addons have been updated in the last week to their latest dev builds. This should address some user-reported issues. Thank you for reporting bugs! (This is about /skyblock, /oneblock, etc)

- Discord <-> Minecraft integration and communication plugins have been bumped to their latest versions. We've also updated some of the code that powers the actions from players to the #server-chat on Discord, so they have more info, are prettier, and .. to help us test how it looks. Next step is to condense the info a little bit, leave out what we think we don't need. And spammy mcMMO power levels is now every so many levels, not 'every' level.

- As offline is wonky donkey as you can read in a previous changelog, I have been unable to properly prepare for events. And seeing how most of the staff doesn't have access to my file systems and server files it is more difficult to delegate this. The #schedule channel on Discord has and will be updated as events happen, get canceled, or are planned. Note please that unfortn. we cancel events if we do not have time to set it up. But, keep an eye on it, i've recently updated the info in the channel.

- Headsup: It is uncertain if we can realise the yearly Easter event. Renovation in my apartment will soon start and I don't even know if we will have power to the network.

- Uninstalled ProtocolLib, it's shit. Large, and it's supposed to be a library but it's having too many side effects.

- Anti-cheat plugins replaced and cycles, we've been processing the data from other anti cheat logs and have taken some action against some players who didn't play fair. But it's good to see that the bigger majority has been playing nice.

- The plugins that deal with player_heads and skins in the game, they have been updated to their latest stable version.

- We have an extra plugin that makes very frequent snapshots of player enderchests and inventories. We keep an old archive of older data, we keep an archive of the data between then and now. And we have a live database that we reset at a certain filesize or when a new month has started. I've gone through these and reviewed the data for item duping, etc. Action against users have been taken. Anyway, the database has been reset again. The latest data archived, the more recent data is now the oldest, and all older archives that I've now reviewed have been purged.

- The /perk and /perks plugins have been updated.

- Various updates on the Voting related plugins, they've made so many little techy changes. I've gone ahead and tested and double tested the vote sites and in-game rewards, and it worked both times just fine. So "should be fine"

- Purged inactive members from Discord community server that haven't spoken since they joined, or at least not in the last 30+ days, that have No role. This is to prevent idle-bots that wanna spam in the future. People who get kicked that want to be part of the community are of course free to re-join and be more active to prevent future cleanup-purging.

- More mcMMO data purged. Players with almost no playtime, with 0 levels, or who have only played in worlds where mcMMO is turned off, or who have not played in 3+ years.. sorry. Join the grind, avoid the purge!

- Huge updates to the amazing CMI plugin that we use to run our server with. Loads of quality of life improvements, maintenance patches, and feature enhancements. Thank you Zrips for supporting our communities these last few years.

- For certain team members only: CMI Finduser shell script has been updated and made public.
Note: https://github.com/mrfdev/CMI/blob/master/Resources/Scripts/1MB-finduser.sh

- Shout out to @smeths and @the456gamer for helping out yet again with some of the backend code stuff on the server in the last few months.

- Some weeks ago we've noticed resolver issues locally that was causing issues for players. We've identified the issue to be through a temporary CloudFlare problem. We've switched to two different international providers that were the same ms speed latency as the local eu ones. And this seems to have resolved that.

- A seasonal update to the network hardware has been done. The modem firmware has been updated, the modem has been reset and given some time to cool down. The router has been firmware locked, cache flushed, shutdown, cleaned physically and repositioned. The other hardware had a quick rolling-reset to clear memory and caches, tmp files, etc. hopefully to improve their performance.

- Firewall log file reviews have been completed. What a boring task af.

- The new Apple Silicon M1 machine(s) have been added, they've been introduced into the network for testing and in preparation of the upcoming 1.19 and 1.20 releases. And will be getting used live near the end of Spring or early Summer season. (A fun little 1500 euro investment in my hobby, sigh.. feel free to donate to support me on https://paypal.me/mrfloris thank you)

- Chunks, borders, worldborder, selections etc .. the plugin that visualizes this with particles has been updated.

- Updated the command /menu worlds

- The /worlds command has been updated to be more accurate for our current server setup.

- Further updated threads on the forum with references to temporary worlds (as we no longer have temporary words).

- Old temporary worlds (like generalx, tempor, test5, dev5, etc.) have been purged after a review (some chunks backed up or copied)

- Certain worlds have been set to not auto-load, but can be activated upon request: /owo, /uwu, /sushi, etc.

- On Discord, I've removed the #mrfloris and #madmikeyb channels. I've made progress in real life, and any negativity going on that I've shared is now in a different light/context. It's not matching the vibe of the discord anymore.

- Gametypes startup log had an issue with locale, this has finally been addressed.

- Some of the backups that we've made have been reviewed for a- are they complete? and b- is it a double-backup that we can purge, c- if we keep it, is it protected, and if so, test it to see if it's corrupt or not.

- Hex codes have been used to make the /fish plugin output a bit more modern and pretty - and to attempt to match our server-styleguide/theme. Any issues we had with it have been reported to PyroTempus who fixed it in the latest builds, thank you Pyro!

- If you achieve something on mcMMO and it spits it out to Discord, it will now include an embed with the overview of all your stats. Go check it out!

- Updated content on my Github mrfdev /cmi/ repo.

- The /afk in-game now spits out a nicer AFK on Discord, we will soon 'tidy this up'. Thank you Paprikaatje for testing!

- Current 3.0 /spawn is updated to be ready for the 3.1 /spawn. Which I am trying to test/work on in /builders.

- I've manually updated the patches from 1MB <-> Paper, and removed what is now fixed in Paper/Spigot/etc.

- Purged all the libraries and force-rebuild them on first-start of Paper again, now using 1MB 3.1.2, etc.

- Deleted all /logs/ from 2021 and older. And yes, a quick regex() check has been used to review for certain things ;)

- All "tps" tools, resources, plugins, etc. have been updated to their latest build two weeks ago. I use a custom solution that gathers up a smart report and sends me an SMS when things go wrong (early detection system basically)

- Wow, placeholderAPI had n update, updated it. Tests showed that things are fine.

- The client "server list" plugins have been updated. The configuration (text you see) has been made a bit more dynamic and smarter. We will soon re-add some of the cool old msgs that we all loved.

- All live/test servers have been purged. The apartment renovation prevents me from properly keeping track. They will be rebuild for 1.18 and 1.19 end of May.

- Custom 1MB-BuildTools.sh updated internally and made a new Spigot jar for internal testing setups (for end of May)

- Some of the data in informational threads on the OMGboards.com have been updated.

- Some random-teleport configurations in CMI's config.yml were incorrect or out of date. Cleaned that all up.

- Removed lingering mention of the /valentines world from cmi's config.yml

- When we upgraded to 1.18.2 we didn't have /ah, the /motd mentioned this. Cleaned up the /motd file.

- The mcMMO and AuctionHouse plugins have been updated. Thank you devvies

- The plugins that we use to manage multiple world handling and group-inventories, etc. They finally had an update that we could upgrade to.

- The /rtp plugin had some versions that fixed issues, including particles. So, we've updated it. Looks to be working.

- Operating System patches have been applied to the modems, routers, switches, devices, computers, nas, etc. Things are all up to date again.

And offline I've had an even bigger todo list, from trying to resolve inheritance disputes with family members through notary office, lawyers, and whatnot. To health issues and everything in between. And while we're making progress, some things will not be resolved this Spring. So thank you for understanding that I try my best but can't realize everything that I want to do with my hobbies.
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