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Minecraft Changelog 2022

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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
April, 24th, 2022:

Online milestone, offline milestone.

- Personal situation, for those who know about it. We went from 12% to 90% in a few weeks. We've made progress and should hopefully finalize a situation in the coming days. Which will really help my mental and physical health issues, as well as moving forward in life. I can be alive for myself again.

- Online milestone; 1MB 3.1.3 is now live. This finalizes the third part of the Spring Update for 2022. And it was all about maintenance, and what not. The History thread on this sub-forum has more info about that. As well as the Discord announcement.

- Network maintenance; My ISP and other related companies all had network maintenance. So we have been offline during nightly hours here and there. And they say they're done. However, I have some noise on the frequency which has an impact. After a chat with them they're open to sending a mechanic to confirm it's my network or theirs. And then go from there. Additionally, we've made further improvements, tests, routing changes, and whatever I can do in order to fight the keepalive timeout issues as well. We haven't fixed it, because it's clearly outside o my network (out of my control), but, I do what I can.

- Renovation; My apartment is getting some rooms renovated, I've given the headsup on Discord in the announcement forums, took a backup to an external drive before they started, and taking the server offline when they use heavy powertools because they've already almost ruined the systems here. (I am NOT happy about that). Apologies for longer-than-usual downtimes. Kinda out of my control I guess. I do what I can peeps.

- To keep this simple: The 1MB 3.1.3 also comes with keeping everything up to date. The plugins have been updated, they all run the best version that they can right now. And I've been going through configuration files to make tiny changes here and there that can have an impact on the performance and enjoyment of the game.

Have fun gaming.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
May 8th, 2022:

Spring Update time again.

- Renovations are done, we have some small work ahead of us, but there shouldn't be daily shutdowns anymore, that take longer than a few hours. (With the exception of what's next)

- Headsup: Fusebox will be replaced soon, this or next week, so of course, that will cause the server to go offline haha. But it hopefully will certainly improve the stability of the power network moving forward.

- Headsup: We are waiting to find time to get a mechanic out here to finalize the network review, so we can address any 'noise on the signal', as they called it.

- Java 17 has now been replaced by Java 18, tests have shown this will be fine, we will see how it goes.

- @JaCkper has been bumped to Admin on the server. Welcome to more responsibilities.

- History thread has been updated: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- Plugins have been updated to their latest versions, if it was reasonable to update.

- You can now try to stack the fish, if you have two fish that should - but does not - stack, put them in your inventory, and type: /fish update

- The server engine has been updated, we will soon start testing their new feature to improve redstone performance (which should help with overall performance of course)

- Support for 1.19 snapshots has been updated, clients on 1.19 can try to connect. We're still on 1.18.2 server engine.

Have fun gaming!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
May 23rd, 2022:

Renovations are done, electricity stuff is done, and most of the network stuff is done.

- Turned on Double and Triple exp and points boosters this weekend at random times.

- We got access to additional network measuring tools, placeholders, etc. For internal use. Which really helps speed certain custom tasks up.

- Updated the CMI locale after a few years, this should fix some weird colors in the chat, grammar, and typing issues.

- In the last few weeks CMI has received a few updates, mainly maintenance. Improving on functions and features.

- Further support for 1.19 pre-releases protocol support has been added. Allowing players to connect with 1.19 to try things out.

- The /perk and /perks commands have been updated. From the changelogs it's mainly bug fixes by the looks of it.

- We have keep up to date on the Paper server engine, we're current at the moment.

- Our custom patches for Paper have been tested by someone who knows more about that than I do, and we've slightly streamlined this process.

- Added "feels like home" advancement to /impossible

- Improved on a couple of staff-online commands.

- 1MB 3.1.4 has been tweaked a bit, tested more properly, and the live servers are running the latest build of it.

- Updated some of my github repo pages.

- Geyser updated, we use this to allow MSA bedrock accounts that have a java account to crossplay on our server.

- World editing related plugins have been updated.

- We found a corruption in 1MB 3.1.3 backup on a drive, purged it. .2 and .4 backups are still okay, so yay for that.

- Banned a handful of people who have been using custom clients to try and cheat.

- We've run a beta.1moreblock.com server to do some new mining-features testing. That was phase 1, when I have time we will announce and invite people to join us for beta testing during phase 2. Thank you all for helping test!

- We've added play.1moreblock.com alt-connection for those players who experience weird timeouts and want to try an alt-connection that ends up on the same server, but it connects through a different route, usually fixing the weird timeouts and lags they might experience.

- The VaiVersion related plugins have been updated.

- Discord <-> Minecraft chat integration plugins have been bumped to their latest version. Making sure we stay current with the Discord platform's changes.

- The mee6 bot company announced they had some compromised staff accounts and that unwanted messages were sent out, I have looked around through different accounts and our server chat history etc. I found no evidence of this affecting us. Nobody on the server reported anything back to us either. So I think we're unaffected. We've taken some precautions to streamline and improve having to deal with this if it occurs again in the future. Hopefully mee6 company makes changes so their staff accounts are more secure as well.

- Updated some team groups/ranks permissions, making it easier for helpers, mods, xray checkers, staff, admins, owners, etc to better manage the server.

- I've started work on a little CMI addon that should add daily rewards to the server. It's an early alpha, but should be fun to beta test at some point on the live server.

- We've bumped our Java version for security reasons to, and we will try to stay current. Testing went great, no issues, so we've decided to bump all our servers away from 17.0.3.

- As mentioned earlier, 1MB 3.1.4 was made live. The history thread on the forum has been updated with more info about that.

- The permission manager related plugins have been updated to their latest build, the changes all seemed to have been general maintenance.

- Citizens plugin had a memory leak, FAWE and Citizens both have been updated to try and address this. Hopefully things are fine now.

- The player head database plugins that we use had some new versions with general fixes, I've updated those to stay current.

- The announcements channel on Discord has been cleaned up a bit. Some outdated announcements can be confusing so I prefer to purge those.

- The /fish update command is now public, every player can use it. If you have old fish that won't stack. You can try to put them all in your inventory and type /fish update, which will attempt to convert them all to new fish that should stack. If they still dont' stack you can either eat the fish or try to /fish sell them. Otherwise /trash is an option.

- The rollback data is stored in a database, this database storing methods have been tweaked, allowing us to way more efficient with the type of data we store. Dramatically decreasing the total size of that database. We have 26+ weeks of data now, but we will guarantee only the last six months. If you see grief, report it, we might be able to roll it back. Report it too late, and we might not.

- The /ah /market plugins had some issue with player heads, we've updated to address that.

- The plugins we use for /builders have been updated, hopefully improving per plot performance.

- The plugins we use for bentobox (gametypes like acid, cave, skyblock, oneblock, skygrid) have been kept current.

- Team update: We've noticed more team members having less time to help, so we're keeping our eyes open for active players that are friendly, play fair and have no infractions, to perhaps add them this Summer as helpers. JackPerByte has been bumped to admin to help out, as he seems to always have time to join the server haha. (Just to clarify, nobody got bumped off of the team, they're just busy with school, work, other servers, etc)

- The server-list MOTD as they call it, we've updated that a bit, we're now ready to gradually add more random messages.

- Issues with holograms that players have been reporting should now have been addressed, try again!

- Performance tweaks to Mob Farm Manager have been made.

- We've yeeted accounts out of our Discord server for people who have joined, never spoked, have no roles, and were inactive for 30+ days. They're free to rejoin if they want to be an active account. We do this as a precaution against spam bots building up over time to form a spam attack.

- Apologies again for the extended downtimes we've had on the server, we have made quite some renovation and electricity, and network changes in the last month or so. I rather do it all at once, than spread over months this Summer. This way we can be more stable the rest of the year.

- I've made some slight changes to the /spawn, we believe we have also identified three new vanilla lag-spike and border-lag-spike bugs with Mojang, we've reported these to them, hopefully they will address them by 1.19.1 or 1.20.x

- Paper security issues from the last 2 months have been addressed, just to answer that question that I kept getting from 2 players. We stay current, no need to ask, appreciate the concern though.

- The vote sites have been double checked to make sure they work with the new network setup, new 1MB version, and new plugin updates. And they do.

- For those who use our IP to connect, we're on, the old 80.* ip is gone. You can stay current by using 1moreblock.com or play.1moreblock.com

- CMI moved all toggle commands to /options (/cmi options), I've made a little cmi-addon that re-adds all the old toggle commands. It will inform you when you use them if it's one of them that moved to /options.

- Some support tickets were made by players, I've gone through most of them. Some old ones still remain. I didn't forget, it's a matter of having the dedicated time to sit down and spend an hour or so on dealing with them.

- The /j command wasn't working for a while, this should work again. If you still have issues, please report back via a ticket.

- The welcomes points data has been purged, for player-data file names that haven't been modified since 2018. Next time I will purge it will be the oudated 2019 data and older. If someone wants to guarantee their points, join the server, have someone greet you, and greet someone who joins.

And another 50+ little changes, each day I try to test, prepare, figure out issues, try to resolve long standing issues, talk to developers, prepare for 1.19 for example, build temporary dev and test servers, do daily maintenance, answer DM and tickets, and keep an eye on the server log to catch cheaters, welcome new players, and reward active players, add region protections, rebuild some old chunks, etc. I wish I could automatically write everything I do in full detail to the changelog, but a sorta-summery of what might have changed helps give players an impression of what's going on. I hope it helps those who are interested in this information. And if you read this, between now and the next changelog you can in-game type /mail send mrfloris changelog 3984rrhf2!! and you will get a little reward in your inventory. Thank you for reading the changelogs.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
May 30th, 2022:

More data-purge information and general maintenance.

- Data has been purged from the server logs, for various plugins, and some archives. After a quick review first of course. We're talking about the oldest data that we no longer need.

- And inventories from 2015 and earlier. But only on people who signed up in 2015 and haven't rejoined after 2015.

- Certain plugins have caches, temp data, backup folders, etc. After review we've been able to delete a lot of this data.

- Data from a handful of plugins have been purged for worlds that we no longer use, for example a temporary 'admintest' world.

- Hologram related plugins have been updated.

- Zrips plugins have been updated if there was a new version.

- Further protocol client-connection support for 1.19.x pre-releases have been added, up to pre3.

- The Jobs plugin has been updated, introducing feature fixes and bug fixes and general maintenance.

- Yeeted out inactive users who joined our discord community server only to advertise their own server. I've also reported all the accounts to Discord safety team for review.

- Added more Discord Alerts, so certain in-game actions will now also show up in private channels as well as #server-chat

- World protection and editing plugins have been updated.

- The spark plugin has been updated.

- Updated the Paper build to the latest version.

- ViaVersion plugins updated, for cross version play.

- Geyser plugins updated, for cross platform play.

- Bottling your Exp feature has new fixes.

Have fun gaming!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
June 2nd, 2022:

It's almost time for 1.19

- Made a final backup of 1MB 3.1.4, and manually moved it to our external archive/

- 1MB 3.1.5 is now running live, it's got the latest maintenance to plugins, server changes, and cleaned up code. And it ends the Spring Update season for 2022 for 1.18.2.

- The difficulty on the server has been changed from EASY to NORMAL for almost all the worlds.

- The Paper server engine is now also running it's latest 1.18.2 build.

- And all the plugins are running their latest release as far as I am aware.

We will let things run as they are for 1.18.2, and any plugin updates are for 'serious' bug fixes, or because they've made changes that help with the upgrade to 1.19.


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Jan 1, 2001
June 15th, 2022:

1MoreBlock.com is now on Minecraft 1.19

- Backed up 1.18.2 for the last time.

- Upgraded 1MB 3.1 to 3.2

- Upgraded server engine from 1.18.2 to 1.19

- Upgraded all the plugins to run on 1.19.

- The /general world had the negative chunks below 0 added. It will not have 1.19 generation.

- The /wild had a radius of 1000 around spawn in 1.18.2 chunks. It now has a radius of 2500 around spawn, the 'new' chunks beyond 1000 radius are of course all 1.19 chunks. You will find new biomes, blocks, ancient cities, new mobs, etc. here. With 1.19.1 we will expand the radius again, and it will slowly keep going up.

- Found a region you like and want additional protection? Build something answer and give me a poke, I will generously add region protection.

- Known issues:
Note: /perk does not work yet
Note: /oneblock, /skyblock, /acid, /skygrid, and /cave will return soon.
Note: The developers of these plugins need a bit more time.

- More details can be found in our Discord #announcement forum.

- The public beta test period has ended. I've given people a heads-up to test their builds, protections, resources, etc. And it's been a few days, I've received no reports of issues. And everything looks stable, we're sticking to 1.19. If you however now find an issue, please report it as a ticket on Discord.

Another changelog with regular maintenance updates will follow soonish. Have fun gaming on 1.19 everybody. Warning: The warden is quite a fight!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
June 24th, 2022:

Bye Spring Season 2022, welcome Summer Season 2022!

- Summer Season Update 2022 is officially here, our to-do lists have been adjusted, and reviewed and some items have received higher priority, while others have been dropped due to lack of time or resources.

- I've cleaned up the /archive/ of older 1.18.2 backups and keeping only the important ones, more cleaning up will happen soon again. Nothing the player will notice, but it helps with storing terabytes of backup data of course if we can trim this down to essentials.

- All the plugins have received further testing, and appropriate changes have been made to try and make the most of it.

- Java 18 has been bumped to a newer build with some custom patches. This way we can better debug what's going on when we notice things don't go our way.

- Paper (the server engine we use) has been bumped to their latest 1.19 build, and patched up with the latest 1MB 3.2.x stuff. Which is now very little. We almost don't have to manually patch anymore, which is great.

- We are reviewing the chat-signing feature that comes with 1.19, and will leave it off, including chat-preview, until 1.19.1, which is in our near future.

- Also about 1.19 chat features, the in-game player reporting is a thing that comes from Mojang. When we learn about false reports, we will ban the user for causing drama by false reporting others, and while in-game reporting to Mojang is a thing, please do take screenshots of abuse and report it to our team in a private ticket so we can properly ban the user breaking our server rules.

- We're discussing ditching plugins that we don't need, and these include supporting older clients to connect to 1.19.1, so moving forward, make sure your profile is for 1.19.x and not 1.16 or older. We will do this gradually, and include changes in our upcoming changelogs. Don't panic.

- 1MB 3.2.0 will soon get bumped to .1, which will include way less stuff for older clients and java versions, and will include stuff focussed on only 1.19.x and forward. Slimming it down even further. We're also removing more and more 'network' stuff, to run 1MB completely stand alone in the future.

- The /wild world has been fully generated by players and our system. All the chunks within the small border have been loaded. Thank you all for exploring! More new chunks soon with 1.19.1

- Mojang announced 1.19.1, it's in RC state, and we're testing internally what we can. Once we can confirm the plugins work with it, we will upgrade to .1.

- The gametypes are back: /oneblock, /skyblock, etc.

- The /perk command is back too.

- The worldborder radius in /wild will grow with 1.19.1, and again later in July. And then once a month we will review how active players are in the /wild and how everything is performing, before expanding it again.

- Found a region you like and want additional protection? Build something answer and give me a poke, I will generously add region protection.

- The /jobs plugin for "Miner" has had missing blocks added from 1.16, finally. And we've added new blocks from 1.17, which is almost everything for 1.17, 1.18 and 1.19. And we've added some new blocks from 1.19 too. Their prices are set to 0.5, and over time we will start raising those prices. We first want to add everything and review what we have. Then update some other jobs like Digger and Farmer, before we start making further changes. Oh, the "enchanter" job has more enchantment table enchanting support.

- The mcMMO plugin should support more 1.18 and 1.19 stuff now, if you believe something's missing: please report it in a new ticket.

Another changelog with regular maintenance updates will follow soonish. Have fun gaming on 1.19 everybody. Warning: The warden is quite a fight!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
June 26th, 2022:

My niece is getting married on the 29th! ^_^ Congrats nichtje.

- Updated 1MB 3.2.x to the latest build.

- Upgraded Paper to the latest build.

- Upgraded a bunch of plugins to improve support for 1.19.x

- Removed protocol support for versions 1.8.9 and lower.
Note: You will need 1.9.x or higher to play on the server (currently)
Note: With 1.19.1 we will drop more protocols.

- Preparing for 1.19.1

- Updated /jobs > Woodcutter, adding more 1.16 to 1.19 blocks.
Note: {
√ Mangrove Log √ Mangrove Planks √ Mangrove Wood √ Mangrove fence post, slab, and stairs
√ Hyphae √ Crimson and warped stems √ Warped wart block √ Soul campfire √ Nether wart block √ Regular campfire
Note: Default values for exp, points, and /money is 0.5 per item, throughout the year we will slowly increase values for certain items.

- Uninstalled certain plugins we no longer need, want to use, or maybe their testing period have ended. Or we've replaced them with alternatives.
Note: ProtocolLib, Client detectors, Interactive visualizers, some Anti cheats, Limited Pillagers, and a couple more.

- CMILib updated, adding more support for 1.19 material recognition.

- Fixed jobs + mcmmo double-fish payout (happened incidentally).

- Getting flooded with some msgs about owned furnaces or blocks? Hopefully this should be fixed, if not, open a ticket, include screenshots.

- Batched money payments from Jobs plugin delay has been bumped from 5s to 7s.

- CMI updated (maintenance update) which mainly helps with behind the scenes commands.

- World Protection plugins updated.

- World Editing plugins updated.

- Updated protocol support for 1.19.1, you should be able to join with rc1

- Updated protocol support for cross play, if you have a valid MSA java account, you can connect with bedrock.
Note: It's hardly used, we might remove geyser in the near future. But for now, it works.

- patched jdk- with some fancy stuff, should run on next restart.

- The /nether spawn had a lower level with lava walls, since it's spawn JackPerByte has made this more secure with an invisible wall.

- Updated /jobs > Miner, adding more 1.16 to 1.19 blocks.
Note: {
√ Froglight √ Mud Bricks √ Packed Mud √ Reinforced Deepslate
Gold block and regular lantern also added;
√ Amethyst Buds √ Amethyst Cluster √ Block of Amethyst √ Blocks of Copper & Variants √ Budding Amethyst √ Calcite √ Candles √ Cobbled Deepslate √ Copper Ore √ Cut Copper √ Cut Copper Slab √ Cut Copper Stairs √ Deepslate √ Deepslate Ore √ Dripstone Block √ Infested Deepslate √ Lightning Rod √ Pointed Dripstone √ Sculk Sensor √ Smooth Basalt √ Tinted Glass √ Tuff
√ Ancient debris √ Basalt √ Blackstone √ Block of Netherite √ Chain √ Chiseled nether bricks √ Cracked nether bricks √ Crimson and warped nylium √ Crimson and warped planks √ Crying obsidian √ Gilded Blackstone √ Lodestone √ Nether gold ore √ Quartz bricks √ Respawn anchor √ Shroomlight √ Soul lantern √ Soul torch √ Soul soil √ Target

- Fixed an issue with /oneblock dealing with the auction house, thank you Vivian for reporting!

- updated server.properties with new properties, adjusted some specific to 1.19 values to better respect namespaces.

- Discord automatic moderation for commonly flagged words is now turned on. This will block some profanity, hate speech, stuff of not family friendly content, and alert the staff in private. And we will take it from there.

- The /rtp for /wild has been adjusted to support a wider range.

- Time sometimes got stuck in /wild, this is now fixed.

- Updated the banners on the 6 vote sites, saying we're on 1.19.
Note: Next update is after 1.19.1 where we will also update the info on the sites that we're version x to 1.19.1, and no longer 1.7 to 1.19

- Discord topic for #server-chat updated to say 1.19

- Discord command !ip updated to be more current
Note: Alt routing option play.1moreblock.com added
Note: We might add another alt-route soon.

- updated post with current info https://omgboards.com/threads/server-details-1moreblock-com-25565.260939/

- OMGboards 1MB section has a custom header, i've updated it

- Added a custom staff only /goathorn command to help us get custom goat horns for events

- Plan B inventory plugin updated, the old database has been archived first. And the oldest archived database has been purged.

- Further configured the /options command for players and team members.

- Added a few more custom death msgs

- Startup flags for the server have been updated and tweaked for java 18, mc 1.19 and the os it runs on, it was time for an update.

- Updated the player database plugins we use.

- added /wild world to payout world for vote rewards, so you dont have to go to /general to receive it.

- Temporarily installed combat damage received/given counter, you might notice it in the actionbar.

- Bedrock mining fix applied, discussed something with the dev, we're keeping an eye on it.
Note: /jobs shop to buy one, note pls that it breaks easily.

- Entity detector plugins installed to help us better manage the farms and chunks on the server.

- players in group 1mb_member, can now press Q in /homes to change the icon of their homes.

- Bottled Exp plugin is updated, but we're discussing to remove it once we support sculk spreading.

- The /nether had some missing regions, this is now fixed, yikes, what happened

- Discord integration plugins updated.

- Github repos updated to focus on 1.19

- Enabled frost-walker again, dont abuse it, i have no problem turning it off again. But enjoy!

- Permission managers and related plugins updated.

- NPC related plugins updated.

- Reviewed players and made xray flagged accounts, or perm banned those with obvious+evidence xray, fly cheats, and other stuff.

- Rolled back some grief caused by players, let's keep the /wild nice and friendly pls! Play minecraft, it's an easy game, dont cheat. We perm ban before we blink.

- Known issue: we have a cooler /warps, but IT IS A MESS, yes, we're aware, I just need free time. #soon

- Server difficulty changed from default EASY to default NORMAL, some worlds still have an exception and run on easy or hard, probably hard.

- Backup archives managed, and a new manual backup has been made that includes *everything

- purged /CMI/MoneyLog/ data from august-2021

- cleaned up /FAWE/'s /history/ folder and /sessions/ folder

- cleaned up sessions from /worldedit/

- cleaned up worldguard/

- mv-i /worlds/ purging inventory data from worlds that were old, temporary, no longer in use, etc.

- purged 2015 files created/last-modified from multiverse-inventories from the players folder.

- playerdata/-folder purged data from 2015 that was last modified in 2015.

- Updated the ban msg, they show as account suspended, with the reason below it.

And probably a bunch of other stuff I forgot to keep track of.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 4th, 2022:

While we're waiting for 1.19.1 ..

- 1MB 3.2.0 has been cleaned up a bit more, and it turns out that some of the patches that go into Paper can be loaded at MONITOR and achieve the same.

- Paper engine updated, and patched with the last few things.

- Sunday we had a mini Fishing Tournament. Two rounds this time of the longest fish. Congrats to all the winners. Enjoy your spoils.
Note: Everybody that participated got 10k per round into their /balance, and a beacon at the end for participating.

- The /motd of the day was updated last week with the message that we're looking for staff members, I have now removed this message.

- The /motd of the day was updated yesterday for the fishing event, I've now removed this as well.

- The TAB-key overlay for some reason still showed the /santa message, what now? I've removed it!

- Protocol support for clients: Updated the plugins involved in this, from bedrock to old 1.16.5 etc. Oh, and I've included support for for connecting with the latest 1.19.1 pre release 2.

- The plugin that handles placeholders for other plugins has been updated, I didn't have time to test, soooo..

- The server now has a variety of 1MB Summer Bosses roaming around. They spawn naturally and have a chance to kill you a bit easier, their health is higher usually, and they might drop some fun stuff. There's a post on our Discord server in the #announcement forum about this.

- Some internal tools like Spark have been updated.

- The /fish plugin has been updated. Please check if it's all working!

- The booster for /points has been reset from base 4 to 3, didn't I already mention that the other day? Anyway, just to be safe.

- The plugins related to permissions have been updated.

- The Discord <-> Minecraft integration plugins have been updated as well. Did you know you can link up your IGN with Discord ID? /discord link, to get started.

- I've started working on a custom /help page, pff, so much work.

- World protection and World editing related plugins have been updated.

- Hardware on the network such as some switches and routers have received a power down. It's a hot summer, they grind 24/7, let's give them 5 minutes to cool down, reset their ram, and get them ready to power through July.

- Networking on the connected hosts, devices, etc. have been received real quick.

- One device has been restarted, for the same reasons. They've been grinding for weeks. It's time for a little restart.

- X-ray checks have been completed for June. I've got my eye on a few players, but one of them was blatantly xraying, naughty naughty. Yeeted them out of the server and rolled back their actions.

- The database for plan-b inventory saving has been archived and reset. The oldest database has been purged, the last one after that I've kept.

- 1MB got featured on one of the server list sites, hopefully this brings in a few new players.

- We're looking for staff members, check the #announcement channel on Discord for details.

- Heads-up: 1.19.x will come with new chat features, including in-game reporting of players by players. We will moderate as always first, but what slips through; if you believe it's law-breaking (like hate speech and such) you can now report directly to Mojang yourself. We will (over time) gradually implement and test, and active some of these new chat features, which ones and when depends on what is available in Paper engine, in 1.19.1 and up, how it's implemented and how our testing goes. But i am giving a headsup, because if you do not connect with a client that supports signed chat in 1.19.1 or higher, you might notice you won't be able to connect at some point (dont use cheat clients, is the best approach).

- CMI and CMILib had a few huge updates. Maintenance update, new custom recipe support and more. We will gradually start testing some of the cool stuff and introduce them throughout the summer step by step.

- Door/Chest etc protection (/chests) has been updated.

- The /perk command has been updated, improving 1.19.x support.

- The plugin that manages the /builders world got an update, fixing annoying errors, and improving usability slightly.

- Catching naughty creative players abusing hot loading, .. that plugin got an update. It's now even easier for us to catch players who just can't resist.

- NPC related plugins have been updated, hopefully improving performance on some chunks now.

- /charlie got an update, I can finally go and re-approach how we use charlie. Because it's a bit messy now, but at least it's ready for the 1MB server again.

- And oh, I've probably done loads more that I already forgot to write down.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 14th, 2022:

Small changelog about /oneblock and /skyblock changes, more technical changelog will follow in the near future.

- I will mention gametype .. with this I mean the worlds: /acid, /cave, /oneblock, /skygrid, and /skyblock

- Mob spawning limits per islands updated for a few mobs, affecting all gametype islands.
Note: Glow Squid, Frogs (6), and Warden (1) limits have been added.
Note: Regular squid lowered from 6 to 5, and glow squid set to 5.

- Swamp phase in /oneblock has been updated.
Note: Frogs will spawn as en entity
Note: Added frogspawn to rare loot chest
Note: Added froglights to uncommon loot chest

- Added a "bucket trades" shop at the spawn of /skyblock and /oneblock
Note: Two empty buckets have to be in the inventory, then click on the water or lava bucket, and they get traded. You get one bucket back that's filled.

- Added a "daily shop" shop at the spawn of /skyblock and /oneblock
Note: Each day another item is for sale. It won't be cheap.
Note: Over time these items can rotate, berry might replaced with a frog spawn egg, who knows!

- Added a "gametype Menu" villager at the spawn of /skyblock and /oneblock
Note: Right clicking this villager will open the gametype menu, displaying all options.
Note: Players can also type the command directly, for example: /oneblock menu, /skyblock menu

- Added "admin shops" for a few 1.19 items at the /oneblock spawn (in the mansion, use elevator) and /skyblock spawn (few islands over on the left)

- Added "gametype interaction" villagers at the /oneblock spawn and /skyblock spawn. These help players learn about the available commands, how to team up, etc.

- Added a spawn to /oneblock, if you haven't noticed yet :)
Note: Thank you everybody (nikkeh, tidala, jack, etc.) to help customize and build it up to something cool.
Note: Thank you keystonebuilds for the schematic to get us started.

Whooo, I finally have had time to do some bigger updates again. Real life has drastically improved.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 15th, 2022:

We got a bigger crew!

- Added more helpers, builders, creators, artists, testers, and friendly faces to our team of community helpers.
Note: Welcome Greymagic27, Benjamin433, MrCrazyMan02, and NikkiPixel
Note: If you as a player have any questions you can reach out to our existing team of helpers, testers, admins, etc. And if they have the answer they will surely help you out; or at least guide you in the right direction.

- Cleaned up some old private Discord channels, and create a few freshly new ones for the team members.

- Organized a few of the private todo tickets, and tackled a couple, trying to clean up. It's the Summer Update after-all.

- Added an emote for Benjamin433 to the Discord server, everybody can use it now.

- Citebafla and JackPerByte finally got their team emote added to the server, everybody can use them too now.

- Added some of the names of the new team members to the in-game /staff command.

- In-game staff msg command outputs to the new #team channel now.

- Moved public support tickets from (now) team members to the private ticket todo list.

- Closed and cleaned up the staff-application tickets. Thank you all for submitting them, and sorry that we can't add everybody to the list.
Note: When we have another round in the future we will invite you all to apply again!

Yesterday: oneblock and skyblock updates, today: public information about team updates! Imagine what we will have to share tomorrow. (spoiler: it's eh .. the regular maintenance update hehe)


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 21st, 2022:

The more technical changelog is back

- Extended downtime coming to apply some security patches to the OS.
Note: Normally a restart is up to a minute, this will take up to twenty or so.

- Moved more '1MB Network' code out of the 1MB 3.2.0 branch

- Moved custom Paper patches into 1MB 3.2.0 since I learned how to inject it at the right spot.

- Updated Paper to the latest build, and for once, didn't have to patch it first.

- Made a manual backup of the whole 1MB server and kept it local, and moved the 'latest' manual backup to an offsite storage.

- Deleted some older 1.19.0 archives that I know I won't restore to (old dev builds, old test builds, early grace-period builds, etc)

- Clone CMILib and made some grammar and spelling suggestions in a pull request, since that also benefits the 1MB server.

- Updated Placeholder related plugins, there were some deprecated changes coming and we're prepping for this to go smoothly.

- Updated the plugins related to NPC handling, hopefully, less memory usage, smarter command usage, and more fun for players.

- Updated the world-editing related plugins, including FAWE, to their latest build.

- Updated permission managing related plugins, minor changes that don't or shouldn't affect us, we will find out I guess.

- Tried my best to close some pending player-support tickets, hopefully I got them all and nobody is waiting for an answer. If you are, feel free to bump it if it's still there, or go to Discord > #ticket-support and open a new one.

- Added a new `:nice:` emoji for ben, who bought it with his Discord #coins points.

- We have a plan-b inventory backup plugin, and I've had zero reports from players about inventory issues, so I've deleted the oldest backups, and archived the current latest one, and made a new database.

- Security reminder: Do not click on any links on Discord you didn't ask for! Before you know it you're tricked into following something that gets your account compromised (which we have seen happen to players)

- Bumped Hepcat from community helper to community admin, helping the helpers and players through the summer with their questions. Congrats buddy, and thank you for helping. Don't kill the server with your new super powers.

- The /end world has a spawn island, we've finally had the time to work on this spawn! Come check it out, just type /end and .. survive. Explore! Enjoy.
Note: Huge thank you to everybody in the past who has helped with building on the island, that's Emmabear, globug, tidala, and many others.
Note: Huge thank you to keystonebuilds for providing schematics that I could use to spice up the island a bit more.
Note: Huge thank you to Nikkipixel and JackPerByte for helping terraform, tweak, fix and make the island 'make more sense'.
Note: We had temp worlds, some of those temp end world builds have been moved to the end spawn as well.
Note: We no longer have temp worlds, this end is the perm end, so this spawn update is going to be one of many. Suggestions? let us know!
Note: Are you a team member, or in the group builder or higher and wish to fix something or contribute to the spawn points, contact us :)
Note: The spawn at /end spawn is now a scary dragon, a swam, like wtf right.

- I am working on /spawn, we have worked on /skyblock spawn in the past, we now have /oneblock spawn, and we've put time into /nether and /wild, and now it was time for the /end to get some spawn love. Next? Probably /skygrid, /cave, and /acid.

- Team members x-ray checks have been completed, I didn't have to yeet anybody, thank you for playing fair and showing the players how it's done!

- Player x-ray checks have been completed on accounts that were flagged by the system. One person got yeeted, common now peeps, play fair.

- By the way, we have a Discord #referral channel, don't forget about it. I see loads of people inviting friends, if they stick around and you post in that referral channel; you might .. well, check the channel for details.

- I've updated the question mark [?] top left menu button in /homes, it will spit out a link to visit that has more info about the 1MB Homes features!
Note: the thread is: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-h...eting-and-listing-your-personal-homes.263837/

- The old /menu worlds still exists, but I don't think we have it linked anywhere anymore. Report it if you spot it though.

- The "worlds" button in the /menu now goes to the right Warps page that lists all the worlds.

- Updated /warps to show the worlds again, boy it was a mess for a while, but hopefully it's a bit more clear now. And yes, we're far from done!

- The /warps pages should say the right titles now, so .. yeh. thanks for reporting btw.
Note: Worlds are on the first page, server-wide warps are on the second, mini games and events next, and then all warps by players.
Note: All the world names on page 1 should be an orangy gold "/worldname" to reflect the command ..

- And I made a new thread on the forum explaining the warps feature a bit, i couldn't find an existing thread https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-warps-features-listing-and-visiting-warps.263838/

- The forum is posting new threads to a watchdog channel (private..) but it was doing it to the old one, we have a new one now, so I finally updated the discord bot to post it in the right one.

- Updated "/rules" text from "including, mojang community standards", to "including Mojang's Community Standards & Guidelines."

- Updated in the "/rules" text "arent" to "are not"
Note: Thank you mrcrazyman02 for reporting

- When you join the server, there's always a welcome message, like a message-of-the-day (/motd), this has had a bit of an update as some might have noticed. You will get welcomed by your own face, and it's a bit less cluttered. Hopefully people like it, and yes, depending on your chat window size and font size in the chat window, it will fit or not, just adjust your chat settings in your client.

- The world protection plugins have been updated, including WorldGuard.

- We have 1MB summer bosses! And as per the Discord #announcements if you spot one and post a screenshot of that in the #minecraft channel you can get a collectors item. Some people have read that and started posting. Everybody that posted a screenshot of a 1MB Summer boss should now have received their item(s). It's the last week of July, keep posting!

- Updated the name of one of the bosses from "1NB" to "1MB" thank you mrcrazyman02 for reporting!

- Seasonal reminder: replant at /warp treefarm! :)

- The four "traders" at the /wild spawn island are linked properly again and you can right click them - they will run commands, give you text, open a menu.. go explore.

- Fishing plugin to updated, and I've reset the messages yml file, this means old text is now new text again. It will change the visual stuff, but the old fashioned default text is fine too.
Note: Thank you jackperbyte for reporting some inconsistencies

- The old old old "/legacy" world has been moved to single-player, then optimized, then touched by an angel, and imported back into 1.19.0 and it seems to work. STILL GOT IT. Hopefully I didn't screw something up, lol.

- Internal secret inside info: The event worlds are all updated to 1.19.0 and imported to the server, so we can start work on those, ..
Note: This includes, thanksgiving, halloween, santa, valentine, easter, .. and some secret ones.

- Small reminder: People with not-family-friendly usernames will get banned on sight, they will not get IP banned or UUID banned, they are free to change their name and rejoin. If they however can't rejoin with a family-friendly name, appeal on the forums or on discord in a private ticket. You're welcome.. if you change your name. That said, if we are personally offended by hate speech names, we might just ban you regardless. wth do you even choose that name in the first place? Anyway.. change name, try again. Username bans generally can be appealed.

- mcMMO can properly treefeller mangrove ! Right click that axe and go to town.

- CMILib has been updated, to fix issues with CMI and Jobs and BottledExp, Tradem.. well, all the zrips plugins benefit from the fixes.

- Updated CMI, loads of changes, too many to mention. Bunch of cool stuff though.

- Purged some data from the anti grief rollback engine's database. About a million records. We try to guarantee 25+ weeks of rollback data, we actually have more. If you get griefed, REPORT IT. The sooner you do, the easier a fix is.

- Updated the internal staff message commands, the embeds now show better on discord, take up less space.

- The Discord embed messages in #server-chat for players going AFK manually with /afk, or automatically, or return from afk .. those msgs are more logical now, and bit more compressed, less bulky.

- Purged members who joined the discord, didn't speak for 30+ days, and have NO role. We assume you're idle bots waiting to spam, so we yeet you out. Feel free to return if you're a real player, you can start talking, gain a role and then you can't get purged.
Note: It only affected 2 of the 202 people.

- In the "thank you for voting" msg, each vote site has it's own heart-color, red showed up twice, it's a different color now.

- The old vote "thank you" msgs are now json hoverable and clickable messages.

- The old vote message for "your rewards" is now more compact, with a hover over box saying what you got paid out.

- We had a temporary issue with /recipe command, that's resolved now.
Note: Thank you mrcrazyman02 for reporting

- Added deepslate and mud as infinite item to /ah (does push last 2 items to 2nd row though) note: still open to other suggestions, and yes, the price is way higher than /worth of the item.
Note: Thank you tidala for suggesting this.

- Archived old private discord channels, made a few new ones.

- Added new helpers to the team, see previous changelogs

- Updated permissions for door/chest protection, so they do no longer auto lock, still figuring out if /unlock works properly.
Note: this only relates to oneblock, skyblock, and maybe some other gamemodes, not general or wild, etc.

- Added weekly-shop items, as a daily shop to /skyblock spawn, and /oneblock spawn islands

- Added /oneblock spawn, see other changelogs for details.

- View-distance on oneblock and skyblock, have been changed from short to medium, 6 effectively.

- Starlight engine had an issue in Paper, that's fixed, tnx.

- Plugins related to /builders have been updated, unfornt. this means I had to test something and confirmed bug, and I lost my chunk, the backup plot doesn't work LOL, rip some of my builders world stuff, OH WELL, too lazy to find it in the backups.

- Updated the bentobox plugins and addons for more 1.19 support. Fixing some annoying issues. Thanks bonnie!

- Removed /mine phrase from the 1MB Tip, thank you NikkiPixel for reporting.

- Added some new team members, and they get their own emotes, Citebafla, Benjamin433, and jackperbyte have theirs now.

And oh pff, I've probably done loads more, but I keep forgetting to write it down.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 24th, 2022:


- Fixed animation when using MMO smelting feature in furnaces. Hopefully.

- Mangrove_log and dripstone added to MMO

- Soon we will be alpha/beta testing the welcomes update!
Note: internally

- The /cave world now has "/cave spawn", finally!
Note: A spawnpoint has been set properly now.
Note: And multiverse knows about it.
Note: And /warp cave will also end up there now.
Note: We're still building up the spawn, the villagers and a few shops will soon be there.

- Heads-up: Mojang announced 1.19.1 for a release after the weekend. Maybe by Friday we will run on 1.19.1.

- BentoBox plugin has received more 1.19.0 updates. Hopefully everything's fixed now that we reported.

- Items dropping within 10 ticks around players in the same chunk, say through Tree Feller from MMO, will no longer (hopefully) despawn.
Note: Talking about tree feller, need more saplings? There's /warp treefarm, with market stalls on the right that sell saplings. You can also use an axe without silk touch to increase sapling drop.

- The /acid world now has "/acid spawn", finally!
Note: A spawnpoint has been set properly now.
Note: And multiverse knows about it.
Note: And /warp acid will also end up there now.
Note: We're still building up the spawn, the villagers and a few shops will soon be there.

- More grammar and spelling things have been addressed within a few plugins.

- Github updates have been pushed, and pull requests have been reviewed and merged where appropriate.

- Improvements to /warps and /kits interfaces

- Applied security patches to the systems that help run the server

Have fun gaming :)


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
July 31st, 2022:

The other day we've upgraded to 1.19.1 (yay).

- Made a final backup of our 1MB 3.2.0 setup with Minecraft 1.19

- Made a dev/test/clone setup of the live server.

- Dev server updated to 1MB 3.2.1 and tested everything with Spigot 1.19.1

- Everything that worked on the -dev- server was moved to the -test- server.

- All worlds from 1.19 tested on the -dev- server with 1.19.1
Note: And when we found no issues, we used live data on -test-

- All plugins from 1.19 upgraded where possible on the -dev- server with 1.19.1
Note: And when we found no issues, we used live data on -test-

- Completed all tests on the -test- server, and what worked was moved to the -clone- server.
Note: What didn't work, we've found a temp solution for, temporarily turned off on the live server, or waited until we had a working version and tried later.

- Final move from -dev- to -test-, and what worked on -test- to -clone-.

- Final test of new live data on the -clone- server, when that worked, we went -live-

- And we're live! 1MB 3.2.1 is now running with Minecraft 1.19.1. Enjoy!
Known issues: We're waiting for /perk again as always. Shrug.

- Rules update: Due to the introduction of signed chat and ingame player reporting features in 1.19.1, we have updated our /rules to specifically mention (what we already had), that we want players to respect the Mojang Community Guidelines and Community Standards.

A more technical and detailed changelog will follow.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
August 6th, 2022:

Update time.

- Mojang released 1.19.2, a small update

- 1MB 3.2.1 has been updated to 1MB 3.2.2, since we're bumping to 1.19.2 anyway

- Paper 1.19.1 has been updated to Paper 1.19.2

- Clients on 1.19.1 can still connect, though we recommend using 1.19.2

A more technical and detailed changelog will follow.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
August 21st, 2022:

Catching up with the changelog, this one is more technical.

- All season 01 episodes of "/cave gameplay" are on my Youtube channel.
Note: https://youtube.com/mrfloris

- Removed 'danish' from the chat filter.

- We've reviewed the /warp shops and made some plans.

- Gave more region protections to players who keep playing and made some nice bases.

- Time will automatically unfreeze in /general and /wild at 6am and 6pm (Dutch time)

- Merged Github-Pull-Requests after reviewing.

- Updated some documents on my Github repos to be more current.

- World Editing plugins have been updated.
Note: {
fix: upstream missing `Region#getBoundingBox()` (#1908)
build: Update dependency com.github.TownyAdvanced:Towny to v0.98.3.5 (#1906)
build: Update dependency org.mockito:mockito-core to v4.7.0 (#1904)
Update Upstream
chore: Update assets to 1.19.2 (#1900)
Update upstream
build: Update paperweight (#1901)
build: Back to snapshot for development
[ci skip] build: Update dependency com.github.TownyAdvanced:Towny to v0.98.3.4 (#1897)
build: Release 2.4.3
Update bug_report.yml
build: Update dependency gradle to v7.5.1 (#1899)
Add 1.19.2 (#1898)
Improve ``MainUtil#copyFile`` (#1888)
chore: Use 1.19.1 asset URL (#1889)
Update bug_report.yml
build: Back to snapshot for development
Catch InvalidPathException in safeFile handler
Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development
Bump FG & Loom to 1.19.2
Add support for Y-offsets with back direction
[Bukkit] 1.19.2 DV.

- NPC related plugin have been updated.
Note: {
Placeholders for speech bubbles, /npc command errormsg
Sets.difference is not working in 1.8.8
Fixes to hologramtrait
Clamp yaw properly for smoothrotationtrait
Bump to 1.19.2
Move EntitiesLoadEvent to a separate file
Use new netty method
Use EntitiesLoadEvent instead of ChunkLoadEvent, other minor fixes
Fix zombievillager error in 1.8
Use placeholders in /npc shop
Fix spaces in server names
Cleanup and use new method
Implement new methods
Simplify navigator interface
Add /npc allay
Citizens 1.19.1 update

- Players should get bothered less by ownership and no-payment messages when they interact with furnaces (and a few other containers) when Hoppers are involved.

- Friendly reminder: In-game 'friendly competition' for rankings of any type is fine, we don't mind, but please remain respectful to other players.

- Updated the apps on the network-devices.
Note: {
Updated modem firmware
Reviewed modem log files and made appropriate firewall changes
Organized the router a bit so it has more space to work harder
Updated the apps on the systems and restarted with OS security patches

- the "/trash" feature has been updated. Certain custom items that do something when you right click them will no longer be trashable. You can still throw them in lava of course. And certain items with custom model data can't be trashed. This is to prevent accidental deletion.

- The "/perk" command is all up to date to 1.19.2. We welcome you to enjoy your perks again!

- The Paper server-engine has been updated.
Note: {

[a76998d] Fix plugin loggers on shutdown (#5592)
[2da891f] Updated Upstream (Bukkit/CraftBukkit)
[4ba43fe] Grant temporary immunity to hopper minecarts while actively pulling (fixes #8281) (#8282)
[4516aed] More ThrownPotion API
[5bf2591] Add NamespacedKey biome methods
[db17048] [ci skip] Show @org.bukkit.UndefinedNullability in javadocs (#8291)
[9592da1] Add method to get highest anger level of warden
[0ddd20c] Updated Upstream (CraftBukkit/Spigot)
[3f0415b] Use thread safe Random inside of ServerLoginPacketListenerImpl
[7e11afa] Fix mad cursor addition via API (#8276)
[2a74071] Simple patch changes for chunk system
[2cab696] Don't manually send ClientboundPlayerPositionPacket for refreshPlayer
[954b3fb] Send signature headers when chat event viewers are modified Fixes #8275
[22ad9ee] Fix command pool submitting on shutdown (#8272)
[e6f8284] Updated Upstream (Bukkit/CraftBukkit) (#8270)
[c7e118b] Update modern forwarding to v3 (#8219)
[78b19f8] Separate Command Sending to Separate Thread Pool (#8170)
[a47301e] Fix Player#chat kicking all clients (#8262)
[3624637] Improve documentation of Inventory#removeItem (#8263)
[0118c0b] Improve MojangAPI docs and replace @Deprecated with @ApiStatus.Experimental on draft APIs (#8261)
[a15152e] Allow old behavior for CommandRegisteredEvent (#8249)

- I've updated the plugin and their dependencies and libraries to their latest version, the one that we use to manage most of the player stuff with and that handles most of the server features.
Note: {
Deprecated some of the placeholders not starting with cmi. This only means that we no longer officially support them but those will continue working if you used them before. Added additional placeholders to replace those, for example previous %server_time_[timeFormat]_[timeZone]% got replaced with %cmi_server_time_[timeFormat]_[timeZone]% and similar.
Updated hologram hanling where some parts of the code got brought back to sync mode to have better, well, synchronization which should resolve issues relating to multiple holograms with multiple lines updating at same time causing them to brake and show incorrect information on wrong holograms
New command as /cmi down [playerName] (-s) which allows you to teleport down to the first available free space.
Added option to prevent disposal of items with custom model data or with attached commands in dispose UI
Fix for maxplayer command failing to work on new 1.19.2 server
Fix for issue with player tagging in chat on 1.19 servers
Fix for issue with placeholders for solving equations and using ^ power sign
Small fix relating to recipe UI which was shuffling recipe order
Fix relating to shop sign interaction with shift+let click option
Added option to auto recalculate current user rank, this is limited to be no more often than once every minute. Disabled by default.
Fix for findbiome command not working on latest server versions
Added extra extra message for info command while hover over [AFK] which will indicate in how much time player will enter afk mode. This will not showup if player is offline or vanished
Fix for info command including [V] symbol for vanished players when player cant see that player in vanish mode. This will behave in same way if player was offline or in vanish mode.
Fix for issue with alias commands while having $1- type variables and not actually providing those which resulted in final commands ending with a space where server started to complain about this. This is mainly an issue with 1.19 servers due to how commands are being handled.
Fix relating to armor stand editor bug.
Fixing issue with alias command processing. This mainly relates to commands containing placeholders which need to be translated in order and not at once before performing starting to perform commands.
Fix for error relating to afk tile messages introduces in latest update
Added new placeholder as %cmi_p_[playerName]_display_name% which can display target player display name. This will allow you to use target players actual display name in outputs for custom alias commands instead of displaying their real plain name.
Improvements on chat preview for 1.19.1 servers which should more properly colorize and translate message preview to what it should look at the end. This includes link translations, player tagging, colors, hex colors, gradients, item in hand and so on.
Small fix for gradient colors in general chat and gradient color usage
Small change for options command. Now feedback messages will go to target player instead of command sender. This means that you can have console performing commands while informing target player about result. You can always hide those messages with -s variable
Optimized baltop calculation done when player balance changes. This will limit its update rate to no more than once every 15 seconds even if player receives thousands of balance changes durring that time, we will only update it once.
Fix for afk->CheckInterval not working as intended
Now afk title should appear at the moment you enter afk mode without any additional tiny delay as it was previously
Improvement for Afk title messages. Now it will fade in and fade out to create more seamless experience
Added missing %cmi_user_toggle_tagsound% and %cmi_user_togglename_tagsound% placeholders
Fix for issue relating to amount of warp in UI being over and excess needing to be carried over which on itself caused it to show only one warp point
Small fix for issue with new chat event listener introduced in 1.19.1 which isn't present in 1.19 while still being attempted to be registered
Updated plugin to support 1.19.1 servers
Changed look for playtime visualization which now is more customizable and allot more shorter by default. New locale lines got added and you can define some extra behavior in that same locale file in case you want to show more or less of the time output
Fix for kits UI pagination still failing in some situations
Added option to define custom icons for /options UI
Added option to send public messages while you are in staffmsg channel by using ! at the start of message
Another run for IC handling when it comes to Citizens NPC. This should be final update to resolve this issue once and for all (fingers crossed)
Added option to define custom nether roof height, in case you need different one when you preventing players from bugging on top of it but you have some custom height defined by another plugin
Fix for sculk sensor blocks detecting vanished players
Fix for incorrect locale for tppos command when incorrectly defining target location
Some update for commands (kick, mute, ban, tempban) while using global placeholders while providing reason. This will allow you to be more flexible and have more dynamic messages while performing those commands
Fix for kit UI pagination not going over 2 pages if you have kit count between 56 and 84 kits
Fix for %cmi_jail_reason_[jailName]_[cellId]% %cmi_jail_time_[jailName]_[cellId]% and %cmi_jail_username_[jailName]_[cellId]% not returning consistent results when you have more than one player jailed at same cell. Now it should properly show latest jailed player information
Added option to perform specific commands when jailing or unjailing players. This will support global variables, placeholders and specialized type commands for full control over those
General rework on visuals and handling for /jailedit command
Going from this messy look to new one, which should be cleaner and more consistent
Same thing applies to jail cell editing
Now adding new jail will prompt you with jails name instead of adding command suggestion. This will be more consistent with general handling of things like that.
Added option to visualize jail boundaries (S) in jailedit command for convenience sake. This will ether use CMI built in visualization or trigger SelectionVisualizer plugin to show jails current bounds.
Some locale updates for /jailedit command to fit new look and new handling
Small change for jailing when you have multiple jails but not all of them has set cells, so jailing process was failing due to invalid jail being picked as closest one. Now we will prioritize jails which are properly setup
Now cell list in /jailedit can be clicked to get list of jailed players which can be unjailed by clicking their name
Small fix for bungee private messages which could not show up for sender in some specific situations
Small improvement when it comes to player based placeholders in custom alias which gets triggered from console. This means that generally speaking we dont have actual player reference to take and use for placeholder translations. Now we will try to get one from provided variables in this command. Its not 100% bullet proof, but it will allow for you to utilize some placeholder from console which require defined player as a source for those. As an example 'asConsole! lp user $1 permission set cmi.command.sethome.%cmi_equationint_{cmi_user_maxperm_cmi.command.sethome_1}+1%'
/cmi checkcommand will allow you to alt+click on a command to paste it into chat for simpler usage of it
Fix for issue with kit gui and kits you have access to preview but you cant get those, while clicking one would have glitched out kits icon
Fix for playtime not stopping as it should when you are vanished and you enabled specific feature relating to this
Fix for /cmi saveditems save command not picking correct item name when its not the first provided variable
Improved /saveditems GUI which now will be faster with less clutter in a console
Fixed issue with /saveditems GUI showing same category for all items when you use -c:all variable, now it will properly show items category
Better item worth detection when it comes to custom heads with custom textures applied to those. This works with mob and player heads. Save file for worth will include somewhat funky looking lines, but we can't really avoid that. Update CMILib for this to take full effect.
Fixing compatibility issue with stacker type plugins and ride on players command
Added support for default ban message to translate basic global variables like [playerDisplayName], [senderDisplayName] and similar
Fix for a bug where cmi.command.recipe.admin permission check was ignored
Fix for attached commands not recognizing click:[action]! variable properly and always defaulting to right click

- I've removed a few not so family friendly signs and structures, and warned the players. Reminder: We're a family friendly server, please respect that.

- The plugins that we use to handle Minecraft <-> Discord integration have all been updated.

- The plugins that we use to handle item soul binding has been fixed, we were having issues with the commands.
Note: {
New: Remote bind command with console support:
Consistency fix: bindInvItems now works with group bind registration strings
Command permission checks delegated to built-in spigot permission system
NEW: Group Binding. Works via commands or register string. See config file and command help info for usage.
Updated to 1.18, Java 17
misc. patches
Improved keepOnDeath compatibility with Essentials keepInv and other similar plugins.
Upgrade to 1.17 and Java 16. Older versions no longer supported.
Improved compatibility with inventory GUIs of other plugins.

- Kicked inactive Discord accounts (people who joined, never spoked, haven't spoken in the last 30+ days, and who have no role).
Note: If this was you, you're free to rejoin, just .. be active?

- 1MB 3.2.3 has been updated with a bunch of changes that help us run the server smoother.

- We noticed that the TOPG vote site switched to 'account required', something we obviously do not support.
Note: {
We have contacted TOPG, they have no interest in not gathering player data, so we waved them goodbye.
We've replaced TOPG with BUZZ, you can vote there now.
The forum link to TOPG has been replaced with BUZZ as well.
Updated the page https://omgboards.com/vote/vote-servers.php
Updated our voting plugins to forget about TOPG
Told other server owners to stop using TOPG unless they don't value their players' privacy.
The /vote list shows the correct data

- The plugins we use for the /builders world have been updated.
Note: {
fix: replace usages of snow tag (#3758)
Items no longer despawn on road when natural\_mob\_spawning = true and kill-road-items = false (#3764)
fix: use correct uuid type in `/grant` (#3759)
Don't allow wall corals to dry (#3746)
fix: Add user friendly message for creationdate placeholder (#3745)
perf: avoid quadratic overhead for UUID collection (#3749)
fix: improve handling of missing message files (#3718)
change message of `/p remove <player>` if player does not need to be removed (#3734)
Deprecate the static Permissions "util" class that is almost entirely superseded by methods in PermissionHolder instances themselves (#3695)
Revert "Adjust schematic height logic when pasting and actually set air as well #3681"(#3722)
This fix has been reverted in order to address a regression that prevents the creation of multi layer road schematics. Updating is advised
fix: Don't fail post processing compilation on non-ascii charmap(#3719)
Ignore cancelled projectile launch events(#3709)
Show old flag value in remove command (#3711)
Use single PlotListener instance (#3704)
Better handling of offline projectile shooters (#3705)
Adjust schematic height logic when pasting and actually set air as well (#3681)
Reset wall filling on clear (#3680)
Fix maximum plot number check in `/plot continue` counting the current plot twice (#3674)
Implement build height limits into more events (#3691)
Minor cleanup of the plot analyze code (#3708)
chore: Replace AnnotationHelper class (#3706)
refactor: replace usages of switch over keyed enums (#3673)
fix: Don't publish root directory to maven repository (#3676)
If you depend on that in your build files, you depend on the wrong artifact. Revisit the wiki to see which artifact to use.

- The Discord "!ip" command has been updated

- The Discord "!changelog" command has been updated

- server.properties updated motd=1MoreBlock.com 1.19.2 No-Grief Survival Server

- server.properties updated simulation-distance=6 (from 4 to 6)

- /motd updated to reflect latest 1MB 3.2.3 version

- 1mb-tip updated to say 3.2.3

- F3 branding changed to 1MB 3.2.3

- Server fully on 1.19.2, not rolling back to 1.19.1

- The plugins related to MMO have been updated.
Note: {
Updated plugins to latest version (#4817)
Dev mode
Mangrove trees are now properly marked natural from growth
Tree Feller now partially destroys trees if the whole tree is too big
Update changelog and version
Updated dependencies to fix hovering over subskills for 1.19.2 (#4814)
Update config.yml (#4809)
Revert "Players who used unarmed combat are still considered using unarmed while not holding weapons for a brief time period"
Allow mining benefits while using Hoe

- Java JVM bumped to 18.0.2's latest build for macOS, x86

- omgboards top notice for playing minecraft has been bumped to 1.19.2

- Reminder: We noticed players with region permissions to still break through walls when they can't enter a closed area. If it's not your build, don't break it, we do consider this grief. We've given warnings to the players involved. It's better to ask permission to access closed areas, rather than just breaking through walls.

- Updated the /spawn spawnpoint, especially the signs, they're showing the correct 1MB version and the correct Minecraft version.

- Updated the plugins related to holograms.
Note: {
Improve API Javadocs
Fix v2 VisibilityManager
Fix default settings using old custom placeholders

- The BentoBox gametypes plugins and addons have all been updated.
Note: {
BBOX itself, biomes, witchery, oneblock, cobblestone generator, challenges, limits, extramobs, dance to grow saplings, warps, likes, parkour, skyblock, acid, level, greenhouses, border, cave, skygrid, their individual changelogs are too much to post here.

- Plugins related to the placeholders that we use, papi, cmilib, cmi, etc, have all been updated.
Note: {
Updated Adventure
Update canned responses.
Bump to 2.11.3-dev
remove remaining colour shit and changed version so cube can release and we can be all happy and dandy
Remove wiki folder
Update Image link
Removed excess capitalisation
Fix PlaceholderExpansion may not unregistered
Improve expansion sorting in /papi dump
`Locale.ROOT` param
Change appended message for null jar array
Use stream to get size padding
Log missing required plugin for expansion
Make plugin check before register to avoid possible exceptions
Delete wiki action (Not needed)
Update bug_report.yml
Update old links
remove regex replacer & associated tests

- The Jobs plugin has been updated.
Note: {
Add config option for preventing enchantments on shop items (Gamer153)
Added option to translate potion effects, this includes effects on tipped arrows. Check translatableWords file for new entries.
Fixing issue relating to bossbar handling and rare error message being shown in console
Fix for quest progression detailed window not showing up to date information after plugin gets reloaded
Fix for issue relating to API when JobsJoinEvent was firing after player joined job, so canceling it had little effect
Fix for jobs.maxquest permission node not picking highest value but prioritizing jobs.maxquest.all permission node. Now we will pick highest value.
Fix for issue when creating MySQL database tables
Added option to require (enabled by default) for boosted items to be in more correct slots. This means that you cant have diamond sword in your head slot and get boosted item bonus, or have boots in your main hand and get one. Arm slots are limited to none armor items except shield, armor slots are limited to armor items which should match actual slot, so boots goes to boot slot, leggings to leg slot and so on. There is small exception for head slot which can have none armor items, but you cant have weapon and tool type items in it. This will prevent from players holding armor items in their hands to gain extra boost bonus instead of actually wearing them.
Should be up and running for 1.19 servers, don't forget to update CMILib
Removed redundant listener relating to mcMMO fishing which was causing double payments (smuddgge)
Fixing issue where chat entries would stop being recognized after /jobs reload command
Now locale file should support player display name. Use %playerdisplayname% variable instead of %playername%
Removed few locale lines which can be taken from CMILib locale file, just to centralize and simplify translations across multiple plugins. This is only for generic messages and not for plugin specific ones.
Fix for constant flood with brewing stands losing their payments after each hopper item transfer
Added option to disable information messages about disabled payments from owned blocks entirely, in case you dont want to bother showing those messages to the players. You can always double check if block is active and paying money to you by using /jobs ownedblocks
Fix for petpay with mythicmobs plugin
Some improvements relating to scheduler to more properly indicate when scheduler failed to be loaded in
Fix for you still being able to enchant boosted items in anvils when option is disabled. You can still repair item, but you can't enchant it.
Small internal change for batch payments which now is hard capped at 1 second as minimum. You should never go so low in any case, but this will generally prevent issues for someone who decides to go lower than this for one or another reason.
Fix for double plants bypassing block place/break protection.

- The plugins related to handling permissions on the server have been updated.
Note: {
Add healthcheck for standalone app
Fix Bukkit tab complete (#3449)
Fix Forge user data sometimes missing after switching worlds (#3447)
Fabric 1.19.1 (#3437)
Update dependencies for 1.19.1 support (#3440)
Forge 1.19 (#3397)
Change standalone image name
Implement standalone/cli app
Fix compile

- /wild "/wb" set to 4k, and "/minecraft:worldborder" set to 8k to match

- old 1.19.1 backups have been purged, last one is kept, and latest-last-before-upgrade to 1.19.2 is being moved to archive now.

- We have updated #events once in a while with weekend double, triple, and quad exp events. Don't miss out!

- My shell scripts have been updated to 1.19.2 and published to my Github repos

- Our 2nd inventory backup plugin has databases, the oldest database kept for once, but latest db has been archived, and new one has been created.

- By the way, players can connect with 1.19.1 to the 1.19.2 server.

- Headsup: welcomes update internal build has been beta tested with the developer, latest build has been received and testing will continue later this saturday, data import has been successful, new '/points' shop looks very dynamic and promising.

- Various perm tests and settings have been gone through for the 5 gametypes the last few days

- All gametypes now have top 5 islands listed at their /<gametype> spawn with a hologram. Go try and find them! Are you on the top 5?

- We noticed that player-heads dropping as steve heads, instead of the head they were on the wall.
Note: bug reported by @Nikki should now be fixed

- An announcement has been posted about summer mobs, and youtube video posted, and broadcast ingame done.

- Everybody who has reported screenshots of summer mobs in July and August have now received their trade items.

- Each world has a spawn now with a trade mob.

- Backups of 1.19.0 and 1.19.1 have been organized.

- Older backups that are just double-data have been purged now.

- Latest backup of 1.19.2 has been moved offsite as a precaution.

- limits on gametypes changed: furnace, blaster, smoker, = each 6 on next restart, and observer from 2 to 4.

- Added VivienneStardust to our team of community helpers!

- The plugins that we use the handle region protection in worlds, as well as anti grief stuff, has received various updates.
Note: {
Back to snapshot. Also update changelog
Release 7.0.8 beta 1.
Account for possible world nullability for Entity#getOrigin Location
Properly protect chest_boats as vehicles
Fix Report for Spigot based servers Bukkit.spigot
Check if InventoryHolder BlockState is placed. Closes #1903.
Tidy up Materials.java, added missing effect type, removed todo for paper only
Add Sculk Growth Flag and options to disable sculk growths
Plugin Version to 1.19, cleanup from Materials, added 1.19 Materials
Bumped versions: Minecraft to 1.19 and JDK 17
Fixed Typo in CommandException
Improvement and Cleanup Domain view for /region info * Don't suggest the uuids to the command line, copy them to the clipboard instead * Tidy up the hover events and added hints to copy uuids
Skip lookups on claim. Claim hasn't allowed user-input for ages, so no need to resolve anything.
Append OnlineMode server information to ServerReport
Default chest-protection.disable-off-check to true. Fixes #1890.
Handle all the amethyst growth. Fixes #1889.

- Grief rollback data older than 6+ months have been purged, well, the stuff at the end .. nearly 2 million records.
Note: Got griefed? Report it! The sooner you do, the more we can fix. We try to guarantee up to six months. So player regularly and keep an eye on your build. Got something you want to guarantee never getting griefed? Ask for region protection.

- cmi's filebackups/ folder has been purged, or rather, the content within. gave it a quick review, all validated content.

- moved some old plugin folders of plugins we no longer run into _tempUninstalledPlugins/ .. because we might return them at some point.

- purged cmi's /sell logs up until e whatever that month is aug last year.

- CMI's /money logs have been purged up until october first, and again, older backup should have older files, so techn we have it all anyway. gave it a quick review

- purged /logs/ from the 1mb server up until march 1st, gave them a quick review for certain exploit abuse, item duping related stuff, xray reports that i might have overlooked, players on fake accounts, botnet flood attempts, etc

- purged all old -dev- server setups for 1.19.x (anything that worked was moved to -test- builds)

- purged all old -test- server setups for 1.19.x (anything that was tested and worked, is already on 1MB 3.2.1's version and 1.19.1.

- cleaned up the ・changelog channel.

- deleted a bunch of closed tickets on discord

- reported private bugs from 1.19.1 to mojang that seem significant enough. hopefully they can fix them - we're reviewing manual patches atm.

- cleaned up old ✨・meet-and-greet images, will continue to do so, was falling behind, but hitting rate limits of discord.

- all 5 gametypes spawnpoints have a demo location for the cobble generator (design stil being finalized)

- all 5 gametypes spawnpoints now have the 6 villagers, and they're linked. (and cmi plugin has improvements to try and keep them linked)

- all 5 gametypes spawnpoints villagers stand on blocks, if the link disconnects, the block remains working as it's not an entity, players can click that too

- all 5 gametypes hspawnpoints ave at least a sign saying 'bored playing this gametype? try something else with /warps' or whatever it says

- all 5 gametypes spawnpointshave a 30lvl enchantment table somehwere and we've tested, it can be reached in all gametypes.

- thread updated: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- appended some text to our rules, basically saying that we now officially have changed our rules with some new info; https://omgboards.com/threads/community-rules-policies-and-guidelines.260946/post-776395

- published an announcement that the rules changed.

- updated this thread with the current situation/information: https://omgboards.com/threads/server-details-1moreblock-com-25565.260939/

- updated the what is next thread https://omgboards.com/threads/whats-next.260950/

- updated /motd to say the right versions

- updated the /menu command to respect empty and params provided input.

- updated server.properties to make sure the new 1.19.x 1.19.1 settings are behaving as expected

- added new route "play2" via tcpshield to the server, calling it shield in /ip

- updated existing route "play" via cosmicguard on their services, calling it cosmic in /ip

- reviewed networking route for main ip 1mb on my network devices, etc, calling it main in /ip

- added new /ip command, will update visually over time

- backup planb inventories sqlite3 database reset, starting fresh with 1.19.2

- uninstalled viaversion now that we're on 1.19.2 once signed chat works and we verify everyting with geyser and via works how i want it, we will gradually returning it.

- all gametypes have a spawn, and spawn building has been done, staff building on spawn has been done on most, and builders-group and up helping build has been done as well.

- added missing "island go" villager in /skyblock

- revamped the internals of gametype villagers

- /warp shops has woolshop in use again, vloop run out, they expired, and i've just restocked

- Updated the way "/staffmsg" looks.

- updated /wild villagers to be on the reinforced block and players can right click the block to use the villager; because their unique id keeps getting removed from the .YML file. blocks are more reliable.

- done the same for /oneblock spawn villagers

- done the same for /skyblock spawn villagers

- The plugins that we use to manage the mobs on the server have been updated.
Note: {
Fix for block placing limiter for 1.12 servers failing to determine correct highest block which was mostly relevant while placing none block type "blocks" like chests from top to bottom in single line without having any solid block above those.
Small update to add option to ignore disabled worlds in /mfm list command output incase you don't really want to see reports from your hub type worlds

- Skygrid didn't have a spawn, it has one.

- Oneblock didn't have a spawn, it has one now.

- Builders spawnpoint updated, with the help of Nikki.

- Acid and Cave also didn't have a spawn, they have one now as well.

- Bumped Hepcat from Helper to Admin, let's see if he sticks around to help to keep his title ;)

And more than a couple of dozen little changes here and there. But I forget to write it down.
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I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
September 6th, 2022:

Last Summer Update 2022, the rest will be minor maintenance.

- As the fall season creeps in, we're saying goodbye to the Summer Update for 2022, bigger todo items will be closed, deleted, or moved to other bigger scheduled updates. Of course, smaller daily maintenance will continue.

- We're going to use the last few days of the Summer to slowly prepare for the end of year events. Starting with Halloween.

- 1MB 3.2.x upgraded to 1MB 3.2.4

- Paper updated to the latest server engine build.

- CMI updated with general maintenance fixes, and tweaks to the CMI Portrals system

- CMILibrary updated for general maintenance.

- Java Virtual Machine updated to the latest maintenance release.

- The /wild border has been bumped to a radius of 5000, this means the world is now 10,000 blocks by 10,000 blocks.

- The /rtp inside /wild has been bumped, it will have a focus on the newer chunks, especially if you're not a new player.

- Signs at /spawn have been updated.

- The gametype engine has for things like /oneblock and /skyblock have been updated to be friendlier with 1.19.2

- We've moved away from the old world-border plugins, and are using a new forked release that has the focus on 1.19.x Bye bye legacy support.

- The plugins that we use to manage and generate chunks have all been updated.

- The in-game /motd (message of the day) is now saying the correct versions.

- 1MB Tip for the 1MB version is now showing the right version again.

- The server-list MOTD is now announcing our upcoming Halloween event.

- The [F3] branding is showing the latest versions again.

- The final backup of 1MB 3.2.3 with 1.19.2 has been made and moved offsite. Any local instances of this have been purged.

- A new manual backup of 1MB 3.2.4 of course has been made and also copied to an offsite drive as extra backup.

- All -dev- servers have been purged, anything that we tested that worked has been moved to any test server we had.

- All -test- servers have been purged. Anything that we tested and are okay with are now part of 1MB 3.2.4 as well as live on the -live- server.

- A new -dev- and -test- server have been generated.

- We've noticed timeouts with the Discord integration. We have no real control over this. But I've made sure we're on the latest snapshot so any known protocol issues are hopefully resolved.

- 42 weeks and over of rollback data has been purged, if you realise a grief after 41 weeks, we can't guarantee a resolve. So check now! And report in a timely manner. We try to guarantee 26+ weeks, soon we will purge 41 weeks and over. And then in a few weeks, 40+, etc.

- Chunk generation and re-generation support in FAWE has improved, so we've updated again.

- We had a bit of extended downtime today because I was cleaning up the Summer Update 2022 and finalizing things. The rest of the month things should restart within 30 to 45 seconds, there's no further scheduled downtime at the moment.

- The tests of the plugins that we use for the /halloween world seem promising. They seem to work, and we're updating what we have. We're excited to have a Halloween event again this year. Prepare your storage area in the main survival world, Because we got lots and lots of store to gift during trick and treating, and the ghost hunt.

- db `backup-InventorySaver-sqllite-from July 2nd 2022 to July 19th 2022.db` deleted

- db `backup-InventorySaver-sqllite-from July 19th 2022 to july 28th 2022.db` deleted

- db for plan-b inventory has been reset, keeping current as oldest

- Hotfixed a PyroFishingPro plugin to remove some debug msgs.

- Auto-modding for Discord has improved, we're doing the same as staff does, only automated.

- PyroFishingPro and the library have been updated to fix some serious bugs, and to further improve the fishing features on our server.

- The plugins related to NPC have been updated.

- The 1MB Fun bot has been updated, it should work a bit smoother now.

- The world protection plugins have been updated.

- The Wandering trader plugins have been updated. They're now more aware of what 1.19.2 is.

- Purged members from the Disocrd community that haven't spoken in 30+ days, that have no role, and didn't really talk since they've joined. We assume they're idle bots. If that's you, feel free to rejoin, participate and automatically get a role and you can avoid future kicks.

- Plugins that deal with the server side MOTD have been updated to better support the Paper 1.19.2 builds.

- More Youtube.com/mrfloris videos have been published, feel free to sub and comment.

- A client-side fix by Paper is live on our server, if you had random disconnects, hopefully this resolves that.

- World editing plugins have been updated to be friendlier towards 1.19.2

- The rollback data for /oneblock has improved, we can see more changes now.

- The /perk command has been updated, less buggy on 1.19.2

- We had some double, triple and quad xp events for jobs, mcmmo, or both, during various weeks in the last August month and weeks.

- mcMMO updated to the latest version in August.

- Add-ons used by Bentobox for the gametypes such as /oneblock, etc have been updated in the last couple of weeks to be friendlier with 1.19.2.

- And probably a lot more things that I've done, typo fixes here and there, but I forget to write it down.

The next maintenance thingies during the Summer season will be minor, and probably not included in changelogs.

The next big update is scheduled for the Fall season, I believe that starts the 22nd of September.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
September 28th, 2022:

Fall Season update #2 Fun & Limits

- 1MB Fun got an update, it now has 3 new modes. First to kill, break a block, or place a block will get a prize. The fun bot will auto start when enough players are online. And will work in all the worlds.
Note: It's early days, we're still tweaking things, certain questions or tasks are impossible; we're aware. But feel free to screenshot and report it in #support-tickets and we will deal with it. Thanks!

- 1MB 3.2.5 got updated to 3.2.6, including all the changes in this changelog, which are updates, changes, upgrades, improvements, etc since 21st of this month, and are live moving forward.

- Paper 1.19.2 has a new chunk system rewrite code base, we're using this now.

- We're sticking to Java 19, it's running fine it seems.

- The gametypes (like /oneblock, and /skyblock) have their limits bumped. We now have a year of data and player experiences to compare against, and it's time to bump things up.
Note: Basically each redstone component got bumped by 20% or doubled.
Note: Basically each unique mob type went from 4 to 6, or from 6 to 8.
Note: Villagers is now a max of 12, was 8 and 10 before.
Note: Mobs that have more types (donkey/horse, cow/mooschroom) remained the same.

- Temporary test/dev/build worlds have finally been archived, and removed from the -live- server. This should help with performance as we have less to load during startup and less to check while the server is running, and we have less chunks in memory, all that sorta stuff.

- As we get closer to the event months, we have been turning on and off Jobs and mcMMO boosters, expect more of that!
Note: The less players online, the lower the boosters, the more players online, the higher and longer the boosters.

- A manual and final backup of the server instance for 1MB 3.2.5 and Minecraft 1.19.2 has been made and moved to the local and remote backup sites.

- The company that gives us the Internet to run the server on has had maintenance announced on the 23rd, this has been done. We've noticed some random very short timeouts since. Freakin' annoying, we're aware. And are trying to isolate the issue. More changes were made locally today to exclude certain devices on the network from potentially causing this. Hopefully this is resolved soon.

- The emoji from the old team members have now been cleaned up.

- The new team members have their Discord emoji now. You can all use them!
Note: Thank you greymagic27

- Purged inactive Discord members who have not spoken for 30+ days and who have no roles. We assume they're idle bots. If you got kicked, feel free to rejoin and participate.

- Duplicate emoji have been identified and thrown into the lava.
Note: Thank you greymagic27

- The /run game had broken placeholders in the hologram. This has now been fixed.

- /charlie the pinata has been updated, we are super ready to wake him up from his one year hibernation sleep and have him be active on the server again when you're all voting.

- The plugins that helps us run the /run game, are all updated.

- New announcements have been published in the #announcements Discord channel.

- The Discord #polls channel has a handful of new polls with questions for the community.
Note: Please vote! We're about to make changes to the server and your vote can help guide those changes.

- The 1MB Summer Boss Traders are slowly disappearing from all the world spawns.

- The CMI plugin has had various quality of life tweaks that help us better manage the server.

- Merged more pull-requests on Github, thank you all for your contributions.

- The plugins that we use for the /builders world have been updated.

- The "perm world" sign at the /wild and /general spawn now says "survival world"
Note: Over time these extra bits of info will disappear completely.

- Variety of pages on my Github repo have been updated to be more current. (This never ends haha)

- We say a massive thank you to Hepcat who has helped us on the team in the past, but due to having less time lately and with busy times ahead I had to demote my friend for now and make space for others. Once Hepcat knows he has free time again to help more frequently we're inviting him back in straight away again.

- Catching fish values, entropy, and fish exp values. have all been bumped up a bit. They felt too nerfed.

- The world editing tools have been updated to their latest 1.19.2 versions.

- The world protection tools have been updated to their latest 1.19.2 development builds.

- The API we use that connects all the plugins' placeholders has been bumped to the latest dev build.

- DiscordSRV went stable, and now we just bumped it to the latest snapshot builds again.

- The plugins we use to deal with NPC on the server received an update.

- Some internal tools like Spark and Chunky were all updated to better support the latest versions.

- All the plugins that we use to deal with the crazy amount of server, groups, ranks, and player permissions have been updated.

- The 1MB shell scripts have been bumped to support Java 19.

- The plugin we use as a backup for inventories has been updated, we started a new database. The oldest backup of this database is now perm deleted. And the latest is kept. The current database is now archived too. We're starting fresh.

- The plugin that we use for /oneblock had an update, those issues are fixed now.
Note: Known issues, newer saplings can't be danced to! We're looking into it.

- Discord now has a new feature called Forum-Discussions, we've set up a few channels, starting with "Suggestions". Feel free to start a new topic and we will gladly discuss it.

- The Giants are marching their way to the new worlds. October they will arrive. Stay tuned! They come with minions, so watch out.

- A post "looking for discord expert" has been published (volunteer).

- A post "looking for creator / streamer " has been published (paid).

- We've expanded our Appeals options. You now have to use the Discord Appeals channel. You can now appeal, kicks, bans, temp bans, sanctions on the account, jails, etc. That you think were done incorrectly.
Note: This used to be done through the forums, it's now on Discord.

- A post "looking for a artist" for Discord emoji and stickers (paid) has been posted.

- Info about the Mojang vanilla cape has been published.

- A post "looking for builds" has been published (volunteer)

- Some old archived Discord channels that only the owners have access to are now purged.

- A new Mojang JIRA bug channel is added to Discord, it's private for the team. But I'd mention it anyway.

- The anti-grief rollback data has been purged if it was older than 40 weeks, we will soon do 38+

- Heads-up: EVENTS
Note: October: Spooky October Month; keep an eye on #events on Discord.
Note: October: Halloween weekend at the end of the month.
Note: November: Thanksgiving near the end of the month.
Note: December: Daily Advents and Christmas throughout the month.

- Heads-up: SUITS
Note: We're going to introduce some suits throughout October to January, they will be obtainable through events only, points only, or some shop only. Maybe some only through voting. Keep an eye out!

- Heads-up: MMO
Note: We're going to update our MMO on the server, appending to what we already have. More things to gather while you play, giving you some cool little perks like "with enough knowledge earned, you can turn on the feature where items you mine to go straight into your inventory" .. stuff like that. MORE SOON

- Removed `--add-modules=jdk.incubator.vector` from our startup params.

- Username History is cached temporarily, it's no longer stored long-term. Yay privacy laws.
Note: this is a response to Mojang removing it from their public API.

Oh, and pff, I've done loads more, but I dont' always write it down. If you read all of this and want a reward for reading a changelog. Go into the game and type: /mail send mrfloris READ THE CHANGELOG 598598291


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Jan 1, 2001
October 12th, 2022:

Catching up on the changelogs.

- Reminder: The October "Halloween events" are live, don't miss out.

- Reminder: The polls are live on Discord, you can help choose upcoming changes to the server.

- Reminder: The giveaways are live on Discord, you can still participate and win some goodies.

- Updated the events thread on the forum here, so people who don't use Discord can still find the information.

- Updated the welcome message when a player logs in that the events are live, and that the forum and discord have the details.

- Updated the /event command.

- Updated Paper to the latest version.

- Updated the plugins that we use to (pre)generate the chunks in certain worlds.

- Updated the Discord <-> Minecraft integration plugins that helps us communicate through different communities.

- Plugins related to holograms on the server have received a bump in version to better support 1.19.2

- mcMMO has been updated, and further MMO changes are coming, we're testing these internally.

- The client "server list" has been updated, it will now also mention Halloween month has started.

- The plugins to manage the /run game, including world management, have been updated.

- The extra plugin that we use to backup inventories, including enderchests, has received a bit update.

- The plan-b inventory backup plugin had the oldest databases purged, and organized.

- Charlie is back! You can find the pinata at /warp charlie, to see when he's there just type: /charlie
Note: Once charlie has been defeated, a loot box with random items will spawn on the beacons. Over time we will add more and more loot boxes that will auto refill.

- The feature that lets you bottle your exp has received a quality of life update, you can find it now at /warp enchant as always, but now also directly through /warp storeexp, you can use dragon breathe bottles and right click to pay to store your exp. Handy before pvp fights! The plugins that we use to make this happen also received an update.

- The /rtp features have received a maintenance update, making sure certain world borders are respected, and newer land is found.

- The plugins that we use to edit the worlds, including FAWE, have been updated. Speeding up some other plugins on 1.19.2 as well. Yay less lag.

- The issue with disappearing NPC villages has be... well, it should be resolved now.

- Internal analysing plugins have received a version bump.

- The doors and containers locking plugin has been updated, hopefully without issue. Please do report issues!

- The server engine paper had loads of updates since our last changelog, we've been keeping current.

- Buggy halloween plugin that caused lag spikes has been replaced by a more efficient one. Stay safe!

- 4x per month for 30 minutes, within 30 minutes heads-up ingame on #events in discord, Fishing tournament will start

- 4x per month for 1 hour - within 30 minutes headsup ingame and on #events in discord, mcMMO 3x booster will start

- 4x per month for 1 hour - within 30 minutes headsup ingame and on #events in discord, JOBS 3x booster will start

- scheduled dates are for october, might change in november:
Fishing: 1,7,14,21
MMO: 2,8,15,22
jobs: 3,9,16,23

- Testing for Halloween weekend went well, we will at least have the ghost hunt and the door trick/treating features. Other stuff will probably be there as well, but due to unexpected dentist visit that went kinda wrong, I am at home in pain rather than enjoying testing features. We shall see!

- There was left over debug test in the no permission message. I've fixed that. Thank you for reporting!

- The /kits command now shows a new fall season box, get it before winter starts!

- New Halloween only recipe is available to players, see #events on how to craft a cracked diamond.

- all team members and bots have received their :jack_o_lantern: prefix on Discord.

- manual backup made of the wholllleee server dir, every single file. Manually, and moved to offsite location.

- view distance bumped from 7 to 8

- simulation distance bumped from 7 to 8

- The /warp slime area was a failure, but, we finally had 15 minutes to throw something together. Go have a look!

- Multiple new shops have started selling things, thanks merchants! Check /warp shops

- The bentobox plugin and it's addons have been bumped (recently) to their latest builds. Loads of new changes.
Note: we're also testing an even newer build internally.

- The plugins that we use to deal with permissions, including luckperms itself, have been updated to their latest builds.

- Maintenance update to the CMILib and CMI plugin.

- The plugins we use for /builders have been updated, enjoy!

- Issue with giveaways from the event (on Discord) not automatically ending, has finally appear to have been resolved. yay.

- Dancing to grow trees in the gametype worlds like skyblock and oneblock has received more updates, Let us know if you notice any further issues.
Note: secret changelog: We're expanding this feature to do more things (more info soon!)

- new discord role 'warden tamer' added, requires mee6 91 level to reach.

- Some known issues with the 1MB Fun bot are resolved now, if you spot more, report them in a new ticket on our Discord pls

- The /perks plugin (that players can't use, but some are in /points etc) has been updated.

- The plugins that we use to process voting have all been updated! We're ready for the next round of 1MB Voting updates, major updates coming, we're going to introduce them step by step, first, make /charlie come back, then, make the plugins all play nice together, then .. well, keep reading future changelogs to find out.

- The old /spooky command was fixed.

- The /event command was messy, I've tried to clean it up a bit.

- A Halloween event bossbar will appear once in a while during this month to inform players that it's a scary month to play.

- We've had various super high 3x, 5x, 6x, .. boosters for jobs & mcmmo this month, more to come!

- Giants roam the worlds. Stay safe my friends.

- We had some annoying timeouts - hopefully after hitting the network devices with some sticks and pouring water on them, this is now resolved.

- Gametypes: gold level tier on gametype-generator set to 2 from 1, for dirt, and added sand, set it to 2 as well.

- Signs at /spawn were updated.

- It's now possible for players in the top 8 of /oneblock to expand their island, /expand oneblock, to get started

- An issue where some players would randomly get kicked due to the new chat changes, .. well, this is hopefully fixed now.

- team members emotes have been udpated again,
* removed old ones (hep/em/glo)
* added new ones (see screenshot)
:greymagic27: :mrcrazyman02: :nikkipixel: :viviennestardust:

- Summer bosses have been removed from most spawns, if you spot one, let us know!

- Some duplicate emotes have been removed from the Disocrd server. And a couple have been renamed.

- And loads and loads more changes here and there. Thank you all for playing and contributing to our servers, from playing to reporting issues.

More spooky stuff soon!


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Jan 1, 2001
October 20th, 2022:

Maintenance during event month, what could go wrong.

- Updated Java19 to the latest recommended version.

- Updated my shell scripts to support this latest Java version.

- Updated Paper to the latest build, patched it to play nice with the latest 1MB version.

- 1MB 3.2.x updated from latest to current internal build "for reasons"

- The /rtp command should have less client-lag due to the way particles are handled now.

- The plugins we use in /builders have been updated to better support 1.19.2 items, and also to be more forward supportive, so 1.19.3 and 1.20 should hopefully "just work", making upgrades easier.

- CMILib has been updated, fixing a few things (yay for my commands, they can get updated now)

- CMI has been updated, fixing handling of commands of all sorts.

- Some chat msgs showing malformed should be addressed with this update.

- Kicked out some (probably bots) accounts off of the Discord community server, they weren't particularly family friendly.

- We once announced that we were going to look into adding Chat-preview from the new 1.19.x chat features, but we had heard rumors it might go away, we got confirmation on this. So we will not be adding chat-preview.

- Deleted closed-tickets on Discord.

- Closed some open-tickets on Discord that were 'done'.

- The plugin handling the plots in /builders has been updated.

- The world editing plugins have all been updated.

- Dentist pulled my tooth, *cries*

- Citizens plugin that deals with NPC has been updated. Including some configuration changes. Hopefully this now means less villagers disappearing.

- Cleaned up the CMI startup process. Boosting start-up performance by quite a %

- The backup-inventory plugin's databases have been cycled again. Starting fresh, purging oldest, creating a new backup .. etc.

- The Discord integration plugin had a new snapshot, we bumped that.

- About 4 million records have been purged from the roll-back option. We try to guarantee 25 to 26 weeks of roll-back data. We've been purging records older than 40 weeks or so.
Note: As always, the more often you check for grief, the sooner you might spot it. The sooner you report it to us, the more guarantee we can give you that we help fix it.

- Discord #giveaways are 50% done, and all dealt with. Enjoy your xp, coins, loot, prizes, etc. The other 50% will soon be dealt with. You can still participate!

- Github's customalias/ folder has been synced, so @MrCrazyMan02 can go through it for potential updates.

- New internal commands have been created to better assist us with our custom commands.

- Further improvements made to /charlie, and the 2nd lootbox is live!

- New stickers have been added to our Discord community server!

- The boosters have been added, started, expired, etc. They get announced in #events during October.

- Chests are now scary during October, you can open it and a ghost flies out.

- Scary pumpkins are now live as well, you can punch a jack o lantern or a pumpkin to hear weird noises.

- Charlie's thread on the forum has been updated.

- Removed deprecated /votellama command, you can use /charlie

- A bug with /sethome has been addressed. Thankfully I haven't seen someone abuse it. So nobody got banned.

- More testing has been done with MINING update, MMO update, SPAWNERS update, and WELCOME POINTS update.

- Increased auto-save feature of the server, more risk of data loss when we go down. But it's like a minute. And history shows we've always had the data. So should be fine.

- Tournaments and boosters that are on a schedule will now be announced via 1MB Tip as well. Up to the players to actually read the chat.

- Daily clearing of mobs and ground cleaning now has a visual heads-up, Instead of doing it quietly.

- And a bunch more tweaks here and there.

Whooo can't wait for 1.19.3 and 1.20. Exciting changes. We're already testing world conversions and figuring out stress-points and reporting bugs to Mojang.


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Jan 1, 2001
October 23rd, 2022:

Fighting new Paper Chunk-Rewrite System lag spikes

- Paper had a patch thankfully that looks promising and could help with those weird little lag spikes when it flushes chunks to disk.

- Updated the PyroFishingPro plugin (and library) to re-add the /fish bag, as well as fix another potential exploit, along with handful of other maintenance updates.

- I've cleaned up some content from various Discord channels.

- Update the Discord "auto role picker" embed to have fancy new buttons.

- Permission-related plugin got updated, moving it from an old database type to a newer one.

- All the giveaways (except for Nitro) have ended now, and almost everybody received their rewards.

- Uploaded and published a little Halloween scary mobs youtube video.

- Updated the #events channel on Discord and the thread on the Forums

- The NPC plugin got updated again.

- The World editing plugins got updated again.

- More Halloween event features are now live. Scary stuff!

- Loads of new Emoji added to Discord, have fun!

- Halloween Candy bot added to #offtopic in Discord

See you all online, so you don't miss out on the fun we're all having.


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Jan 1, 2001
November 1st, 2022:

Short changelog to announce a few things - a more detailed changelog will include all the stuff since the previous one and upcoming changes.

- SpookyScary October month has ended, which means all the plugins have been uninstalled, things have been cleaned up, commands have been updated, etc.

- People who were still in /halloween have been forcefully moved to /spawn. Those who we couldn't move well eh .. well, we will find out. Contact us if there were issues.

- The Halloween weekend has ended, I hope you all have fun. We've uninstalled the world and cleaned things up.

- NOTE TO SKYBLOCK AND ONEBLOCK PLAYERS: If you played this weekend, contact mrfloris ^_^ Let's chat!

- 1MB has been bumped from 3.2.7 to 3.2.8

- Headsup: Thanksgiving is the 24th, more details will follow, but we will have an event at least on the 24th. Turkey Hunt!


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Jan 1, 2001
December 19th, 2022:

This is it for 2022.

- I am behind a few weeks on pushing the info from #team to the public changelog, but it's mainly cleaning up after the Halloween event, informing people we had the Thanksgiving event, and that the Christmas event has started.

- Don't forget to check out /santa

- We're testing 1.19.3, and we will try to upgrade after the event.

- The Fall Season Update for 2022 is really really over now, and tomorrow the Winter Season Update 2022 starts.

- Maybe the next changelog for 2023 will be more of a global summary with the most important changes, leaving out some of the technical details. Maybe we will also update a bit less frequently.

Thank you all for reading these changelogs, I hope it helps players get a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors. And see you all in 2023.
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