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Minecraft Changelog 2023


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
We will be using this thread moving forward for 2023.

Thank you all for keeping track of what is going on with the 1MoreBlock.com Minecraft server in previous years. We're going to continue this in 2023 one way or another.

You can find the older 2022 thread here: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-changelog-2022.263788/
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
December 31st, 2022:

The end of the 2022 events, and the start of 1MB 3.2.10 on Minecraft 1.19.3

- Shutting the server down for 1MB 3.2.9, with Minecraft 1.19.2

- Manually backing up the full server directory and all databases, alongside the automated one

- Manually moving the made backup to the external drive as a final backup for 1MB 3.2.9, with Minecraft 1.19.2, for 2022.

- Merging all -dev- servers (the parts that were successful during testing) to the -test- servers.

- Purged all -dev- servers, and preparing a new -dev- server for 1MB 3.2.10, with Minecraft 1.19.3

- Merged all -test- servers (the parts that were successful during testing with live data) to the new -test- environment.

- Creating a new -live- data clone to the new -test- environment for final testing

- Creating a new -live- environment in preparation of a successful upgrade from 1MB 3.2.9 to 1MB 3.2.10, with Minecraft 1.19.3 for 2023.

- Cleaning up the ・server-chat channel.

- Slightly updated the ・schedule channel so it's more up to date and ready for 2023.

- Updated the ・events channel to let everybody know the December Christmas Event has now ended.

- Removed The456Gamer from the team until they have time again to be more active more frequently. Thank you so much for everything you've done so far. You're an awesome person, hopefully you get loads of free time and come back.

- Moved the internal "logging" of Discord, Minecraft, Github and Mojira to it's own category (easier for the team members)

- Split up some of the internal "team" channels into their own category with multiple channels (easier for the team members)

- Closed and deleted some older/stale/finished ・ticket-support player-made tickets. At any time, please feel free to open a ticket with the staff if you have questions!

- Started to use the ・hype channel for publishing media content. Moving it out of the other channels. Throughout 2023 we will make more changes to improve on this.

- Cleaned up the ・announcements channel. Keeping the more accurate and current or important bits of info.

- We officially have removed schematica and litematica off of our lists, it IS now (unofficially) allowed. Note please that auto-placing blocks or 'printing' is 100% automation and results in a perm-ban.

- Purged 8 million records of rollback data from the databases. We have the data backed up, but we won't have access to it on the -live- servers. This data was data older than 40 weeks. We try to guarantee up to 6 months of rollback data - assuming players who care about their builds check it at least twice a year. The next purge is scheduled for January, which will be 38+ weeks and over. Likely another 3 million records. So please check your builds, report grief within a timeline manner and we can review it. If you are an active player and worry about your pretty base, reach out to me and I can region protect it, then grief is not possible.

- Updating the Operating Systems and Firmwares on the devices the server(s) run on and restarting accordingly, reviewing network settings afterwards.

- Updated JVM packages to jdk-19.0.1.jdk latest release.

- Purged JVM builds for 19.x that were not that build.

- Purged JVM builds for 11.x, 16.x, 17.x that weren't the latest. Kept latest.

- Purged Caches and Logs on Routers, Bridges, Modems, Switches, and OS devices.

- Purging Trash bins .. since it has 173 gb

- Backed and removed up the Christmas plugins.

- Made sure the Thanksgiving/ world no longer autoLoads when we start the server. (keeping santa until I force move players).

- Backed up the inventory logs backup-InventorySaver-sqllite-from nov 27th 2022 to December 31st, 2022.db

- Started a new inventory logs database

- Purged the oldest backup from the -live- server backup-InventorySaver-sqllite-from november 12th 2022 to nov 27th 2022.db

- Updated 1MB Tip to 1MB 3.2.10 / MC 1.19.3

- Updated /motd to say imgtext:{#Lochmara} »&2 1MoreBlock {#Feijoa} 3.2.10 for Minecraft 1.19.3

- Updated F3's Name branding to say - '&6&l1MoreBlock.com&r&6 v3.2.10 on 1.19.3&r'

- Removed Event branding from ServerListing MOTD

- Removed {#af00cc}&l Daily December Advent! &r{#af00cc} {#orange}/santa from /motd

- Updated the /events commands to be current

- Updated 1MB-minecraft.sh to 1MB 3.2.10 / MC 1.19.3

- Got the latest Paper server-engine from the official site, patching it now with 1MB 3.2.10's latest .patch stuff.

- Sourcing latest plugin releases.

- Turned on Maintenance Mode so players can't join during testing

- Starting the -live- server with Initial upgrade and data test in maintenance mode (you can't join)

- 1MB 3.2.9 to 3.2.10 update has been completed.

- Server engine 1.19.2 to 1.19.3 upgrade has been completed.

- Plugins have been sourced, patched, and reviewed (from startup/console/shutdown). Pending in-game testing.
Known issues: 1 plugin doesn't work on 1.19.3, poked the developer, and we have 1 datapack startup issue due to OS incompatibility. Reviewing.

- Starting the -live- server with the upgraded data and latest live-data, in maintenance mode. Reviewing features in-game before creating a snapshot of the server and opening the beta up to the public.

- Worldborder for /wild has been expanded from 5000 to 7500, making it 15,000 blocks wide in a square. We are Not pre-generating the chunks. First-entry will be tad slower.

- Plugins have been tested ingame.
Known issues: /perk doesn't work, and HeadDisplay doesn't work.

- Added connectivity support for 1.19.2

- Players left in /santa have been forcefully moved to /spawn

- Removed the remaining npc and gifts that weren't picked up from /santa

- Unloaded the /santa world, it will return in 2023.- Dec 1st.

- Updated /spawn signs to reflect new versions.

- Merged the -dev- upgrade test data to -test-.

- Merged the -test- upgrade test that succeeded to -live-.

- Starting the -live- server.

- Turned off Maintenance Mode. Players can join. Hopefully without issue.

- Tested the vote-sites, they still work, and pay out.

And that means we're back online and you can join and come play again. I hope you all had fun in 2022.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 2nd, 2023:

Catching up on older todo items, and finally processing #polls - Welcome to 2023 !

- Winter Update 2022 (part 1 stuff):

- Gametypes have been updated, you can now dance on your island near your farms, and it won't just grow your trees, it grows all of this! Go check this out:
  # Toggles if dancing will affect saplings. This includes:
  #  oak_sapling, spruce_sapling, birch_sapling, jungle_sapling, acacia_sapling,
  #  dark_oak_sapling, mangrove_propagule, azalea, flowering_azalea, bamboo.
  grow-saplings: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect crops. This includes:
  #  wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroots.
  grow-crops: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect pumpkins and melons.
  # Dancing near sapling will force-grow pumpkin/melon near stem.
  grow-pumpkin-melon: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect cactus and sugarcane.
  # Dancing near cactus/sugarcane will grow it by 1 level. Max level is still 3.
  grow-cactus-sugarcane: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect mushrooms.
  # Dancing near brown and red mushroom will allow it to grow.
  # Huge mushroom requirements still must be met.
  grow-mushrooms: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect fungus.
  # Dancing near warped and crimson fungus will allow it to grow.
  # Large fungus requirements still must be met.
  grow-fungus: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect warped and twisted wines.
  grow-nether-vines: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect vines and glow lichen.
  grow-vines: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect tall flowers.
  # It means that tall flowers will drop their item, like using bone meal.
  grow-tall-flowers: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect sea pickles.
  # Sea pickles requirements still must be met.
  grow-sea-pickles: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect kelp and large drip leaf.
  grow-kelp-drip-leaf: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect chorus flower.
  # Dancing near chorus flower will force it to grow in full chorus tree.
  grow-chorus-flower: true
  # Toggles if dancing will affect sweet berries and glow berries.
  # Dancing near berries will produce berries.
  grow-berries: true
View: https://youtu.be/zxmEE8zPoRA

- Are you in the group BUILDER or higher, do we have a surprise for you. Check out the /builders world in /letmebuild (creative mode) .. You will notice a fancy newly organized creative menu in 1.19.3

- The /wild worldborder has been expanded from 5000 to 7500, offering a 15,000 wide (on all sides) world, with loads of new untouched and ungenerated chunks to explore and build bases on.
Here's a little video to show just a couple of them -
View: https://youtu.be/Xx--OcKfn58

- **The */points* shop is taken offline**, but shall return. You can still collect points.
2023 point system:
* pointy fish when eaten still give the same amount of points and this wont change.
* joining default points is brought down from 3 to 2.
* first time of the day bonus points are brought down from 6 to 5.
* Bonus now stacks on top of what you get, so first greeting actually earns you 7 now total.
* For now, points earned by voting remain the same, this might change.
* The legacy 2022 items from the shop will return, some point values might slightly change, if so, we will inform you in the changelog
* The new 2023 items from the shop will be listed in various categories for easy finding.
* suggestions for points? open a new #・ticket-support and post your suggestion(s) this IS the time to do that.
More about this update soon.

- Given the top 3 richest Discord-coin users an extra 50,000 coins for their hard work in 2022 grinding those coins. Go spend them!
If you also want to earn Discord-coins to save up for some fun Discord/Minecraft items you can exchange them for, then check out #・discord-coins 's pinned msgs.

- Please note that in 2022 we've had a #・polls requesting if the community wanted to have /back AND /dback (death back), the response was overwhelming. It's now 2023, and all players have /dback added as a command.
If you die, your /back might bring you to your previous teleported location that might not be the death one. To go back to where you died last in the game, even if you have teleported around a few times, you can use /dback.
For now, there's no cooldown and/or warmup added, this might change in the (near) future.

- Players who haven't been on the server in over two years, will no longer show in the top for playertime, nor baltop. The playtime top shows in a hologram at /spawn somewhere. And the balance top can be viewed by typing /baltop.

We actually really want to focus on active players, so this is one of a few steps to achieve that. Last year we're started purging perm banned (without option to appeal) players from certain top lists. This year we started purging 0 level users and inactive for x years from mcMMO, next could be Jobs. But for now, we're going to set (at least visually) inactive players to not show in balance-, and player top lists.

Once they re-join and become active, their OLD values will of course still be there and continue to update. And they start showing again. We had an overwhelming yes vote on this in #・polls in 2022, and now in 2023 this is active.

The period is set to 730 days (2 years). But this might change in the future.

- Snowman trails should appear on the next server restart in /general and /wild in the `_global_` region (you can check with /here). The global world protection flag is also set from true to false (and will no longer disable this unless a region flag specifically controls it). This is a result from the community voting in #・polls

- The community voted in #・polls to keep certain other settings and features as they currently are, so no changes there. But i've still reviewed them. Making sure it's currently as we want. New polls coming in 2023 !!

- Cleaned up the polls channel.

- Another Winter Update 2022 change (yes, winter continues in 2023) .. SCULK GROWTH
Please note that the global setting for sculk growth prevention is changed from true to false, allowing sculk to grow and spread in all regions, except where it's specifically disabled.
- In the /general world, the `_global_` region does not allow Sculk growth.
- In the /wild world, the `_global_` region does not allow Sculk growth.
- Note that in other regions that means it can grow. If it doesn't in Your owned region(s), but you specifically want it to, please feel free to reach out to us and request the flag to be set to true.

- Update; Owners of their own region can type /here, and then click region flags, and toggle allow|deny for the Sculk-Growth flag.

- Uninstalled the old /points shop

- Installed the new /points pro shop

- Users from old shop have been imported into the new shop, except for users with 0 points.

- Default /points opening gui has been created, with a legacy category that's next to be configured so we have at least the old items.

- The alias /points has been updated to not run the gui shop, but instead it now says that the shop is temporarily closed.

- Made a start for trying to simplify / automate announcing player-group changes.

- Updated the PyroFishingPro plugin to fix the crabmas disabling.

- Inactive players will no longer show in the top for playtime. Upped from 0 to 730. (2 years)

- Inactive players will no longer show in the top for balance. Upped from 0 to 730. (2 years)

- disable-snowman-trails: false is now active, changed from true to false.

- Checked /general, made sure in `_global_` it's set to ALLOW for the flag

- Checked /wild, made sure in `_global_` it's set to ALLOW for the flag

- For now, ignoring all other worlds, assuming the global setting from true to false will inherit. Based on player-feedback we can tweak live through /here > flags > page 2.

- We can now finally roll-back sculk grief.

- The /points gui has been updated to be at least working. The items for sale are set to enabled: false, so I can test as admin, but players can't accidentally 'waste' their items if they find out they can use /welcomes shop, over /points.

- The /points menu button now work, the economy prints the placeholder ingame, the back to /menu now opens it as a console command to run "/menu", and the more info now opens the cmi ctext points txt file as a book. It has some basic info - which we need to expand on (but that's another todo item).

- The CMI repo on my mrfdev github page has been bumped to the now live version.

- Updated the Discord !event command

- Updated the Discord !ip command

- Updated the Discord !staff command

- Owners of their own region can type /here, and then click region flags, and toggle allow|deny for the Sculk-Growth flag.

- Purged all older 3.2.9.x backups from the offsite backup solution. Except of course the last one.

- Made a manual backup of the current 3.2.10 -live- server

- Purged the -test- servers I made to help upgrade from 1.19.2 to 1.19.3

- Purged the -dev- servers I made to help upgrade from 1.19.2 to 1.19.3

- Upgraded Paper to latest build to fix potential issue with skin layers.

- Reported exception errors and plugin issues from 1.19.3 to developers, they're look into solutions.

- Updated the /fish plugin, it had some more bugfixes.

- Moved all the 2022 files from /logs/ into /logs/_2022/ and purged all the logs older than 2022-06-01 (so we only have six months of server log data on the live server) Note that older backups probably have older logs (for now)

- Moved all the 2021 files from /plugins/cmi/moneylogs/ into /plugins/cmi/moneylogs/_2021, and did the same for 2022. We will review 2021 one more time and then purging the whole of 2021.

- Moved all the 2021 files from /plugins/cmi/selllogs/ into /plugins/cmi/selllogs/_2021, and did the same for 2022. We will review 2021 one more time and then purging the whole of 2021.

- Purged the content of #server-chat

- Updated the chunks in /easter/ world to 1.19.3 and found no issues, exported the world, and archived it. Unloading it from the server on start. Purged the older backups of this world that I could find. (offsite backups still have a copy)

- history thread updated (first post, appended last post summery)

- compressed /thanksgiving/ and prepped the purge. archive only moving forward

- compressed /santa/ and prepped the purge, archive only moving forward

- the /santa command is now loading /event

- the /rtp for wild has been updated; moved away from its spawn a bit.

- my instagram posts and twitter posts now go to #hype .. if i did that right.

- twerking trees replaced with FARM DANCE, details in #changelog and video to show it off;
View: https://youtu.be/zxmEE8zPoRA

- server upgraded to 1.19.3, announcement published, changelog shared

- changelog 2022 reconfigured to use the new thread, new thread tested, it's posting to the right channel

- Discord bot logging changed from old discord logs 2022 to new discord logs 2023 channel

- Reminder: the /fish events crabmas is still active in the first week of January.

- The #giveaway channel has been archived

- Cleaned up more nameplates from Halloween, less people should show up with them now. This perk is expiring.

- The lootboxes at /warp charlie aren't there right now, known issue, it won't be long until those return.

- Plugins have been bumped to 1.19.3 since their latest upgrade to .3, some had bug fixes.

- During the last changelog and the upgrade to 1.19.3, we've kept plugins current and active, in preparation to the .3 update.

- The Veteran group isn't visible, but we're making changes and taking names. It's an active and ongoing process.

- fixed known issue with cache of player skin being a problem.

- 1MB Fun bot updated. We will try to make it run more often, but shorter.

- Banned users who have been caught xraying in 2022. We've finished reviewing the list: stop cheating.

- Unbanned some users from our ban list that can earn a second chance.

- fixed cloudflare issue causing 503 responses on update sites

- Plugins related to the voting features have all been updated so they work together a bit nicer.

- We had a great Holiday season event, this has now all ended and cleanedd up. If you however still believe you are owed something, please do feel free to poke me (best way is to make a new #ticket-support issue)

- New Discord Emoji and Stickers have been added to the server.

- We've made 1MB 3.2.9 in 2022 live, it's now completely replaced with 3.2.10 and we're cleaning up behind the scenes so we dont have legacy stuff floating around

- New Routing hardware installed (phase 1)

- Jobs has been updated, we're now using the latest feature fixes live.

- Removed my 'offline todo list' from Discord, black friday is over and December is over. My offline app is ready so i can use that instead again.

- fixed !rankup link on Discord, tnx greymagic27

- Purged 5 members with no role in November/December 2022 from Discord, they haven't been active for 30+ days, had no roles, etc. They're free to rejoin if they're active players on the server.

- Fixed some issues with custom alias commands, through updating CMI/CMILib, thanks Zrips

- Updated the kit new players get when they join the server,
* they get a money-cheque for $250 that has lore info about /balance, /warp shops, etc.
* the msg they get when they receive it is using modern commands and hex colors
* the conditions have been removed to avoid conflict
* it's no longer obtainable again and again
* delay is set to 1 hour, instead of 12 hours
* obtainable a max of a handful of times. (surely after 5 hours they no longer need it)

- Updated the "/charlie" command.
* matched the style a bit to other commands
* unified the colors a bit

- updated the "/clock" command
* no longer using deprecated placeholders
* visualize it a bit better
* added support for weather
* added ob/sb worlds
* moved away from some legacy colors

- disocrd changed enough in the last year that the ---- 1moreblock.com ---- role is obsolete for the visual fun. removed it.

- final backup of 1mb 3.2.7 made and moved to external drive

- new backup of 1mb 3.2.8 made, and moved to external drive

- halloween world uninstalled, backed up of course

- plugins and data related to halloween 2022 backed up to the forums, and drive

- halloween related features uninstalled and changed, etc.

- 1mb 3.3.x -dev- *last month
* moved everything that works and we decided upon to 3.2.latest -test-

- 1mb 3.2.latest -test-
* checked and tested everything, cleaned up code, and tested again, bumped master branch / merged, etc.
* moved everything that's okay to 3.2.8 -live-

- 1mb 3.2.8 (current) on -live-
* next restart will be 3.2.8 running live, post-halloween event
* thread bumped: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- Thank you all for contributing to the recent fall season events, all players for playing, all regulars for inviting their friends and voting, all builders and developers for helping make it happen and all staff members for helping the players find what they can do on the server.

- first community chest on 1mb is live and official;
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7o3tBfQhGU
more will be added over time

- discordsrv jar updated so it stops whining on login for me

- improving gc handling by lowering allocated ram from 10 to 8 gb, but giving 1mb itself 2 extra gigs for constant "hey figure me out" space.

Note that the 2nd half of the changelogs mentioned are dating back from October 22nd 2022 to today. I haven't had a chance to include them in the daily. They're still relevant.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 5th, 2023:

Announcement: EPIC slots unlocking this January! More info on Discord in the Announcements channel soon!

- The /perk command is updated to 1.19.3

- The /points shop is still offline, we're still re-adding the legacy items (and testing them).
Note: You still collect points, and your old balance is still there, don't worry.

- Updated the 1MB Tip from '11+ years in 2022' to '12+ years in 2023'

- There was a broken placeholder in the chat's hover-tooltip, I've updated this now.

- An internal Discord channel where we log changes to the discord server was archived, and now we're using the new 2023 one.

- An internal Discord "private tickets" category now logs to the new internal channel.

- And the public "support tickets" category logs go there now as well.

- The internal Discord "Minecraft watching" channel is now archived, and a new one for 2023 is created.

- Plugins have been changed to point to correct DIscord channels.

- Updated the vote-server website profiles, trying to make it say 1.19.3 where possible.

- Notice on omgboards.com (like here <https://omgboards.com/forums/minecraft/>) updated to .3

- CMI updated to latest version, fixing:
Note: {
Fix for issue with 1.19.3 servers dropping and placing pig spawner when trying to break or place empty spawner. Now it will properly return (if needed) empty spawner
Fix for issue with scavenge returning gold pickaxe as a scavenge ingredient return after salvaging goldnuggets, now it should properly return gold bars with varied amounts depending on your config setup
Added ironugget and goldnugget to default black list for scavenge feature to avoid issues and those items should not be salvageable anyways.
Added option to hide login/logout messages from players with possible offensive text in them or any text you might want to define as undesired. This is disabled by default and can be found in config file under Messages->filter section
Fix for tfly and worldchanging issue
Added option to ignore player in afk mode looking around and taking him from it. This can prevent from players using scripts/mods to move camera and bypass afk detection system
Now by default toggling sneak will not turn off afk mode
Added option to disable kit preview in general.
Added additional variables as "on" and "off" for /sit command which can help out to properly put player into specific sitting mode when needed instead of toggling between those
Added new variable for /shakeitoff command which now supports player name and -s variable. If player name is used then target player will not only lose his passengers but be ejected from his current vehicle too

- The NPC related plugins have all been updated to better support 1.19.3

- The world editing related plugins have all been updated to their latest 1.19.3 builds.

- We've bumped the snapshot of Discord <-> Minecraft integration plugins to be more current.

- Known issue: When you vote the 'points' you earn are now showing, we're fixing that pretty soon.

- Purged the content of the Discord internal Mojang-JIRA channel (after review)

- The lootbox for /charlie is back! Both of them actually. And hopefully we will soon add a third one for 2023.
Note: /charlie as command, will show you how many votes are needed to spawn charlie the pinata.
Note: /warp charlie is where you can find charlie. If they're active you will notice it! Hit it until you defeat it, for some fun little rewards.
Note: If you see a bossbar saying 'pinata hits left', that means charlie has spawned.
Note: If you defeat charlie, the lootboxes show up again. raid them!

- Took the server offline for maintenance a few times, nobody notices, sssh

- Made a new latest backup locally (just in case)

- Purged the /libraries/ directory, letting it rebuild with latest engines.

- Purged some outdated debug files from /debug/

- Removed the /caches/ directory, it can rebuild the jars

- Removed /santa/ and /easter/ after making sure i have a .zip backed up from it.

- Cleaned up a few settings, making sure there's no weird chars like tabs/spaces left here and there. ('lr)

- Oneblock dancers will notice that their saplings and crops, vines and other things will properly grow now. Try it out.

- Moved internal /maintenance command into its own customalias/ file on GitHub for dev reasons. It's kinda broken and needs some love. Fixing the custom maintenance command a team tasks thread has been created, let's see if we can figure this out within this month.

- Reviewed #team-2022 archived channel and made sure the missed changelogs entries are in todays public changelog as well.

This, and quite some other tiny little bits and bops that I've worked on taken up quite some time. But it helps us be more stable, be more organized, and gives you a better gaming experience. Onwards to the next batch of todo items! Oh yeah, ew have hundreds of them.

You find it awesome what we do? Exellent, you can support the server by playing, inviting your friends, changing your signature on forums that you play on our server, or maybe /vote for our server, or even consider a Paypal donation. But most importantly: just have fun. That's why we run the server.

See you in the next one. And don't forget, EPIC slot(s) will soon unlock, don't miss out if you're interested.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
January 6th, 2023:

Gametype update 1 of 2.

- Gametypes are: /cave, /acid, /skygrid, /skyblock, and /oneblock. - Some changes affect all gametypes, some only one or two.

- Skyblock islands biome unlocks will be recalculated. If you login it will let you know. You can go to /skyblock and click on the links to unlock or change biomes. This is handy if you want a snow-only biome for example. It's not cheap! But .. it's fun if you really need it.
Known issue: It tells you even if you are in /wild, I know, I'm sorry.

- Gametype Challenges have been rebuild, it's possible there are some new ones, updates one, or impossible ones. Concerns? by all means let us know.

- Witchery! Yes, you can be a witch, buy a magic stick with /oneblock witchery for example, and learn the recipes. Then get the cauldron just right, and throw in the ingredients. Put the main item in your offhand, and hit the cauldron with your right-hand. This is our 2nd version, so it's possible and likely there are some issues. That said: read /witchery first, before opening a ticket. But feel free to open a ticket for any questions.

- This and many more improvements, bug fixes, etc for bentobox are live on 1.19.3 now.

- Moved a few more discord integration embeds from older channels to their latest newer channels on Discord.

- Updated DiscordSRV alerts.yml one more time for a few other legacy logging things, triggering embeds to different channels. Slightly updating things.

- Restored headsDisplay plugin, we use this to have fancy banner stuff at the spawn points as if we can write in fancy blocks.

- Removed .patch from 1MB as they're in paper now, and better. And upstream is taken care of.

- Bumped paper to build 370, their current latest.

- Updated /cave a bit, should be more fun.

- Known issue with the bentobox update: the island "settings" command fails at the moment, we're working on it.

- the thread on the forum for /witchery is updated

- New forum content is being published in a special Discord channel now (internal channel).

- The Jobs plugins got updated. We can do more with quests now, hopefully we can soon add a few more.

- Fishing exploiting with Jobs has been looked at. *stares at cheaters*

- VeronicaB noticed that we can't rename gold nuggets, this has now been resolved. Rename away!

- MrCrazy is working hard on one of our internal commands, so a special thanks to him.

- Updated some mentions of "2022" to "2023" as I run into them, there are probably a few more.

- Deleted closed tickets on Discord's #ticket-support.

- Closed completed tickets on Discords' #ticket-support.

- Reviewed still outstanding tickets, and trying to schedule in time to work on them. I want to help everybody!

- Enabled Double Exp for mcMMO for a handful of hours, because we had 14 people online.

- The server max-players was 12 or 16, bumped to 18 or 20, I am sure it will automatically go lower again to 16 or 18. Thank you all for playing!

See you all again soon, you're so fun to be around and play Minecraft with.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 9th, 2023:

Winter Update #2: Gametypes update, and Points shop update

- Updated 1MB from 3.2.10 to 3.2.11, finishing the batch of maintenance that was still pending, (these will be published in a separate changelog, and you can read the ones already published to see what's all done in the first week of the year).

- Upgraded the /points shop thanks to PyroTempus developer to PyroWelcomesPro. Giving us the features we always wanted, and preparing us for letting users in the gametype islands use their points a bit more.

- Upgraded the gametypes plugins to their latest builds, fully introducing the new feature updates to dancing near trees (and now crops!) and updating the biome of skyblock islands, some changes to island challenges, and more. They are getting us closer to a 1.19.x experience. This is batch update 1 of 2 or more.

- Updated the History thread of the server
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- This completes the Winter Update 2022 for December (batch or part 1) 100%. Whatever is unfinished from that, those are future todo items (when there's time).

- This completed the Winter Update 2022 for January (part 2) for about 50%, and made room / prepared us for the next batch of things (maintenance todo items wise). At the same time, giving us time for bigger todo items of part 3. (oh why is this so complicated).

There are more changes that happened, they will be published in a separate changelog.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 11th, 2023:

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, it never stops :-)

- Moved some of our internal -test- solutions to a remote VPS for better access/sharing with (certain) staff members.

- Updated some shell scripts on my Github repository.

- The BentoBox plugins got updated, this is like a dozen of jar files. We use these for the 1MB Gametypes like /acid, /cave, /skygrid, /skyblock, and /oneblock.
Note: This fixed the "/<gametype> settings" not working for your island.

- Updating the "/<gametype> biomes" addon so it should work better now.

- The new version of the Jobs plugin is now live!

- The plugins we use for permission management have been updated to better support newer database stuff and 1.19.3.

- The NPC related plugins have been updated.
Note: This is great, because we want to use them for /warp vote and /warp charlie in the (near) future. For example, for trading vote tokens for things.

- There was an annoying 'biome unlock' notification for certain players, we've turned this off. You can check and unlock and use via the gametype biomes command.

- Prices of biomes have all been set to 10,000 /money

- We had to temporarily turn off /trade, it's back now. Sorry about that. Hopefully it's the last time. Note that we now have in-depth logging, any abuse through /trade will result in your and your traded users to get their account sanctioned. Play fair.

- We had a temporary /trade command, this command has now been removed and the regular /trade works again.

- The server engine Paper had a bunch of Bukkit/Spigot upstream and other patches, we've bumped our build to 375, for 1.19.3.

- We've improved our custom 1MB patches to help teleporting between dimensions and worlds, and players, to all be a bit snappier. The same changes are being live tested for logging in. While most not notice, some people with lag might notice a slight improvement and people with very little lag will feel like they're playing on their localhost. Every bit helps, right?

- There was a glitch with saplings glitching out after blocks were told they have respawned, after hitting the server with a few sticks it seems those reports have stopped. So I hope that resolves that. Not much more we can do to fix this if it happens. It's a lifetime old Mojang bug.

- Voting for a site would tell you you earned a point outside of the reward box, we've addressed this (thanks pyro) and that shouldn't happen anymore. You still get the +1 point of course, but now hover over the reward box msg and you see what voting has given you.

- The new Welcome plugin by Pyro has been bumped to the latest version, this is an internal build that people can't buy yet. So huge thanks for Pyro for updating it and making us a 'points' plugin that we're happier with.

- The server has been restarted on a nearly daily basis to update and upgrade and activate the maintenance stuff mentioned in this changelog - in the last week.

- The /points shop is back! You can find the legacy items in the legacy category, and you can get a sample of categories by opening the shop now. Expect more! Including converting points from Jobs to /points balance, or start a double exp booster for mcMMO using your points. All sorts of goodies are coming.

- The amount of points something costs (the price) is now shown before buying, on all items.

- There is now a confirmation button, so you accidentally click on something? Now you have the option to cancel your purchase, phew!

- And the chat will now properly mention what you just spent your points on, how many points, and how much you have left in your points balance.

- The points shop has a new custom unique look that makes it a bit more modern and inline with the /homes and /warps and /kits menus that we have. Like the black border, use of modern hex colors, and easy to find information buttons that explain features.

- The World Editing plugins like FAWE have been updated to their latest builds.

- There were updates for the legacy protocol support plugins like ViaVersion - we've updated these.
Note: You can't talk if you are not on 1.19.3.
Note: You can get the official launcher by Mojang and default vanilla client for 1.19.3, and play on 1.19.3. While we're fine with unofficial launchers and clients connecting to our server, we're not responsible for them. So please note that if they don't update you can't play and our staff will have to suggest you to resolve that by using official clients to connect.
Note: Soon we will remove support for older versions, now that we run stable on 1.19.3. We are in no rush to do this, but please prepare for this.

- The World Protection plugins have been updated. Such as worldguard. Region management should be a bit snappier.

- Some players reported that 'adding' points wasn't working, we tracked who were affected and manually added their missed points to their balance. Thank you for reporting.

- Found some extra jar files floating around in directories they shouldn't have been, some copy paste has gone wrong. Fixed!

- The prefix for 1MB Member group went from legacy yellow to modern hex {#fadc64}.

- We can now log /points purchases! They're in a .log file which we will review once in a while.

- There was a pesky bonus reward in the /vote GUI showing up, I finally deep dived into the related plugins and figured out why it kept coming back. Hit it with some emeralds and sticks and it seems to have disappeared. Thank you Citebafla for reminding me to dedicate some time to resolve this.
Note: To clarify, we have six votes, we still have six, we had a 7th one showing up that we didn't want showing up (nobody can use it).

- I've removed more nameplate prefixes from previous events as I saw players join with them.

- I've removed more prefixes from nicknames from Discord now that those events are over.

- We backup inventory changes constantly. We have logs of these in .db files, and they're gigabytes in size. If we have no player reports of inventory issues we archive the live one, purge the oldest one. And start fresh, I've just done that again this week.

- Some plugins that we use for the /builders world have been updated.

- 1MB 3.2.11 is live now, so the signs at /spawn have been updated to reflect the current versions.

- 1MB 3.2.11 is to end the Winter update 1 and 2 batch, and help us start the third one - maintenance updates!

- Updated the history thread: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- Composters are auto locked, and they wouldn't take certain input. this has now been fixed. Should work again.

- Reviewed and purged the Discord internal channel #logs-minecraft

- I've reset a few raided cities in the end, and I've generated a handful of new ones randomly.

- I've regenerated some raided npc villages in the /wild.

- server restarted since we've done some regeneration and light fixing and other chunk stuff, i rather flush to disk properly and start fresh, free up some memory and avoid potential corruption.

- The last Christmas event : /fish events crabmas. : has now officially ended. We've updated the plugin and it's past the 11th of Jan, so that's over - and known bug fixes for pfp are live now too. The update also comes with improvements to the tournaments, so we're now ready to start configuring those and make them go live a few times per week, and rotate between the tournament types. Rewards will obviously be updated to something more than 500 entropy.

This any loads of player-help in-game and behind-the-scenes tiny config tweaks, and preparations and hours of testing before making changes go live .. is what keeps us going on a daily basis. Thank you for being part of it and reading this. As a reward for reading the changelog you can get a beacon, all you have to do is login during January and type " /mail send MrFloris beacon plz 0924ir0924ri2e "

See you all online.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 17th, 2023:

How's 2023 for everybody?

- Took the server offline for some maintenance, including purging cache/temp/trashbin and other dirs.

- Archived the latest manually made backup, and organized what we have now.

- Created a new manual backup.

- Paper (the server engine we use) has been updated to the latest build)

- The archived and newly made backups have been moved to their final location.

- Very old archived backups that have the same data but are now useless, have been purged.

- Reviewed local drive space, making sure we have the size of the live server, times two at least, in free space.

- Reviewed the player actions for x-ray, dupe, auto fishing, etc. And have flagged some accounts for a second opinion. Please play fair, don't ruin it for yourself.

- The internal logs-minecraft discord channel has been cleaned up after a review.

- The rollback database that we use to fix grief has had a data purge again. Everything over week 38 has been deleted. We try to guarantee up to 26 weeks, so the next purge is later this month and will be 35+ weeks.

- The greenhouses addon for skyblock and oneblock might not work as expected. we're looking into this.

- Discord <-> Minecraft integration related plugins have been updated to their latest snapshot.

- The /builders world allows lava-, and water buckets again. Sorry for the delay.

- We've opened up /rtp in /nether again to support all biomes, please be safe.

And that's it for now, we're having an easy week, I am taking it easy because it's my birthday soon (21st).


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Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 20th, 2023:

Happy birthday to my niece Emily on the 19th, and to on the 21st.

- EPIC SLOTS are now available. More info here: https://omgboards.com/threads/group-epic-open.261864/

- Perhaps temporarily as a test, the global simulation distance for world rendering around you has been changed from 8 to 10. Let's see how that performs.

- Paper had a few patches, we've applied them.

- Latest 1MB 3.2.11 code is now live. Fixing a few annoying little exception errors.

- The /sell output might have slightly changed to give more information.

- The CMI plugin has been updated to the latest version. Fixing a dozen little bugs.

And that's about it for the last few days. We're very happy to see so many regular faces on the server. Don't forget you can invite your friends
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Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 21st, 2023:

Birthday update!

- It's my birthday today, and I am telling everybody haha. Thank you for playing today!

- Let's celebrate my birthday by opening up the EPIC SLOTS for $46, because I turn 46.
Note: More info on Discord in #announcements, and this thread:
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/group-epic-open.261864/

- Boosters for mcMMO are set to 2x this weekend, and on the 21st they will go up to 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, randomly for a few hours.

- CMI has been updated, fixing a few tiny things.

- The NPC plugins have been updated.

- Discord integration has improved a bit. I've also forced a resync of all roles. So double-check ^_^

- Cleaned up the #server-chat channel, so it's all birthday chat this weekend.

- Reviewed players' signs, books, and messages from #logs-minecraft, an internal Discord channel. And looks like nobody spammed or used hate speech, that's awesome because we're a family-friendly community. You're all awesome.
Note: Content purged after review.

- We've purged very inactive 30+ days no-role accounts from our Discord server, assuming they are spam bots. People are free to join, and to avoid a kick, be active, it gives you a role and you won't get purged.

- The on join msg for the mc server (also visible in /motd) has been changed for my birthday / epic roles stuff.

- EPIC roles had a few heads-ups and now published all the info in the thread and the discord, and on join msg, even posted about it on twitter.

- The thread on the forum about epic group and donators have been updated to be more current.

- Donations threshold to get the group/role was $39, lowered to $35, life's expensive enough as it is.

- Donations received from TheLynx74, you're awesome.

- Donations for the epic group update received from JackPerByte (slot 6), NikkiPixel (slot 7), Vubbo (slot 8). Thank you all so so so much.

- Support for old clients connecting to 1.19.3 has improved, a bit. We do strongly recommend to use 1.19.3
Note: We will eventually remove support for old clients. Please do update!

- World editing and World guarding plugins have been bumped to their latest snapshots.

- Nasty bugs with /trade have been fixed.

And I am sure we will have more to report, but that will have to wait until the next changelog.


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Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 24th, 2023:

1MoreBlock version 3.2.12 is live now.

- Upgraded 1MB from 3.2.11 to 3.2.12

- Updated PaperMC to the latest build from their public channel.

- Updated Java from 19.0.1 to 19.0.2

- Updated macOS from 13.1 to 13.2

- Updated CMI and CMILib to their latest builds

- Updated the History thread on the website
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- The EPIC group has no more open slots, next year again maybe.

For my birthday, I've received these personal gifts:
- Donation received from TheLynx74, thank you for supporting the server as always Justin.
- Donation for the epic group received from JackPerByte, upgrading jav from MVP to EPIC group. Thank you so much for your kindness.
- Donation for the epic group received from NikkiPixel, upgrading nikkeh from Donator to EPIC group. Thank you, you're awesome.
- Generous Donation for the epic group received from Vubbo, upgrading Vubbo from Member to EPIC group. Woah, that's more than one pizza buddy!
- Donation for epic group received from yakirarage, upgrading yaki from Member to EPIC group. Thank you a lot.

- We had a temporary /motd onJoin msg on the 21st, that's been reset on the 22nd.

- We've made a new dev server for our team members, so we can have multiple people help out with behind the scenes stuff in the future.

- Updated the #welcome channel on Discord, it's a bit more friendly now.

- Updated the #rules channel on Discord, it's a bit friendlier now.

- Updated a handful of Shell scripts on my Github repository.

- Made a couple of new shell scripts, and shared them on my Github repository.

- Rewrote the header on the omgboards.com forum if you're viewing any MC content.

- Reviewed the content of the internal Discord channel #logs-minecraft and purged it when done.

- The /fish plugin has been updated to the latest build.

- The plugins we use for /builders have been updated to their latest builds.

- We were offline for up to an hour today to do some extended maintenance.

- Made a manual backup (and for the last time) of 1MB 3.2.11, and moving it to the external archive

- Support for older MC versions have been removed, we're way past out grace period and optifine is out. That unofficial clients like Lunar might not update is not something we're responsible for. Please use 1.19.3 to play. It's fine.

- Signs at /spawn have been updated to be more current.

- One of the /vote plugins has been updated.

- Rollback data older than 35 weeks has been purged, deleting over a million records.
Note: We don't allow grief, we try to store up to 26 weeks, that's half a year. Please check your builds and report any grief within a reasonable time.

And that's it. We're up to date, and ready to complete some open todo items.


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Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 25th, 2023:

Little maintenance update. I just wanted to say thank you everybody for all the support and birthday wishes, dm msgs, builds, and other cool stuff.

- Updated my shell scripts a bit more, they're on Github.

- Updated CheckPort shell script finally to be more modern.

- Updated Template shell script to do more automated steps for the zrips support server.

- Received a birthday card in the mail from Yaki and Profile, thank you for everything.

- Received a birthday build from nikki, thank you, it's awesome.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TygyQQz4inI

- Updated DiscordSRV plugin to the latest snapshot.

- Updated Paper, it had a few small changes.

- Updated the World editing plugins like FAWE, it had updates.

- Restarted the server real quick to apply all recent pending maintenance things, including today's changes.

- Paid out a few Referral boxes to people who let us know who they've invited, see #referral on Discord.

- Made a schedule to further test 'snapshot' and 'experimental' features from Minecraft as Mojang announced last night.

Annnd that's it for today. We're taking it a little easy now, because we have some housekeeping to do and prepare for the Valentines event, before we go and make bigger changes.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
January 29th, 2023:

Gametype updates! Mainly oneblock

- I think some issues with the gametypes addon "greenhouse" are now resolved.

- The /oneblock phases have been rebuild, your progress is not lost, and will be automatically calculated the next time you break a block.

- Going from plains phase to underground is now 700, going from underground to winter is now 1300. Every other phase that was below 1000 is now set to 1000, and the same for any that were higher than 1000 levels to progress, they're 1000 too now.

- Added deep dark phase.

- Goats, frogs, warden (though I can't get it to spawn), are all added.

- I've made sure any customization we had to existing phases are still there.

- Some changes to the gametype Skygrid

- In all gametypes, Teleportation was processed for entities even if it was switched off

- Some fixes to the /gametype warps, like /oneblock warp, /oneblock warps, etc.

- Some more fixes to the addon biomes.

- The /oneblock spawn's main building has an attic, with shops, we now have added the elytra shop chest.

- The daily shop at the gametype spawns like /oneblock spawn, have had a couple of days changed.

- If you spot a wandering trader, don't kill it.. Instead, right click it and see what micro-blocks it has to offer you in any gametype world, this includes skyblock, oneblock, cave, etc.

- The /oneblock generator has sand in it now, a 1 to 3% chance in all stone generator types.

- The level to get to the /oneblock diamond generator has been lowered from 5000 to 2500 island levels. Type /oneblock level to recalculate your island and see if you can unlock it now.

- The level to get to the /oneblock emerald generator has been lowered from 10000 to 4500 island levels. Type /oneblock level to recalculate your island and see if you can unlock it now.

- Limits to gametypes, like /oneblock limits have been increased for redstone elements, here are the new values:
Note: {

- Okay, some STAFF NEWS, so if you once were or are currently a staff member, check out the #staff-hangout channel on Discord, it has an invite to get a physical card in the mail. You have until the 7th of February to DM me if you are interested or not. Plus, it lets me know you didn't mute the discord server and lost interest in being on the team, by not reading team tags. Don't miss out on a cool unique card signed by me.

- Okay, next is some EPIC GROUP NEWS, the slots are now locked until 2024, and we've got 4 new additions, I've started adding their custom worlds. There's now /jackper, /vubbo, and /pixelasia. Players can explore these small words, and jack, vubbo and nikki can completely control their own little world. Show off your creative build skills! And if you need a world dl as a .zip file, just let me know.

- I didn't have time yet to make the custom fish, it will come with the next /fish update hopefully.

- Talking about groups, here's some GROUP NEWS.

- I've rewritten this thread about groups: https://omgboards.com/threads/groups-ranks.260941/

- updated the /ranks command to point to /groups now

- updated the /groups command to point to the thread on the forum now

- updated the ranks.txt file that's now deprecated to say 'moved to thread...'

- /motd and /account (which is page 2 of /motd) was using the old points placeholder, that's now fixed

- For now, sub-group id 11 is the Veteran group, inheriting from rogue, the highest player-obtainable group.
Note: You read this correctly, VETERAN GROUP !! We're slowly introducing this, step by step.

- Reviewed all players in all groups, making sure there's no overlap, that there aren't people stuck in god mode, fly mode, creative mode.

- Players in the builders group and up can now use /survival, to reset their creative mode in the same world to survival, without having to go to /general or /spawn first and then /back.

- Updated this thread to be more current, https://omgboards.com/threads/server-details-1moreblock-com-25565.260939/

- Before I go to Discord news, here are some other maintenance thingies that I worked on.

- [TAB] updated to say 12+ instead of 10 for the /celebration mention.

- Updated CMI
Note: {
Fix for anvil command on older servers
Fix for issue with command cooldowns when you have different ones for something like "/cmi repair" and "/cmi repair all"
Fix for placeholder error for player playtime stats inside holograms
Fix for onoff message still indicating vanish player as online when you cant see him
Fix for inv command showing empty fields for cursor and crafting fields while player is in vanish mode, these need to be disabled in same way we have them while player is offline
Fix for inv command showing decreasing potions effect timers for vanished players.
Fix for exploit relating to miss configuration of BungeeNetwork and having bungee support enabled

- bukkit patches applied to 1mb 3.2.12

- paper latest build runs live on the server, with a tiny .patch applied and recompiled

- latest 1mb 3.2.12 is there now, removed 2 deprecated java thingies and made sure the new code indeed works on java 19.0.2

- manually backed up the server, flushed all automated backups from 2022. we only have manually made backup snapshots as history now.

- /baltop has been fixed, server restarted

- Okay, DISCORD NEWS is next

- archived the feature-forms discord channel

- moved rules channel above welcomes channel

- fixed typo in channel topic somewhere on discord

- category voice chat removed, the vc channel is now under extra category

And that's it for now, we might make some more changes to the gametype stuff, but our focus will first shift to probably the /fish features and some other pending maintenance for the server, the forums, and discord. The MAIN focus is the /valentine event for the 14th of February. Don't miss it !


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Jan 1, 2001
February 14th, 2023:

Valentine's Day Event 2023 is live!

- A quick changelog to let you all know that we've updated the server in the last couple of weeks to prepare for the event.

- The event is live, if you haven't noticed yet. And you can type /valentine ~ read the pages, then click on the link in the book. Explore the world!

- See #events on Discord to find out what is possible, or the thread on the forums here.

A more technical maintenance update changelog will follow after the event. The next step is to prepare for 1.19.4 and slowly make the first steps towards 1.20.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 16th, 2023:

Maintenance from February.

- The /fish plugin has been updated, including loads of bug fixes and maintenance thingies. Excellent. We're now ready to schedule Tournamnets again.

- Commissioned Emily to design a custom anniversary card for our old and new team members. Poked them, got their addresses, and sending a dozen cards in the mail soon. I've now received them, Yay, we're 12 years old in March!

- #server-logs and internal #logs-minecraft have been reviewed and purged. All clean again.
Note: If you have team questions, ask an online team member, or ask in #public-support, or #ticket-support. :)

- Managed some of the backups of the server, getting ready to make some bigger purge changes.

- Rollback data has been purged, 32+ weeks.
Note: Check your builds if you don't have region protection. Report griefs in a timely matter so we can fix them.

- (Shift) Double-Click re-added to many GUI elements, making it a little easier again to mass trash/sell, etc.

- mcMMO has been updated, and maintenance patches.
Note: player is no longer immune to projectiles shot by themselves

- CMI and CMILib have been updated to their latest version.

- Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper patches were all removed, as most are now in the latest Paper build and the latest 1MB core.

- Updated 1MB to 3.2.13.

- Plugins related to dealing with Holograms have been updated.

- Plugins related to dealing with NPC have been updated.

- Plugins related to world editing have been updated.

- We're reviewing updates to the Gametype engines, fixing loads of little bugs for oneblock, challenges, etc.

- The plugin we use to deal with the player_head database stuff, got updated.

- Nikkipixel has made some valentine builds, added them to /valentine

- Freesoul has made some valentine builds, also added them to /valentine

- Callum build team gave us permission to use some objects for the /valentine world.

- And everybody else who has helped in the past and this year to make the event happen: THANK YOU

- We had the /valentine event, it went great!

- The plugin that we use to show particles for selections and plots, etc, it got updated.

- The 1MB Fun bot should have fewer issues.

- The commands for /event, /valentine, etc. got updated to be more current again.

- Cleaned up the #announcements channel on Discord a little bit.

- And the same for #schedule and #events

- The forum threads for /valentine 2023 was made, and updated now that the event has ended.

- The forum threads for Server History, and Events, Events, Events, have all been updated.

- Mob cap handling is being reviewed.

- Internal mojang-jira report channel has been reviewed and purged.

- OS of the device that runs the hardware has been bumped to the latest kernel patches to fix known security issues to prevent abuse.

- I've gone through some user-tickets on Discord and replied where I could and closed the ones that could be closed.

And that's about it. Loads of details are left out to not overwhelm you with even more technical stuff.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 17th, 2023:

Market (/ah) Update

- Players can use /ah sell to place items on the global /market. There were some limits on this. Since everybody has behaved 99% of the time, and new players aren't abusing this feature, we can start slowly changing some of these limits. This means you will be able to add more items to the market. It's important to note that items will expire on the market if nobody buys them. Please keep an eye on them, it will inform you at some point that things didn't tell. You can use /ah return, there are also other commands.
Note: {
The default group is now 5, allowing fresh new members to sell things on the /market. Going up from basically 1 or 0.

The Players group was 2, they can now do more than double the items, at 5 max.

The Members group was 5, we've doubled this as they're regulars, to now 10 max.

The Members-Boosted group was 8, we've almost doubled this, to now 15.

The Builders group was 15, their new max items listing is set to 20.

The Builders-Boosted group called Rogue was missing this permission, I've set it to 22.

The Donators group was max 20, now it is set to max 25.

The Donators-Boosted group called MPV was missing this permission, it's now set to 28.

And the EPIC group was 25, and is now set to 30 items max to list.

It has not changed for the Legendary group, it remains at 50, and Team members at 100 max.

- Fix for elytra boost requiring 0 exp to be used while not working if player has 0 exp

- CMI Updated that included a handful of maintenance bug-fixes.

- In /jobs browse, it will now 'glow' the jobs that you've joined.
Note: You can join up to three jobs at the moment.

- The Jobs Reborn plugin has been updated, fixing a dozen things.

- Paper server engine jar has been updated as well, it had a few new updates. Might as well include it.

That's it for today. Do you have suggestions for the /market? Post it on Discord in the #suggestions channel.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
February 23rd, 2023:

Techy maintenance update.

- We had a few server crashes and figured out what was causing it. Thankfully the awesome folks at BentoBox quickly addressed the issue and we've now updated to run the patched plugins to try and avoid that from happening again. We checked, and there was no data loss, the server could write stuff to disk and gracefully shut down and restart. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Yaki missed a 1MB Fun reward, this has been manually paid out now.

- We processed a few of the reported spelling errors in the 1MB Fun bot.

- Talking about the 1MB Fun bot, we've improved the configuration and Zrips the dev has tried to patch the reported issues. Hopefully, the bot is more innovative now and works better, Give it a try!

- Known issue: When we say Vubbo in the chat, we all get a ding. We're trying to resolve this, hopefully, soon we have a fix that works. haha. Silly bug!

- Tweaks to the bottled exp have been made, and more to come! We will soon change the way it works to make it easier for you, and open it up to all gametypes! Stay tuned for that news, which we will include in a future changelog, but of course in more friendlier detail in the discord #announcement forum. And I will try to not forget to update the feature-thread about the bottling of exp on the server.

- The rollback data to fight grief is a huge database of many gigs, it's growing as we're active. Which is fine. That means if you get griefed and report that in a timely manner then we can fix it with almost certainty. Anyway. we store data up to 25 weeks, about half a year. We sometimes have an overflow as we don't always purge. But, .. we now purged 30+ weeks. Removing over 2 million records.

- The gametype plugin (/oneblock, /skyblock) has been updated. This includes loads of maintenance updates, bug fixes, feature improvements, spelling fixes, and whatnot. Including upcoming changes to /acid, and how we handle island resets, as well as improvements to the cobble generator feature, biomes, challenges, and more.

March: 12+ years celebration month? Let's see if we can make that happen. If not, the next event will be Easter in April.. don't miss out!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
February 27th, 2023

Winter Season Update 2022 is still going strong. Changes to Gametypes, Bottling Exp, and now new Skills that come with perks!

- 1MB 3.2.13 has been upgraded to 3.2.14.
Note: We're still on 1.19.3 of course. 1.19.4 will be another date.
Note: A final and manual backup of the 3.2.13 server has been made and moved to an external storage solution.

- Content on Discord in #logs-minecraft and #server-chat has been glanced over and reviewed, then purged.

- New forum thread has been created about the new skills and their perks. As we unlock we will try to update this thread.
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-skills-and-their-perks-information.263873

- The announcement has been published on Discord with a link to the thread.
Note: You can find it in the #announcements channel.

- New skill unlocked: DISCOVERY, I has four perks, we've unlocked two perks for now, unity and resistance.

- Interaction with the Fletching Table has been added to the game, right-click the Sides of the table to open the skills menu.

- A new /skills command has been added, so players can learn more about these new things, and have a way to find information about this stuff.

- When a knowledge level has been gained, it will show as an actionbar msg in the chat. Gaining exp-notifications are turned off for now. Advancements are still on.

- The gametypes like /skyblock and /oneblock have received plugin jar file updates. These include maintenance, bug fixes, and new stuff.

- The "border" in gametypes is now smarter.

- The /<gametype> level command is calculating 'better'.

- There's now a way to see top islands for /oneblock, which takes phases and magic-blocks mined into account.
Note: This is an early beta release, we will see if we are going to keep this. ]
Note: /oneblock topblock
Note: This is exclusive to oneblock, will not work in skyblock, all gametypes have /<gametype> top, you can still use that.

- The "greenhouse" features for gametypes has received an update.

- The 1MB Fun bot should be a bit smarter, we're now running the latest version.

- Bottling your exp is now GLOBAL. Instead of a unique to /general world bedrock, you can now Left-Click any enchantment table with dragon breath to store some of your exp into exp bottles. Which you can safely store and use later.

- Bottling your exp features have been reviewed and reconfigured. Things should work better now.

- All gametypes spawns now have a shop for dragon breath. It isn't cheap, but you have to ask yourself: how much do you want to keep your exp?

- The price for storing exp with dragon breath has also gone up, from 80 to 100.

- The /skyblock spawn area has more signs pointing to the shops.

- The /skyblock spawn now has shops for sand and moss.
Note: you can use bonemeal on moss to grow it, and spruce saplings to get podzol, so you can get more dirt. fun way to get more dirt

This was a pretty big update, well, medium big update for the winter season stuff. Hopefully we can get more done before the Spring Update is here. And Mojang has announced 1.19.4, we will see how that goes.


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Jan 1, 2001
March 1st, 2023:

Game types update. (acid, cave, skygrid, oneblock and skyblock)

- Cleaned up some internal team tickets from the last couple of years that were in relation to the game types.

- /<gametype> challenges were still listing the nether and the end challenges for cave, acid, and skygrid. These have now also been removed as they cannot be completed.
Note: If you know of an impossible challenge, feel free to report it.

- In the past when someone used /<gametype> warp <player> it would not tell you which gametype, it does not. Some might have already noticed this working the last couple of months. It's for all groups now.

- Known issue: "player has leaved your island" should be "left", we've let the developers of the plugin know.

- The temporary visit add-on for game types has now been removed, using warp is the only way to visit an island.
Note: /<gametype> level, if it's higher than 10, you can make a sign with [welcome] on the first line. Then players can warp to your island.

- In /<gametype> generator, it was listing multiple generators as default. We've disable them and made a more clear "starter cobblestone" generator.

- Some generators have been made "all" and no longer require a specific generator design. They are currently all set to be cobblestone generators.
Note: This WILL most likely change in the future.

- Some titles have been updated so they're more clear. And now they stand out so you know which ones have changed today.

- Some generators now have a description, giving you a bit more info in the lore about what to expect.

- A temporary basalt generator has been removed, the items have been moved to the nether generator.

- The nether one has been deployed and made available to all groups.

- A new generator has been added: The Deep Dark Age.

- Another new generator has been added: The Lush Cave Age.

- The /skyblock spawn's shop island has received one or two more shops.

- The Stone Age generator now has some new blocks, such as terracotta and mud, dirt, and sand.

- Other generators have all received one or two new items.

- All generators have received one or two new treasures.

- The chance to get a treasure has been increased dramatically, from 0.001% to 0.01%

- Some values for certain generators have been tweaked slightly.

- The cost to buy a generator (to unlock it) has been raised from whatever number to $1000.

- Activating and deactivating a generator is now free.

- Besides the default generator, you can now pick three more. You will have to play around a bit to see how their combinations behave for you.

- The older stone age generator now requires island level 5.

- Changed ALL the generators' required levels from whatever they were to a much lower number, where the highest is currently emerald at 500.

- Some plugin/addon .jar files have been updated to their latest version.

We will be running this update for a while, and perhaps make some more tweaks if we get more player feedback. Once things seem to run well, we will be making further changes to other game type features, further improving your gaming experience to be more fun!


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Jan 1, 2001
March 2nd, 2023:

We've made some changes to our rules page (link below). We haven't changed any of our rules. We've worked a bit on improving the spelling and grammar in some of our posts, and rewritten them to be more friendly and up-to-date.

- Updated this text;

> Private chests (or furnace, or ..) (even when sometimes unlocked) examples:
> - A chest with a lock on it: You cannot open it, do not abuse mechanics to try and get items out.
> - A storage room where most chests are locked, except one or more.
> In this case ^, assume user-error and that their intention was to have a locked chest. It's inside their build, inside their storage space, do not assume their intention was to leave it unlocked. Instead of getting sanctioned for taking items, report the open chest to a team member and the player.
> - A public chest with a sign on it along the lines of "do not take!" is considered private. Taking from an unlocked chest like this is still considered stealing. Instead, report it to a team member and the player.
> - Using any mechanical method to take items out of the containers of others is a bannable offense, including (but not limited to) using carts, hoppers, bugs/exploits in the game or a plugin.

To this new text:
> Private Chests (or Furnaces, or any other similar item) - even when sometimes unlocked:
> - A chest with a lock on it: You cannot open it. Do not attempt to exploit any game mechanics to get items out of it.
> - In the case of a storage room where most chests are locked, except for one or more, assume that the player's intention was to have a locked chest. It's located inside their building, within their storage space. Instead of assuming that they intended to leave it unlocked, report the open chest to a team member and the player.
> - If there is a public chest with a sign on it that reads "do not take!", it is still considered a personal/private chest, and taking items from an unlocked chest like this is still considered stealing. Report it to a team member if you suspect items being taken without your permission.
> - Using any mechanical method to take items from the containers of others is a bannable offense, including (but not limited to) using carts, hoppers, exploiting bugs in the game or anything like that.


- Updated this text;
> Private chests:
> If a chest is clearly intended to be private, then taking from it is considered stealing. This is regardless of a container has a lock or not. Players who wants a private-and-locked container are strongly encouraged to use the following commands to guarantee it's locked into their name:
> /cinfo (and hit the container) (this will show you who owns it, and as owner you can see who has access to it)
> /lock (and hit the container) (this will attempt to put a lock on the chest)
> /unlock (and hit the container) (this will attempt to remove any set lock (including access of others) from the chest)
> /cmodify <player> (and hit the container) (this will attempt to grant access to this particular container for that particular player)

To this new text;
> Private Chests:
> Taking items from a chest that is clearly intended to be private is considered stealing, regardless of whether the container has a lock or not. We strongly encourage players who want a private and locked container to use the following commands to ensure it is locked to their name:
> /cinfo (and click on the container) - this will show you who owns it, and as the owner, you can see who has access to it.
> /lock (and click on the container) - this will attempt to put a lock on the chest.
> /unlock (and click on the container) - this will attempt to remove any set lock (including access of others) from the chest.
> /cmodify <player> (and click on the container) - this will attempt to grant access to this particular container for that specific player.


- Update this text;
> Moving forward June 2nd, 2019 we will enforce the following changes to our rules. And are looking forward to constructive feedback from our community to further tweak these rules in case that's desired.
> Hoppers, shulker boxes, chests, furnaces, etc. are all considered 'containers', taking from them without permission is not allowed.
> By default when a player puts down a container it is automatically locked into their name.
> A player can right click to open these and this is done with the intention to prevent access to it's content by others, in any means. We have the general rule that taking from others one way or another without their permission is stealing/griefing, and we do (perm) ban for this.

To this new text;
> Please note that hoppers, shulker boxes, chests, furnaces, and any other similar items are considered "containers," and taking items from them without permission is not allowed.
> When a player places a container, it is automatically locked to their name. Other players cannot access the contents of these containers without permission. Taking items from other players without permission is considered stealing or griefing, which is a serious offense. We enforce this rule strictly and may issue permanent bans for such behavior.


- Updated this text;
`msg txt` file

To this new text:
> Using Game Bugs / Exploits / Mods / Fair-play / Unfair-advantages
> We have noticed some confusion regarding the use of game bugs, exploits, mods, and fair play on our server. We want to clarify some of the existing rules and guidelines that have been in place for years.
> Firstly, macros and combat mods are not allowed as they give an unfair advantage. Exploiting game bugs or glitches, such as jumping higher or further with imaginary blocks, or using piston-explosions to break bedrock, are also not allowed as they provide an unfair advantage. However, using intended features like /tpa and /j to teleport or jump further is permitted.
> If you use ender-pearls to access impossible places or trick the system to believe that you are playing, it is not allowed. However, AFK-ing to help crops grow is permitted, while AFK-ing to grind mobs using automated scripts or combat mods is not allowed as it is unfair to other players.
> Anti-afking by using mechanics to trick the system into believing you are actually playing: Is abusing the game engine's intended behavior to get an unfair advantage (or at the least, you're abusing a bug to trick the system into thinking you are not actually afk), ergo: not allowed.
> We have also prohibited afk-fishing as it is considered an automated behavior. If you are unsure about whether an action is allowed or not, feel free to ask us before doing anything. We always strive to provide a response and explain the rules clearly.
> From June 2019 onwards we consider afk-fishing to be an automated behavior, and auto-fishing is not allowed. Please note that we start checking for afk-fishing/aut-fishing, and will request you to stop.
> We are a fair-play server that upholds the rules for the overall benefit of the community. We do not tolerate actions that cause harm to the server, such as general TPS drops, lag machines, tnt bombs, command flooding, or other obvious harmful actions. We also do not allow cheating, server-ruining actions, and toxic behavior.
> We try to build and provide a great place where players can have fun and enjoy the game with their friends and family. We offer resources, help, events, op items, survival and building features, fun RPG and mini-games, and friendly smiles. However, we cannot achieve this if we have to deal with players who cannot play fairly. Sometimes, we will sanction the account with a warning, infraction, or a ban.
> We ask for some basic respect towards our team, players, community, and set of rules. We welcome everyone to learn from their mistakes, but we will not tolerate disrespect towards the community or rules. If you prefer a server that supports cheating and toxic communities, please try elsewhere.
> I run my own server(s) because I want to play with nice people who I could consider friends, who can bring theirs, to a comfortable place where they are free from a toxic gaming community.
> In return for players behaving, we provide resources, help, friendly smiles, and extras such as events, op items, survival supporting and building supporting features, fun MMO/RPG and mini-games where possible, in one or more worlds. We cannot achieve that if we have to spend time on players who cannot play fair.
> Thank you for reading these guidelines, and we hope you have fun playing on our server!

- Updated this text,
> Note that due to typos, improvements, updates, etc. that we at any time might update the rules without notice. Each time you connect to the server, you automatically agree to these rules (if you wish to not do so, please disconnect)
> Apply common sense, we believe these rules and guidelines are easy to understand. Purposly bending the rules or finding ways around them is considered abusive as well. Asking about our rules is fine, provoking the team with things like "but what if I do this.." is considered trolling.

To this:
> Please note that we may update the rules at any time due to typos, improvements, updates, and other reasons without prior notice. By connecting to the server, you automatically agree to these rules. However, if you choose not to agree, simply disconnect from the server.
> We believe our rules and guidelines are easy to understand, and we encourage everyone to use common sense when playing in our community. Please refrain from purposely bending the rules or finding loopholes as this is considered abusive behavior.
> We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our rules, but please avoid provoking our team with hypothetical scenarios or asking questions just to cause trouble. Such behavior is considered trolling and not allowed in our community.


Other changelog entries related to the forum:

- Thread for ban appeal updated to link to <https://omgboards.com/threads/ban-appeal.263845/>

- The "header" had some links pointing to older info, they're all been updated to point to newer pages and whatever.

- Merged the posts from oldest to 2022 into a single thread, <https://omgboards.com/threads/events-events-events.260961/> eventually we will delete the post to clean up the thread and make it easier to find things.

- The "header" had "find events", which was a sub-forum, it now links to the events thread: <https://omgboards.com/threads/events-events-events.260961/>

- The "header" on the forum has a "more" link that used to link to big season updates, due to a family situation I stopped updating that and only updated the changelog. But, I've now updated the more link to point to <https://omgboards.com/forums/minecraft/> instead.

And that's it for the 2nd of March :)


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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 3rd, 2023:

Back to general maintenance and bug fixing, plugin updates and some tweaks here and there.

- mob cap updates
Note: {
* Fix for issue where grouping chunk range would be outside loaded chunk area which would have caused additional load on the server while loading in chunks to check mob limits
* Lowered max grouped chunk range to 3, which will be more than enough and in most range of 2 is what you should be using for best performance and feature
* Fix for block place limit message printing out raw block material name, now it will show materials appropriate name or even translated one if possible
* Fix for IgnoreEntityWithPickedItem option not wanting to properly exclude mobs with items on them
* Improved mob cleanup caused by command or auto clean, now we will remove entities based on their age which will mean that older ones will remain intact while new ones will be removed. This will address issue where entities spawning outside players owned land would effect entities inside, farms and such, of it during auto or manual cleanup

- Another 1mb fun bot update.
Note: {
* Fix for issues with material and entity-based tasks in some situations failing to recognize the correct required amounts
* Fix for info command returning incorrectly shown required task amounts

- Generators from skyblock are now live on cave, acid, skygrid, and oneblock as well.

- discordsrv plugin updated to latest snapshot to hotfix some discord api changes.

- Issue with growing trees looking all weird has been addressed (tnx ben for reporting)

- 1MB 3.2.14 updated to latest hotfix release

- Paper server engine updated to their latest version

- The /rtp related plugins have been updated, fixing a few 1.19.3 incompatibilities issues.

- The world-editing plugins like FAWE have been updated.

- The NPC related plugins have been updated.

- The new /skills command now has (an ugly) mention that we also have jobs skills and mcMMO skills.

- Prismarine block added to lush age, and shard and crystal added to lush treasure. And echo shard added to deep dark age as treasure.

- Gone through a few older game-type related tickets and some other ones, and cleared those out. Making sure i did what i could for them

- CMI plugin updated.
Note: {
* Now checking players inventory, while not having edit permission, shulkerbox and written books will have limited information. This means that you will not be able to see what's inside shulker box or written book with help of some mods as no actual data is being sent to the player about those items
* Fix for donation command not accepting numeric player names
* Addressing recurring issue with fly mode changes. Removed chunk of code to simplify its handling which will remove some functionality for the same of it bugging out less often
* Fix for bossbar compass sometimes duplicating for short time
* Fix for holograms using custom text format for hover over lines which failed when hover over section was not provided, now we will default to text if hover is not defined
* Fix for hologram interaction issue when you have upwards ordering of your hologram and using new handling method
* Fix for not being able to /jump on nether roof
* Small fix when using /tpallworld on 1.16.3 servers
* Added option to check if players ender chest is empty with specialized command check:[hand/offhand/quickbar/armor/inv/subinv/ender]! variable
* Fix for issue when player had tfly and flight charge enabled at same time, now we will avoid using charges while tfly is active

- Bentobox (game types) changes (this includes acid, cave, skygrid, skyblock and oneblock worlds)
Note: Greenhouses {
* General fixes and maintenance, nothing specific
Note: Generators {
* Add tips to the Generator Filter buttons.
* Fixes incorrect reference to biomes description.
* Fixes incorrect reference to return button and material icon button.
* Other general fixes and maintenance stuff
Note: Border {
* Updated to latest version, allowing toggle for improved control
Note: Skygrid {
* Make the obsidian platform default.
* General fixes
Note: Level {
* Refactor placeholders
* Add shulker to in chest count
* Support for /oneblock topblock
* General maintenance stuff
Note: Acid {
* Added ocean floor config option for baxkward compatibility with upgrades
* General fixes
Note: Skyblock {
* More java 17 support
* General fixes and some maintenance
Note: Biomes {
* Looks like general maintenance
* Implement a minimal and maximal update range in advanced panel.
Note: Cave {
* Rework entity populator.
* Prepping for next cave upgrade
Note: Farm Dance {
* Fixes crash with growing SugarCane and Cactus.
* General small improvements here and there
Note: Extra Mobs {
* Add 1.18 compatibility and biome changes
Note: Challenges {
* Nether and End challenges removed from all worlds
* General maintenance
Note: Limits {
* disable villagers breeding when limit is reached
Note: Warps {
* General fixes and maintenance updates it seems
Note: Bentobox {
* Keeping things up to date, code wise
Note: Witchery {
* Little updates for general maintenance it seems
Note: TopBlock {
* /oneblock topblock ~ a new top10
* Updated to latest version
Note: Oneblock {
* Prevents errors when NPCs finish or start a phase
* Fixes a bug where non-AOneBlock islands were stored
* Fixes wrong value for end of phase.

And besides this, there have been a few player issues and region issues, I've worked on those. I've also improved some configuration files left and right to fine tune some settings. More server updates soon! We still have about 150 open todo tickets with the team, and nearly double that for the owners. It never ends! ;D


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 14th, 2023:

Quick news about 1.19.4

- We are a 1.19.3 server, and have no ETA on when we upgrade to 1.19.4

- The server allows clients to connect from version 1.19.3 and 1.19.4

- More information in our Discord #announcement channel.

Other Maintenance

- Updated /run related plugins to be their latest 1.19.3 version.

- Updated the Permissions Managers and related plugins, so they're latest and ready for the 1.19.4 upgrade.

- Internal "team-tasks" forum started, so I can delegate certain tasks to team members, while I focus on bigger things.

- New Mythical fish added, I believe it's the 15th one.
Note: When you eat it, you get a message that can lead to Netherite.

- Four EPIC fish added, they are platinum. Each doing some when you eat them.

- New Knowledge EXP can be earned for Agility skill.

- New Agility Skill unlocked! Enjoy.

- New perk unlocked (For Agility) called: Wall-jump

- Thread with Knowledge Skills information updated: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-skills-and-their-perks-information.263873/#post-777405

- For Skyblock Challenges, the BAKER challenge is now unlocked to all groups, and has some nether items.

- the skyblock challenges are the latest and updated version, synced to oneblock, cave, acid, skygrid, too.

- updated the bottom left BOOK in /spawners to run the /spawnerinfo command, instead of pointing to the old link.

- New version of /spawners is now live to all groups, new UI has an index, from where individual groups can figure out which spawners they can and cannot buy.
Note: Prices have not (yet) changed. Additional groups have not (yet) been added).

- I've made it way easier to understand how spawners buying, placing, and breaking works on the server.

- Updated the thread: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-feature-spawners-and-silk-spawner-pick.261657/

- The book is now on every page in the bottom in /spawners

- A new head icon is added on the index on /spawners with player info, such as group and money balance.

- Reviewed internal logs-minecraft team channel and purged content.

- Updated Paper server engine to the latest build, which comes with a billion patches that I won't mention here.

- Added the used up power level and max power level of knowledge skills mmo to the chat msgs, if you hover over a username in the in-game chat you will see it for that player

- Updated /account command to list knowledge power levels used/max as well, with hoverable text to learn more about it, clicking it will load the /skills command which teachers players even more.

- The /skills command is now updated to the latest version, showing additional information, unlocked perks and skills. Hover over text with your mouse to discover even more details.

- The /skills command now has a global stats page.

- Added a page for the unlocked skill Discovery, showing more details stats

- Added a page for the other one, agility

- And a final page with info on how the community can help unlock more perks and skills

- There is now a video for the new /spawners command
View: https://youtu.be/XE-9Yeq2Zu8

- scheduler.yml updated (floris changes)
- scheduler.yml updated (mrcrazyman02 merges)

- The plugins we use for /charlie have been updated.

- The test server "one" has been dedicated to the easter event

- CMILib and CMI have both been updated.

- 1MB 3.2.14 is now the latest version, next will be 3.3 probably for 1.19.4

- The world editing tools have been updated

- The world protection plugins have been updated

- The plugins we use for /builders had updates, we updated.

- I've made sure the plugin we use for Knowledge MMO is on the latest version

- Updated the Game type engine bentobox, thanks tastybento!

- Improved the way borders toggle in skyblock and oneblock, etc.

- added converter for /skyblock greenhouse, the nether type, to convert coarse_dirt into soul_sand

- added bonemeal option for planting in the nether greenhouse in skyblock, the soul sand into wart planted soulsand

- expanded the /expand command to support skyblock. "/expand skyblock"

- updated hologram at /skyblock spawn to show the top 8, and a gray msg below it that these players can run the expand skyblock command.

- Updated the /skyblock generator help command to show more information.

- Added biome types information pages to the help command

- temp hotfix for potential dupe. (we wont be giving any further details to the public to avoid 'attempts')

- Anti cheat logs from January and February has been reviewed, next review round, April.

- Added pagination support, players can now use /skills 2, to quickly load page 2, if that's their preferred page.

- updated 1mb tip to be a bit more modern, you might be able to hover over some commands now - heck, even click on them (tnx duck for helping)

- The ingame chat "hover over names" now has the latest version of the 'knowledge mm' with the new total power level placeholder showing.

- /skills page 2 now is a bit more organized, things seem to be in a more logical order now, and i've included the total power level placeholder.

- The discovery icon is now there as well next to the skill name to teach players to recognize the icon. (will come in handy later in the actionbarmsg)

- Purged some discord #archive channels from 2022.

- /perk, the cosmetics, are now available in all the worlds, and no longer limited to /general and /wild. Note: This is now unlocked for /end, and /nether, as well as /cave, /acid, /skygrid, and /skyblock.

- New hologram added on the hill at /warp fish
Note: Thank you mrcrazyman02 for helping

- Updated the tournament hologram that shows the dates of tournaments that we're sorry that we're still working on it. (sigh, i wish i had more time)

- made new warp called top "/warp top" Note: NOthign to see there yet, just a placeholder, region is now also semi-protected. more changes coming soon

- Updated F3 in-game to include your ping once in a while

- worked a bit on reviewing some server configuration files.

- purged core protect rollback data over 6+ months.

- inventory backup database reset, starting fresh, backup deleted, and latest turned into the new backup

- Using github versions of https://github.com/mrfdev/CMI/tree/master/Resources/Add-ons/ingame-docs on 1MB now live.

- updated github files, indirectly related to some shell scripts we use on 1mb

- updatded shell script for 1.19.4 for spigot/buildtools https://github.com/mrfdev/1MB/commit/ef7f41300b10df3ee8b005daaa752e8bf4605cbc

Annnnd loads of stuff, including prepping dev servers for 1.19.4 testing with world upgrades, player data upgrades, and plugin upgrades.

This concludes the WINTER UPDATE 2022, and next is SPRING UPDATE 2023, with focus on Easter Event and 1.19.4


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
March 22nd, 2023:

- Restarted the modems, routers, switches, and computers on the network.

- Manually backed up the server

- Added two more routes / relays to the "/ip" command, you can now connect with a few different ones to see which ones gives you the smoothest gaming experience.
Note: {

- I've updated the /ip command a bit, so it's easier to read.

- For now, in anticipation of the 1.19.4 upgrade and the uncertain future of the plugin we use for the global /market, The /ah selling permissions are revoked and items have been canceled.
Note: An announcement has been posted on Discord about this.

- We track fixed tickets by Mojang in a private Discord channel. I've gone through it and reviewed the fixes, then purged the content. Any changes we had to make on our server to match those fixes (where we can) have been made.

- There's a consolelogs/ folder in the Discord integration plugin, I've now reviewed this for the year 2022 and older, and purged all data.

- Updated my personal Github report with some FAQ entries for the Jobs plugin.

- There was a bug preventing certain mobs from spawning in the Skyblock greenhouses, this has now been addressed (tnx tastybento)

- The Skyblock generator addon has been updated, running the latest code.

- The plugins that we use for the 1MB /run game have all been updated now.

- The plugins we use for player heads within the game, has been updated.

- CMI and CMILib have been updated, prepping us for 1.19.4 support.

- 1.19.4 clients might have noticed a day with gravity stuff like sand misbehaving. This has been fixed now (tnx kenny)

- The world editing plugins have been updated, fixing some issues with redstone copy/pasting.

- The bukkit mobcaps and spawning settings have been tweaked. It took us a week to find a balance that is less stress on the server, and still behaves 90% the same for players. Thank you Veronica for your testing and feedback. All players should notice more mobs under certain conditions.
Note: The details were posted in #changelog on Discord.

- Internal dev testing for Spigot 1.19.4 has finished, we've refreshed our dev servers and switched testing to Paper now that they have a less experimental build.

- Internal dev testing for Paper 1.19.4 has finished, our findings have been shared with the developers, and solutions are being tested on the new test servers.

- Test servers have been flushed, and updated with the latest live-data to test again, and more Paper 1.19.4 upgrade testing is being done while we wait for some plugins to finish updating.
Note: Again, the /ah (/market) might change 100% unless the developer shows up out of the blue and does some serious work on his pluing (doubt doubt doubt)

- My public 1MB shell scripts have been updated to support 1.19.4, and can be found on my personal Github repo

- created temporary discord channel to track progress of various .4 related things

- It's Spring time! That means the Winter Season Update for 2022 has ended, I think I've mentioned it before. But, we're now officially on the Spring Season Update 2023. Welcome haha. This will include an upgrade to 1MB 3.3, and Minecraft 1.19.4, and the Easter event. What else we have in store will be shared once the upgrade is behind us.

Happy gaming.

Any questions? Please use the #ticket-support, any bugs? please use #ticket-support.


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Jan 1, 2001
March 26th, 2023:

Upgraded to 1.19.4

- Backed up the 1MB 3.2.14 -live- server, and made an extra copy to an external drive.

- Took down the 1MB 3.2 -live- server.

- Tested upgrading with live data, which went well. Minus a few plugins (seen below).

- Started 12+ hour grace period. And started the server again with the latest data. This went well, so went live.

- Updated 1MB from 3.2 to 3.3.0 on the -live- server

- Updated Minecraft from 1.19.3 to 1.19.4 on the -live- server

- Updated all the plugins that had new releases specifically for 1.19.4 (even before testing btw)

- Incompatible plugins have been temporarily removed, so you can't use those.
Note: {
* /ah
* /perk
* Knowledge MMO
Note: We're working with developers to make them work on 1.19.4, giving the authors some time to upgrade, and/or finding alternatives later to replace them with.

- Announcement published on Discord with more information. Tagged the people with the notify role, which discord members can get by visiting the #roles channel.

- Updated some threads on the forum to reflect the current server setup.

Regular maintenance updates will be posted in a separate changelog soon.

Important note:

We're now in a grace period, meaning if we find serious issues, we will /stop the server and 100% roll back to the 1.19.3 backup and try upgrading again at a later stage. If we have no issues, we end the grace period and continue with 1.19.4