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Minecraft Changelog 2023


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 29th, 2023:

Spring Season Update #2: 1MB Global Market

- The old Auction House plugin has been replaced with a fancy new one for 1.19.4.
Note: This is internally considered 'the 1moreblock.com global market for players'
Note: We kept the command /ah, since everybody's used to it, but technically it's /market, but okay

- /ah Commands are
Note: {
/ah - opens market
/ah sell 5 - Puts what you are holding up for sale on the market for $5
/ah sell 5 1 - The same, but only one
/ah playername - Tries to open the shop of playername, showing any items they are selling.

- If you have something for sale, there will automatically be a player shop.

- If you sell something it will automatically go into the right category for easy finding by others. But of course, the middle barrel icon will show ALL icons for sale by all players.

- Items you put up for sale will auto expire after a week or two. Expired items will show in the unclaimed box. GET THEM.

- Hopefully some older features from the old /ah will eventually make it to this new fancy feature.

- The admin shop is being worked on, it will be in the 1MB 3.3.1 update (soon)

- Old /ah permissions removed from all groups.

- New /ah permissions updated for all groups.

- The -live- server is now using the latest version of the /ah (I made some changes to text and icons etc)

- Empty player shops are no longer shows, only players who have items up for sale, we dont' need to show hundreds.

- Expiry date changed from 2 days to 2 weeks.

- All groups can hold up to 45 unclaimed items.

- /ah "limits" changed from default values to be higher than the old /ah plugin limits
Note: {
default: 5
first: 5
player: 5
member: 15
boosted: 20
builder: 25
rogue: 30
donator: 35
mvp: 40
epic: 45
legendary: 50
veteran: 50
helper: 100

- Updated the list of disabled-worlds

- Removed an old dupe patch from 1MB 3.3.0

- Removed an old dupe patch file from CMI for /ah handling.

- The admin-shop is being owner-group tested, soon team-group. And eventually in 3.3.1 or .2 it will be available to all groups.

- Made sure the /worth command knows almost all items up to 1.19.4, so besides some enchanted books and potions it knows, so you can check what items are worth and consider that when you put it up for sale with /ah sell.

A more regular changelog will soon follow, we've made enough changes in the last week to justify it's own changelog. But this specifically the AH update for 2023. The 2nd spring update one. Next will be more shops, such as the new admin shop, and further updates to /spawners and /menu > shops > and /points. stay tuned! Suggestions? use the #suggestions channel on Discord.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 30th, 2023:

Update to 1MB 3.3.1

- Upgraded 1MB 3.3.0 to 3.3.1

- Updated to macOS 13.3 for the server

- Updated Java from 19.0.2 to 20

- Updated the Paper server engine to their latest build.

- Updated some plugins to their latest 1.19.4 supported version.

- Manually managed some backups.

- Purged all the 1MB 3.3.0 -dev- and -test- servers.

- Purged all the 1MB 3.3.1 -dev- servers, and made a new -test- server locally.

A more regular changelog will soon follow, we've made enough changes in the last week to justify it's own changelog. But this is specifically the 'software' update for today, and setting the server up in a state to move forward with. The 3rd spring update one. Next will be more shops, such as the new admin shop, and further updates to /spawners and /menu > shops > and /points. stay tuned! Suggestions? use the #suggestions channel on Discord.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
March 31st, 2023:

Here we go, sharing the changes from the last week that weren't already mentioned in the last couple of changelogs.

- Updated the Github repo for my Jobs FAQ pages (kinda unrelated to 1MB)

- Batched cleaned up the permissions that we no longer use (in the permission manager)

- Updated the plugins that had more 1.19.4 supported updated;

- Updated the plugins we use for NPC handling.

- Updated the World Editing related plugins.

- Updated the server engine Paper to the latest build, removing some Spigot patches from 1MB 3.3.1

- Updated 1MB 3.3.1 to it's latest release.

- Updated the CMI plugin which had some maintenance updates for 1.19.4

- One plugin uses server-list MOTD, and it was a default, made it match our 'default'

- Reset and merged customizations to some locale files.

- Updated the /motd command (onJoin msg)

- Updated the /spawn signs to reflect updated version numbers.

- Tested the shell scripts I have on Github to see if still works with Java20, which they do.

- Turned of default v2 of Paper's Timings reports feature. We have Spark, nobody cares about v2 timings.

- Updated the thread https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- Sysinfo updated in history thread too
Note: `System Info: Java 20 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 20+36-2344) Host: Mac OS X 13.2.1 (x86_64)`

- Applying patches to network devices.

- Updated macOS to 13.3, and

- Updated Java to 20.

- Updated the #announcements channel on Discord.

- Old and new backups managed and sorted in the global archives/

- Various little tweaks to /ah

- Updated /shop to point to the upcoming admin shop.

- reviewed #logs-mojira and had to make a tweak to 1mb 3.3.x so ppl can't abuse something (they probably wont) and then purged the content.

- Updated Discord <-> Minecraft integration plugins.

- Updated /rtp for 1.19.4 (more changes coming later this month)

- Updated the plugin files used for /oneblock

- Improved Discord anti raid settings

- Organized the CMI customAlias/ folder a little bit.

- Updated the internal Maintenance command.
Note: Thanks MrCrazyMan02 for helping.

- People who start a new oneblock island will now see the new vanilla holograms, yay, another plugin less for us to run.

- Knowledge MMO is back! You can use /skills again

- The jar we use for game type borders has been updated.

- Greenhouse jar updated for game types like /skyblock

- reviewed /cmi worthlist -missing, no missing items, from 1.19.4, so nothing new ..

- Further 1.19.4 improvements through CMI are live now.

- updated !ip command on discord to say 1.19.4, and to include 3rd and 4th route

- Updated the CMI repo on my personal Github.

- The 'coins' on Discord currently is limited to only the coins channel, blacklisting all other channels. (this was done slightly different before)
Note: We might merge coins with bot-commands again soon.

- CMILib updated

- Mob cap and nerf plugins updated.

- Permission Manager plugins updated.

- The plugins we use for /fish have been updated.

And probably many more little changes that aren't really worth sharing, or too technical, or just typos.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
April 10th, 2023:

Easter Weekend Event 2023 is live!

- The Spring Season Update is on a little break while we have the Easter Weekend Event 2023.

- Updated the server for the event.

- Tested the plugins, and invited the players.

- It's Monday, Happy Easter !!

- Monday's the last day of course of the weekend, so, enjoy /easter and /egghunt

- Temporarily added /easter and /egghunt commands, oh and /egghunt fly.

- Oneblock and Skyblock players can store the loot and give me a poke and we can see what we can transfer to your island.

Regular Maintenance updates will continue later this week,


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
April 21st, 2023:

Public beta testing of the new admin shop: "/shop"

- Added new admin shop plugin in the last month after the 1.19.4 upgrade and started testing with owners.

- Updated the plugin to the latest version and configurations, and started testing with the admins.

- Organized the permissions and made ONE type public, and ONE category public. And started testing with the rest of the team members.

- Added the new /shop command, you can now use it.

- In /shop you will find the left survival shop and right island shop. You can only use the survival shop for now.

- In the /shop > survival > you can find different categories, for now, you will have only access to ONE, the BLOCKS one.

- The blocks listed are 1x, the menu before confirming a buy will let you change the amount you want, including a quick link to 64x

- The blocks listed are valued 100x the /worth of a single item. Yes, on purpose.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to use public support or private ticket support.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
April 24th, 2023:

Important notice: This was actually the 17th changelog, so should have been posted before the last one, woopsy.

Catching up on Maintenance from the last week or so.

- Fixed a potential dupe issue with Paper server engine.

- The public support channel on Discord where players can get Minecraft support now requires to have the in-game player account linked.

- I've gone through each Suggestion published in the #suggestions channel on Discord. Making sure I didn't forget something. And to give the person a bit of info of the status of their suggestions. As well as purging old-completed ones.

- I've updated the pinned messages in the #ticket-support Discord channel.

- We had a temporary #mining-update channel on Discord to the private Archive. Shelved for later.

- Updated some entries from 1MB Tip to say the correct version numbers.

- Known issue: /builders world is having issues with getting items. We need time to test and fix this. Apologies for the delays.

- Imported the /easter world, converting everything to 1.19.4

- Updated the Paper engine to the latest build.

- Updated 1MB 3.3.x to have the latest upstream patches, minus the ones in Paper.

- The plugins we use for world editing have been updated to their latest 1.19.4 build.

- The plugins we use for various NPC solutions have all been updated to their latest 1.19.4 build.

- Fixed an issue with Discord no longer parsing markdown properly.

- And I've also updated the Discord plugins we use for the discord-<->-minecraft integration.

- Installed some Easter-event related plugins, which I've later uninstalled of course.

- The old /egghunt command in CMI was removed, and updated, as the easter plugins created it now.

- Updated CMI to the latest version, fixing chat-related issues. And introducing chat-bubbles.

- Updated the /easter command, as it's handled differently now. And updated it again after the event ended.

- The world protection plugins have been updated as their branches now merged to a more stable 1.19.4 thing.

- We had a huge 7gb inventory backup .db.tar.gz file which has now been backed up and then purged from the live server. Starting fresh again with a new 1.19.4 database.

- Purged content on Discord from the channels: #logs-minecraft, #logs-mojira, and #server-chat.

- DiscordSRV plugin had a /consolelogs/ folder which I've reviewed, and then purged (up to recent).

- The /lastonline command (if available to your group) will display how many players have recently joined, in the last hour, day, week, and month.

- 1MB 3.3.0 branch purged. And everything that worked moved to 1MB 3.3.1 and tested live. Until 3.3.2 comes around (keep reading)

- Knowledge MMO plugin updated, so we're ready soon to unlock another skill and perk.

- The /perk command is back! Go check it out, and please report any issues.

- Congratulations NikkiPixel, you've been promoted from 1MB Helper to 1MB Admin. Thank you for helping on the server.

- The plugins we use for /rtp have all been updated to better support 1.19.4

- mcMMO plugin updated for improved 1.19.4 support.

- Issues with Spigot (let's just call it that..) have been patched into 1MB 3.3.1 and 3.3.2.

- Thanks to a report by The456Gamer some custom commands with info about the server history have had their time period changed, so it displays more accurate information in 2023.

- Added the easter box 2023 in /kits, and removed it after the event.

- Known issue: Unfortunately, a server crash last Monday that lasted 8 hours, pfff, but we recovered without data loss.

- Purged the old /auctionhouse/ plugin data.

- Purged the old /holographicdisplay/ plugin data.

- Purged the old /logs/ that wasn't from 2023.

- Purged old .log files from plugins after a quick review, if the data wasn't 2023.

- We had a temporary issue with players logging in and being invisible and having issues seeing their skin. We've since then resolved this.

- Backed up the /easter/event-related backend stuff, it will be back in 2024 hopefully.

- Found an old hardcore zip file we no longer need, purging 3,5 gb of backed-up data.

- Moved the Festival data to the 1.19.4 live server in preparation for something I can't talk about yet.

- All /easter/event-related commands should now point to an updated /event command.

- The Discord channel #schedule has been updated to be more current.

- Any player left in the /easter world has been force moved to /spawn. Hopefully, that worked.

- Fixed the header and footer on the omgboards.com/vote website.

- Updated the OMGboards packages in the OS. And restarted the server to free up some ram and rebuild caches.

- Archived some Discord event channels that we will re-use next year.

- Purged some outdated backups from various archives, saving some spaces here and there.

- Made a manual and final backup of 1MB 3.3.1 and moved it offsite.

- Updated the OS used by the server to 13.3.1, applying some security patches.

- Updated the main /shop GUI

- Made a new /shop for the Survival worlds.
Note: Not public yet.

- Made a new /shop for the Island worlds.
Note: Not public yet.

- 1MB 3.3.0 is the Spring Update that gave us 1.19.4

- 1MB 3.3.1 is the Spring Update that gave us a new /ah and the first update to /spawners

- 1MB 3.3.2 is the Spring Update that will now give us a new admin /shop, and the next update to /spawners (soon)

- Purged all 1MB 3.3.0, 3.3.1, and 3.3.2 -dev- servers.
Note: Anything that "worked" in .0, .1, and .2 has been moved to the 1MB 3.3.2 -test- server.

- Purged all 1MB 3.3.0, and 3.3.1 -test- servers, and generating a new 3.3.2 -test- server.
Note: Anything that "worked" in the .0 and .1 -test- servers has been moved to the 1MB 3.3.2 -live- server.

- Updated the plugins that we use to manage permissions, such as LuckPerms, to their latest 1.19.4 build.

- Updated PlaceholderAPI to their latest jenkins build.

- I've updated the 1MB History thread.
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- The signs at /spawn have been updated to be more current and accurate.

- The /motd (onJoinMsg) has been updated.

- The F3 button has 1MB branding, this has been updated. Also, if you stare at it long enough you will see your server ping.

- Bottling your Exp plugin has been updated to fix some annoying issues.
Note: Heads-up, we're discussing if we're going to uninstall this with 1.20.

- Updated the CMILibrary.

- We've done a bit more work on /warp top, nothing you will visually see, all backend stuff.

- Members on Discord who haven't said a word since they joined, have no roles, .. and have been active for 30+ days, have been purged.

- And many more little things here and there that I forgot or don't think are worth mentioning.

Got a concern, question, or problem? You can ask in public or ticketed support on Discord.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
May 8th, 2023:

Part 1 of 2 of "maintenance since April 24th"

- The plugin for the /shop has been updated, all behind-the-scenes stuff.

- The Minecraft -AFK- messages on Discord in #server-chat were showing the legacy &c codes, these are now properly stripped.

- The Discord <-> Minecraft plugins have also been updated.

- We noticed that the items from /jobs shop were taking your points, but not giving you the item. A MYSTERY. But I've thankfully found those items and fixed that. Thankfully nobody reported they bought it and never got those items.

- The Paper server engine had new builds, we've updated it to be current again.

- The 1MB 3.3.3 latest version is now running live on the server.

- The /builders command: /plot claim, will now auto merge, and remove the roads (if you own both plots)

- The /jobs plugin got a big update, the internal command we use to start boosters has been updated. There might still be some issues here and there. We are tweaking it daily!

- Published an internal security reminder to the team, hey team members: READ IT and apply it to stay safe ;)

- The mcMMO plugin got updated to address some /inspect recalculation issues.

- The plugins we use to help manage server, world, and player permissions are now updated to their latest build.

- We have been getting spammed by scanners, and we've gone out of our way to deal with that behind closed doors. And will be actively continuing to block their IP ranges. If you are one of those people who think it's fine to bother servers with this nonsense: Do better in life.

- Performance improvements for the /jobs features are now live. Some bug fixes are addressed, and some things pay out properly again.

- Added yakirarage to the team as Helper (Welcome, thank you for applying!)

- Added SamPiez to the team as Helper (Welcome, thank you for accepting our invite!)

- Removed Ady (WriteEscape) from the team (they didn't have the proper time anymore to help)

- Published a public invite to the community to apply for Helper position on the team if they're interested.
Note: https://discord.com/channels/487398800353263616/661226825434923009/1101565786826489857 (discord.gg/floris > #announcements)

- Move the old internal team chat channel to a private archive.

- Created a new internal team chat channel.

- Closed some player-tickets that were completed. And giving the ticket owner some time to follow up and potentially re-open if needed.

- Deleted some older closed tickets that received no update and run stale.

- Reviewed and purged the content of the internal Mojang JIRA -logs channel.

- Reviewed and purged the content of the internal Minecraft-logs channel.

- Shadowmuted some political nonsense chat .. Don't bring politics into the game please. Just play the game.

- Reviewed and updated some firewall settings and rules.

- Made more changes to the omgboards.com/vote/ page (footer, header, servers content)
Note: Credit to NikkiPixel for creating some awesome original content custom 1MB Villagers to replace the Mojang assets with.

- Updated the Discord !vote command you can use. It will be slightly different (randomly) each time it's used. Header,footer,picture.

- Updated the Knowledge MMO plugin as well, fixing some exp and permission related issues.
Note: Thank you kgrim1 and the456gamer and everybody else for your feedback!

- Updated the CMI plugin.

- Updated the plugins we use for world editing.

- Updated the plugin that we use for managing static NPC, it had some issues.

- Updated the plugins we use to manage placeholders that we use in various plugins.

- The plugin we use for the global /market (/ah) had messages split up over multiple lines. After some players pointed this out we've figured out how to customize this. Changes are live now.

- Added 6 new Discord stickers (the nikkipixel made 1MB custom villagers)

- Updated the /staff, /team, and /mod commands we use in-game, so it's a bit more accurate.

And that's it for part 1 of 2, tomorrow I will continue, and probably have a few more changes between now and then that I can include.


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
May 12th, 2023:

Part 2 of 2 of "maintenance since April 24th"

- The plugins we use for the /oneblock and other game types were updated a few weeks ago. We will do so one more time before 1.20 in the near future.

- We had some issues with the in-game chat bubbles, hopefully, the latest versions of CMILib and CMI have resolved this now. Things seem to be okay at least.
Note: If you don't see chat bubbles, check /options, there should be a toggle.

- Plugins like FAWE, Citizens, /perks, and /perk, and placeholderapi have been updated.

- We had some console spam from plugins, we've addressed that now.

- Updated the /rtp command.

- Reviewed player actions, player chat, team actions, and team chat.

- And again, purged #logs-minecraft channel, #logs-mojira channel, and the #server-chat channel after a glance over.

- I've started to write down some basic documentation for our admins and team members.

- updated /shops, and made it public.
Note: {
* finished owners testing phase (1)
* finished admins testing phase (2)
* finished staff testing phase (3)
* started public beta testing phrase (4)

- Moved dirt types to the first grass_block icon, as a sub-menu. Note: Now holds all 9 'dirt types'

- Removed 2nd position of dirt (moved dirt to sub-menu i just mentioned) and made it purpur instead

- Updated 64x stacks to be just 1x

- Updated pricing on all blocks from 64x to 1x value

- Value of /worth which we use for /ah and /sell, etc. We offer it for sale in /shop at 100x the /worth value. On purpose.

- Unlocked "/shop" as a command to all players

- Unlocked The "SURVIVAL" category within /shop

- Unlocked "BLOCKS" under /shops > survival shop.

- Headsup: Other categories and sections will unlock in due time. We're slowly introducing the shops to the public.

- Added Wool block as item in /shops > survival > blocks

- Made "Wools" a sub-menu with all 16 wool types.

- Unlocked survival-dirt-types sub-menu to all players

- Unlocked survival-wool-types sub-menu to all players

- Added Log and Step types as item in /shops > survival > blocks

- Made "Logs & Stems" a sub-menu with all logs , mushroom blocks, and nether stems types.

- Unlocked survival-logs-types sub-menu to all players

- Added stone-bricks as item, replacing one of the wood log listings

- Added quartz-block as item, replacing one of the wood log listings

- Added copper-block as item, replacing one of the wood log listings

- Added white-concrete and poweder, as items, replacing two of the log listings

- Replaced "brick" with "bricks" as item, felt more logical.

- Added TUBE_CORAL_BLOCK as item, on page 2

- A more visual sneak peak:
View: https://youtu.be/lG3SKoU3ZSA

- Fixed logging by the mee6 bot to the internal logs-discord channel. on discord

- Added a shop to /acid spawn, where players can buy oak saplings

- updated adapt
Note: {
Fixed Versioning
Added Spelunker Skill (This is essentially Wallhacks but localized and can be disabled)
Added the Crafting Reconstruction Skill (Ability to recraft ores (8 ore bits, 1 Base block))
Added TragOul Pain Dome (Divide your damage to the enemies around you)
Added some VFX skills, Dome, Sphere, and rings
Glowing Entity things
Packet things
Added an Anti-Levitation Skill in Rift
Updated Localizations
Note: Despite new skills and perks, we have these turned off until we review them.

- Updated known issue with /builders, creative mode should work a bit better again.

- CMI updated
Note: {
• Fix for empty field inside homes gui if you have complex and expanded view
• Fix for cmi.command.inv.preventmodify not being accounted for properly while editing players inventory
• Fix for bossbar message not appearing which would indicate that you are in vanish mode when you relog while being in vanish mode. This was rare instance and should not have had any impact on you actually being in vanish mode, just a visual bossbar glitch
• Fix for issue relating to NPC plugins and sit animation handling
• Small change for options command, now providing players name we will open GUI which will modify this players options. What you can modify will depend on your personal permission nodes and to use this you will need generic cmi.command.options.others permission node
• Added locale for portals UI when defining particle size
• Added locale for portals UI when defining particle color
• Fix for issue with particle size for portals not being saved into file

• Added default regex for [item] in chat which will more properly detect this variable while using gradient messages. Keep in mind that this will not update your alreaddy existing setup. You can add it manually '(([&§]\S)+)?\[(([&§]\S)+)?i(([&§]\S)+)?t(([&§]\S)+)?e(([&§]\S)+)?m(([&§]\S)+)?\]'

• Change in jailed players ranged messages. Now if jailed player has set cmi.chat.rangebypass permission node then message will be seen by everyone. Alternatively if receiver player has cmi.chat.rangespy then he will be able to so it too.
• Fixing issue with player collision not being properly reset after you exist vanish mode
• Fix for issue relating to chat preview format which could have had specific variables in it causing issues and error message

- 1MB 3.3.2 last backup made and backed up to remote drive

- 1MB 3.3.3 released

- Updated /motd with new version number

- Updated F3 branding with new version number

- Updated 1MB Tip with new version number

- Updated Java20 to Java 20.0.1

- Updated the plugin mcMMO to the latest version.

- Working on updated Knowledge MMO documentation, once things have finished I will start moving content to the thread mentioned in /skills

- Updated 'agility' documentation on the forum; https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-skills-and-their-perks-information.263873/post-777405

- In-game /skills command hover-over-skill-name tooltip updated to match the text from the forum

- Updated /skills to have an index page of all skills that can be clicked on , they don't link properly to the pages yet, as those pages don't exist yet. but we're getting there.

- moved last page of info to the 2nd page in /skills

- added all the skills that i am aware of that exist. Note: they are copy pastes, only the titles are updated, and since they are not unlocked, they show as placeholders.

- added icons of each skill , including to the index

- identified chronos is an id but missing from docs, informed the developer

- I've made sure all the skills are listed on the forum thread

- The /charlie plugin updated

- deleted the -test1- server

- deleted the -test2- server

- I noticed a new perk for Rift was auto enabled, this wasn't supposed to happen. Disabled it as soon as i noticed. Gained exp is logged in a database, if we re-open in the past those who gained exp for it will still have it. They just can't use it now.

- Reported some bugs that we found with the knowledge mmo plugin and opened some support forum tickets, we will see how that goes.

- Updated the 'history' thread on the forums for 3.3.3, i forgot to update it.

- We noticed some players were able to buy things from /perk, we've quickly fixed this. If you bought things, we might remove one or two in the future, but .. generally you get to keep what you got for now.

- Merged posts from 2016 to end of 2019 into a single post to clean up the thread a bit: Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/post-758992

- Merged posts from start of 2020 till version "1MB 3.0.0" into a single post, to clean up the thread a bit: Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/post-775424

- Merged posts from start of 1MB 3.0.0 till update of Paper 1.19.3, end of December into a single post, to clean up the thread a bit: Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/post-777099

- Commissioned PyroTempus to develop a custom 1MB plugin that helps us in the game with some repetitive data.

- Updated /motd to use the new placeholders

- Updated 1MB Tip to use the new placeholders

- Updated F3 branding to use the new placeholders

- Updated the way certain admins can navigate through worlds and review players.

- The signs at /spawn now auto update to the latest MC version and 1MB version.

- Rephrased what's on the signs at /spawn

- Selection Vis (admin tool) updated.
Note: {
Fix for issue where some player data was still saved into playerdata file while it was at default value and we should ignore it
Fix for playerData file still using player names for identification and not UUID's. Old data will be converted after target player makes some changes in his configuration.
Fix for issue relating to FactionsUUID plugin complaining about plugin accessing its data to soon.

- In /ah, Instead of in GUI msgs, which we now have turned off, we now have in-game chat msgs

- Purged 5 TB of automated backups to make more drive space for the future.

- Purged some very old 3.0 to 3.1.x manual backups from a drive that needed more space.

- Manually backed up the latest -live- instance, making sure we have a copy of 100% to clone and test with for 1.20

- worked with kgrim1/the456gamer and dev of adapt on figuring out why knowledge mmo is being a bit of a pain .. got custom test jars and a more stable release soon

- purged 3,757,805 rows of data from the core protect database, we have up to 26 weeks of data we can roll back

- Our plan-B inventory backup database has been backed up and purged, we do this every once in a while.

- updated /account to use the custom discord vanity url instead of original invite string

- Made 4 temporary worlds with builds that we will be working on for the Summer Update, where we will move the builds to /wild one way or another (for various reasons)

- Patched 1MB 3.3.3 with some 1.20 issues to ensure jokers can't abuse it in 1.19.4

- Purged all -dev- servers and moved what worked to the -test- servers.

- Purged all -test- servers, and moved what worked to the 1MB 3.3.3.current

- Updated Discord safety settings, these are related to anti raid, spam, dm spam, etc.

And that's it - we're all caught up.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
July 15th, 2023:

We're back! Don't worry, we tracked everything as usually, just haven't had time to publish the changes.

- The Knowledge MMO plugin has received a few updates to patch some user-reported issues. Gaining EXP should be more normal again. More changes are planned. We just don't have the time to update to the next big update.

- Fixed an issue with the mcMMO plugin, where people could abuse a modern item to gain exp fast.

- The NPC related plugins were updated. We've fixed a few configuration issues as well. Wow, what an old plugin. It's time we fresh install this and convert things.. never mind, too time consuming.

- The plugins we use for the /motd and server-list MOTD have been updated, they're more modern, more up to date, accurate, and have the correct placeholders parsed, etc.

- The /shop menu has received some 1.20.1 fixed. We're now ready to start adding newer 1.20.x items and unlock more categories and worlds.

- The backups on the same drive, external drive, and remote drives, etc. have been getting some attention again so we have less crap lying around.

- Since May we've purged about 10 million rollback records. As of TODAY we have 27+ weeks of data logged. That's what we can help rollback when someone griefs you. So come online frequently, check your builds and report grief in a timely matter. Hopefully in the future we can save up to a year again.

- Cry! We had a serious server crash end of May, halfway through June, and early July. All three situations have been identified fully now, and some manual patches have been made to Paper as well as some plugins to help prevent it from happening again. Hopefully.

- On Disocrd the old #coins channel has been deprecated, and eventually moved to the internal -archive- category. Early July I've purged it.
Note: Players can still collect coins right now, in the #bot-playground channel.

- On Discord, the bots-commands channel has been renamed to the #bots-playground channel.

- Also on Discord, the voice chat channel has been moved lower to the list. We now have an automation that lets people in #minecraft know if someone joined or left the chat. With a quick link to hop your into the voice chat.

- The Paper engine has been updated frequently in the last 4+ weeks, and today one more time. We're all up to date.
Note: This, and some plugin changes, will help fix most (but not all) of the 1.20.x sign issues.

- In /homes, players can now use the Q button will open an editor window where someone will have more control over the way their homes are listed. including giving homes priority, making them show at the start of the list, not the end.

- It seems every 6 weeks we get one of our play<something>.1moreblock.com route account completely reset. This is the last time I will update it. If it happens again we're no longer to going to support that service.

- Prices of cakes have been lowered from 500 to 150 in /worth

- Added signs for loom, stonecutter, smithingtable and craft, examples are at /warp signs

- Updated the money and balance signs to show the msgs a bit better.

- Updated the logic behind the /run command.

- And opened the /run command for oneblock, skyblock, etc as well. So prizes can be paid out in those worlds.

- Updated the logic behind the /walk command.

- negated a specific protection plugin perm node to fix a oopsy-error

- made some minor changes to repeat-text group exempts

- Due to discord changes the 'user has joined' icon became weird, we've removed it to solve that for mobile users.

- I've removed [money] and [balance] and replaced it with [account] which runs them all.
Note: Players who say their sign stopped working have to delete it and replace it with [account]

- made some changes to the output of the new smithing, loom, cutter, and craft interactive signs []

- And updated the [anvil] sign to match

- End of May: Manually backed up the server's latest instance of 1mb 3.3.3

- Upgraded 1MB 3.3.3 to 3.3.4

- And upgraded macOS from 13.3.1 (a) to 13.4

- Preparing the 1MB 3.4 instance for ARM hardware cipher and encryption and compression support. (which is now in paper too, so we can simplify this)

- discord channel #forums has been moved to the archive, perms negated.

- discord channel #devbox has been moved to the archive, perms negated.

- discord channel #storytime has been moved to the archive, perms negated.

- discord channel #schedule has been moved to the private archive, perms negated.
Note: Pinned msg from this channel is now a reaction-role-embed on Warden bot and in the #events channel.

- Merged the #schedule and #events channel. The schedule is now an embed msg that's pinned.
Note: Thanks yaki for helping with the animated emoted.

Okay, this is part of the May changelogs that I still had lying around, I will post more soon.


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Jan 1, 2001
July 16th, 2023:

We're back again with catching up on some late may, early June changelog entries. I'll get there eventually!

- Discord <-> Minecraft integration plugin's configuration has been getting some attention. We've improved the notifications and alerts, etc.
Note: We've shared our source on my github, and published some of it on the plugin's community, so others can enjoy these too if they are lame and don't play on our cool server.

- The /jackper world for JackPerByte has been unloaded on his request.
Note: Command has now also been removed.

- The plugin we use for the player_head items, has been updated.

- We've been working on getting a chat color command, we will soon have some groups that can pick their own chat color, we're still finalizing our feature list and configuring things, and doing some internal testing.

- Improvements have been made to our toast-handling and hologram-handling.

- On Discord we have some private categories, we've been slowly making permission changes to these to make sure things are synced up a bit better.

- Also on Disocrd, we've removed the old /imagine bot and are using the Mee6 one now. You can imagine all sorts of stuff in #bots-playground. We have a cap though, but go play around! It's fun.

- The Discord channel #staff-hangout has been mainly ignored by Discord members, and usually, they thought it was a private channel they accidentally could see. So I've discontinued it to avoid further confusion.

- Updated the !testing 123 command

- We've been working on a new /poll command for the #poll channel. Yes, we know! We will have some polls soon (though< I've said that before >)

- Purged members from Discord who haven't spoken for 30+ days, or basically ever, since they got no role, And they're free to rejoin. We do this as a preventive measure to make sure idle bots who wait a year and then start spamming, don't get to.

- Updated the signs at /spawn to tell them we have more than just a few gametypes. This way it's a bit more complete.

- Patched Paper with the custom fixes that I can't figure out how to get into 1MB 3.3.x so, .. yeh. The lazy fix.

- Improvements have been made to the handling of the /warps command.

- Allowed team members to check the /playtime of other players.

- Go guarantee that team members don't see your IP address, I've double checked and make sure we indeed do not allow team members to set temp bans on IP addresses, etc. Nothing really changed here, but we're taking privacy a bit more seriously in today's age where everybody gets offended over everything, and we want to try to do better. Note that I can still see your IP when you connect, and so does any company that routes your connection to our main server IP. We require this to better manage our server in case of abuse. Something team members don't have to worry about, so we made sure we've removed access to commands that are related to IP address management.

- Improved Discord Auto-Mod features, profiles will be reviewed automatically.

- Mojang has added an official server-list site, and we've been helping behind closed doors for a while now to help test and suggest features, provide feedback, and report bugs, etc. (to the company that runs the site). We're quite happy that there's a way to level the playing field, knowing we're now "competing" with others who are in the same boat, rather than those who pay for their list position through auctions or those who are listed against cracked servers or non-EULA-compliant servers, etc. The Mojang Enforcement team has vetted our server (you could say we've been verified), and we have been listed publicly. We're excited to be part of this project and to offer our input to the team behind the website, whose goals match ours.

- The page for 1MB is here: https://findmcserver.com/server/1moreblock

- The old MSS voting site has been removed, and replaced with the new FMCS one. So don't forget to update your bookmarks. All the forum links, ingame links, etc are up to date.
Note: https://omgboards.com/vote/vote-servers.php

- I wrote and published some internal team documentation.

- I've made sure the /vote/ site is up to date.

- I've published publicly that we're listed in a Discord announcement.

- While in 'reality' we're on 1.20.1 at the time of this writing, the changelog entries were still 1.19.4. We had some outdated vote site information. I've gone through them all to make sure banners and information, keywords, descriptions, etc are all matching and up to date for 1.19.4, in a future changelog I will mention doing the same again for 1.20.x

- Removed stale (private) tickets/todo stuff, if we haven't had time to do them now, we won't any time soon. Some that are stale but slowly moving forward have been left alone for now.

- I've prepared the 1MB Github repository a bit for the 1.20 upgrade, by updating a bunch of the .sh files and documents.

- And I've moved support tickets made by team members to the team members' ticket categories.

This is it for catching up on the May and early June changes. More again soon!
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Jan 1, 2001
July 18th, 2023:

Another catch-up, these are some of the June changelog items.

- Purged backup inventory databases that were archived on the live server

- Made the current backup inventory database the new archived one, on the next restart, it will generate a new one

- Purged the local archive of the backup of the live server

- Making a new local archive of the backup of the live server

- Making room on the local backup drive for the manual backup I just made as an off-disk copy

- Purging 2 tb of bin/ data and flushing swap, caches, and some other things to free up many gigaz of space

- Updated all the apps on the system the live server runs on to their latest version.

- Updated os kernel thingies so thingies run smoother

- I've purged a handful of archived channels after a quick review

- the456gamer did a fantastic job updating the upgrade spreadsheet we've used in the past

- Zrips plugins for 1.20 updated on 1mb live server and testing under 1.19.4
Note: We were still on 1.19 and 1.20 early June.

- Updated a couple of .sh scripts now that spigot 1.20.1 is out

- Quick custom fix/compile of mcMMO, restarted the server

- Disabled the option again for other gametypes besides skyblock to change the biome.

- Big update for CMI for 1.20.x support, big maintenance release.

- I've updated the .md files on my github repo for cmi.

- Forum announcement published about test-weekend
Note: We finished this testing.

- Upgraded 1MB 3.3.x to 3.4.x

- Upgraded MC 1.19.4 to 1.20.1

- I've added a bunch of the missing worth values; i've publicly reported them in the changelog channel, since I knew the forum changelog would be grossly delayed.
BRUSH -> 5.51

stripped cherry log and wood, and stripped bamboo, all set ti 0.98
(the other stripped items were 98 cents too)

sus gravel and sus sand set +0.02 ish higher than 
the regular gravel and sand values (for now)

cherry_leaves set to 0.40 just like other leaves
pink_petals set to 1.00 to match lichen and vines

pitcher plant, and pitcher pod. Torch flower and torch seed both set to 0.20 to match other flowers and seeds

New or Missing SPAWN_EGG types set to 1000
(all spawn eggs currently are 1000)

Turtle egg is set to 50, and now
SNIFFEREGG set to 50.

New or Missing MUSIC_DISK types set to 50
(all music disks currently are 50)

missed a few hanging signs, added their values to 18-ish as well

piglin-head set to 500

- Updated MiniMOTD to no longer say 1.19.4 for active/inactive server status

- And I've updated the server.properties file to say 1.20.1 in the motd as well.

- Paper 1.20.1 build updated to 31 or 32. whatever the latest was

- citizens updated to attempt fixing an issue

- svis updated to fix plotsquared 7 issue

- omgboards.com header changed in the mc category to say the right number

- I've updated the thread: What's next
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/whats-next.260950/

- i've updated the thread: 1MB History
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-history.260949/

- quick perm fix for cheque feature and /builders. | tnx 456

- quick perm fix for sell feature and /builders. | tnx mrcrazy

- We had a 24-hour ish grace period, but that's over, all is fine, we're sticking to 1.20.1, made the public know by updating the announcement

- A newer version of votingplugin came

- As well we the /perks plugin update for 1.20.1

- FAWE had an update for plotsquared 7 support, so we switched branch

- Made the challenges fix .sh script to fix an annoying issue.
Note: https://github.com/mrfdev/1MB/tree/master/Resources/BentoBox

- Wiped the challenges database for oneblock, skyblock, cave, acid, and skygrid to fix an annoying issue

- imported default library in those 5 gametypes

- Removed mcMMO placeholders eCloud and custom .jar

- Replaced mcMMO's .jar with latest build, which now includes placeholders by default.

- Removed another eCloud ext. that could potentially be abused.
Note: Reviewed log files, couldn't find evidence of it being abused.

- Pyro lib updated, as well as PyroFishingPro.

And this will do for the first half of June maintenance, more again soon, and then we're almost back up to date.


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Jan 1, 2001
August 31st, 2023:

Yep, despite my intentions to stay up to date I have actually fallen behind again. Let's catch up a little.

- Known issue resolved: The /parkour world's game modes were a bit flaky at the start, but with the great support from The456Gamer this has been resolved. Permissions for the various groups have also been updated now.

- We've made a spawn point for "/parkour spawn". Now we just need to design something.

- There are a couple of trade-shops at "/parkour spawn", for buckets of water, laval, pressure plates, and yes, we made it expensive.

- After some great feedback from our players we've tweaked some more permissions, and /parkour gametype configuration settings.

- Woops, we found farm dance to work - something we don't need in /parkour.

- We've switched from our "/j" feature from one plugin to another. Players might not really notice a big change, but it was needed.

- The ingame "/staff" command has been updated. I had room to add The456gamer to the list, because I've removed yakirarage from the list.

- Yep, "yakirarage" has helped for a few weeks this Summer, but had to step down (for now) from the team. Real life be busy busy busy.

- The CMI and CMILib plugins have been updated in August various times to keep improving little bugs and enhancing existing features.

- The plugins we use for /oneblock gametype have all been updated throughout August as well, making sure it's more 1.20 friendly.

- Talking about Farm Dancing, we've also updated this plugin.

- The big parent plugin BentoBox that we use for the gametypes and their addons had a nice big maintenance update. And we were finally ready to make the jump with them. Updated!

- The plugins we use for world editing have been updated. Less 1.20.1 bugs now, and this allows us to better focus on fixing up things without interrupting gameplay.

- The plugins we use for the NPC on the server have had updates as well. We've updated it because I am sure their huge list of fixes benefits us.

- This was all for 1MB 3.4.4; the next 1MB update is for 1MB 3.4.5, which will improve some offline networking improvements.

That's it for now, but there's a load more to share.