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[Request] Account upgrade? [Open: pending feedback]


OMG Member
Jan 6, 2021
i know this probably wouldn't be possible bought i would like to please have builder rank if possible cause i've been enjoying playing on the server the last couple of days


Well-Known Member
Sep 30, 2019
Hello again Macadam,

As per your ban appeal, your option to rank up has been revoked until Summer 2020, it's 2021 now and I see you're back on the server. You're starting again. Welcome back. I hope you've grown from previous experiences, and have fun playing moving forward.

Your account was reset to 1MB-Player, and auto upgraded over time to 1MB-Member.

You are not eligible for Builder group, plus, to be honest, I am uncomfortable with it. Account history showed that the first thing you did when you got creative in the old builders/ world was to exploit the hotter custom items to get impossible items and use your access to try and glitch the world border. To name a couple of things.

The next group update from 1MB-Member is member boosted. You have the requirements for it, and I can upgrade you towards Boosted. (1MB-Member_Boosted).

Let me know if you're interested.



I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
In the past to upgrade to Builder the requirement was to not have any infractions on the account. I am sorry, but I vote no at this point.